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Hybrid Soldiers are from the parallel universe, and are formally known as the "First Wave". They have the ability to continuously change their appearance, stealing the look and identity of those they murder. They are extremely hard to kill, and have enhanced abilites such as being able to jump from very high places without flinching. Their leader is Thomas Jerome Newton.


link=A New Day In The Old Town
link=A New Day In The Old Town
link=A New Day In The Old Town
link=Momentum Deferred
link=Momentum Deferred
link=Grey Matters
link=Momentum Deferred
link=Grey Matters
  • The hybrid soldiers are advanced mechano-organic entities placed into action by forces from the parallel universe to initiate hostile action in this universe. This includes the new leader they seem to have recomposed from the cryogenically frozen skull they were searching for.
  • That same hybrid soldier (as George Reed, Lloyd Parr and a nurse) eluded capture and murdered at least five people, including Charlie Francis, in an attempt to find, interrogate and/or assassinate Olivia. It died, when she shot it in the forehead.
  • It also used a unique typewriter (as Lloyd Parr and Charlie Francis), in an old store backroom, to send and receive communications from the parallel universe.
  • In Momentum Deferred, a second hybrid soldier, posing as "Kurt Larsen", an employee at Elias Cryonics, died after one of the security guard shot it multiple times with a pistol.
  • A third hybrid soldier, Smith, had been traveling to different cryo-facilities and stealing skulls, trying to locate an individual with a unique symbol on their scalp. Now dead, this soldier located and attached the head in question to a mechano-organic body in Momentum Deferred. This soldier was seen eating fresh fruit several times. He was shot in the head by Olivia in Grey Matters.
  • A fourth soldier, credited to "Thin Man", assisted Smith and the hybrid leader while they recovered parts of Walter's brain in Grey Matters. He was subsequently shot in the head by Olivia as he attempted to drive a getaway vehicle.
  • Three shape-shifting soldiers were sent from the parallel universe with a mission of assisting Thomas Newton to place the harmonic rods in key locations (The Man From The Other Side). One of the soldiers was under-developed and died after a brief reanimation by Walter. The other two shape-shifters while posing as police officers were eliminated by Olivia.
  • In 6955 kHz, a shapeshifter assuming the identity of Joseph Feller, is tasked to set up pulsating and floating cubes, responsible for an amnesia-causing sound wave. Bolivia confronts him in his apartment due to a sloppy mission. He crashes to the window and end up dead in the ground.
  • In Entrada, a shapeshifter implants three mini-harmonic rods into Bolivia's body. The shapeshifter is shot in the head by Peter, after finding out that he took the identity of the woman in the bathroom.

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