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Raw captioning for A Short Story About Love


The whole world is on fire, starting with my office. We've had to completely reevaluate all our security measures after what that woman did. The truth is... I wanted to give you time to collect your thoughts.

I know when there's something you want to talk about.

I'm in love with Peter.

I know it sounds absurd to you.

I hardly know him.

But it's like I've known him my entire life.

And everybody, including him, keeps telling me that it's impossible.

When Walter told me what you were going through -- two sets of memories, two sets of experiences -- he said the Cortexiphan dosing might be enabling you to remember things that Peter wants you to remember.

But I can remember things that Peter couldn't have known, like details of cases that he wasn't on or names, um, places he's never been.

I mean, how can that be if -- if he's controlling it?

I don't know how this is happening,


I'm scared.

We're gonna figure out what's happening with you, Olive.

Now, as for your feelings about Peter, all wounds heal over time.

Yeah. I just wish the time would move a little quicker.

Well, that's a coincidence, because we just filed a patent on that last week.

It's good to be with you.

We should do this more often.

What's wrong?

We always have breakfast together on Saturday mornings. We were here last week.

Are you saying you don't remember?

I'm worried.

You're having these experiences at what cost?

I'll talk to Walter.


Hey, Jane, it's Celia.

God, it was a beautiful service...

If you need anything, please call us.

Who are you?

What do you want?

No, please don't!

No, please don't!


No! No!

WALTER: Olivia.

Hello, Walter.

Oh, I'm so glad you're here.

Is everything alright?

I've run out of M&Ms.

But I want to show you something.

I ordered this on the interweb to keep an eye on our cleaning crew.

A teddy bear?

A teddy bear-witness.

It has a camera.

To my surprise, this inadvertently recorded the event between Peter and our bald man in the lab.


What do you see?

I see him disappear and then the table get knocked over.

Uh-huh. Look again.

Do you see the blip?

Okay, I saw it then.

I believe something happened here that was undetectable to the human eye.

Ah! They're back from M.I.T.

What did I just pick up, Walter?

There were a lot of security precautions.

It's an apparatus designed to slow down video.

The playback rate is so deccelerated that you can actually see light particles.

Come on, Tommy, let's see what we can find on that tape.

How are you feeling?

I'm fine.

I was gonna come and talk to Walter, but his mind is firmly somewhere else at the moment.

Astro, my waffle iron blew its fuse.

Uh, this is Dunham.

BROYLES: Jane Hall -- she was found by her sister.

That's severe bruising.

Those aren't bruises.

The victim's skin had a reaction to some type of chemical residue left by the assailant's hands.

So why are we here?

This is the second killing in a month where a woman has had the same marks.

Both were recently widowed.

And the husbands died under mysterious circumstances.

BROYLES: The bodies were dumped in fields, completely dehydrated.

As a matter of fact, Ms Hall had just arrived home from her husband Mark's funeral when she was killed.

Okay, so we know that the killer is targeting couples.

There's one more thing.

In both cases, DNA of the deceased husbands was found on the victims' necks.

You're saying that both widows were killed by their dead mates?

It appears that's what the evidence is saying.

But her husband's body was only exhumed 15 minutes ago.

Oh, my.

Peter, I need you here immediately -- where are you?

I'm in a cab on my way to the bus station.

Bus station?

Where are you going?

PETER: New York.

You wanted me to stay away from her, remember?

And a bus is as good a mode of transportation as any when you're trying to get out of town.

You didn't tell me. Anyway, you must come back to the lab at once.

Why, what's going on?

I think the Observer may have done something to your eye.

PETER: Whatever he did, it wasn't seen by the other observers.

All I care about is what he's done to you.

So what's in New York?

I told you, Walter, it's what's not in New York --


I admire you, Peter.

And why is that, Walter?

I told you what the right thing, ethically, was to do... leaving Olivia...

But I don't know that I would have had the strength to do it myself.

Is that your way of thanking me for taking your advice?

It's a... particularly obtuse way to admit that you're a better man than I am.

PETER: ‘Einai kalytero anthropo apo ton patera toy’.

Is that Greek?


Yeah, it means be a better man than your father.

It's something I was told a long time ago.

But it is very strange to hear you say it.


What is it?

There's something in there.

It's got writing on it.

PETER: It's an address.

WALTER: 228 1/2 Morrow Street.

It's amazing.

I suspect this message, if left alone to run its course, would have fully dissolved, taking its place firmly in your mind's eye.

You think this would have etched itself into my brain?

WALTER: Organic ocular suggestion.

You wouldn't be aware, but you would be irresistibly compelled to visit.

Doctor Bishop?


Agent Farnsworth said to bring her in if we were here first.

Who is she?

Jane Hall.

I think it's a case, Walter.

Oh. Oh, oh, right.

Well, fine.

Bring the poor dear down and put her on the slab.

WALTER: The human body is composed of 60% water.

However, Mr. Hall's body was drained of almost all moisture.

He was literally killed by extreme dehydration.

Among other things that are lost with such... dehydration... are pheromones.

It wasn't only Mr. Hall's DNA found on his widow's neck.

Specifically, it was a very concentrated solution of Mark's pheromones, which is what's causing the burning on the victim's neck.

Why would somebody concentrate pheromones?

They control our moods, our appetites...

Who we give our hearts to.

So he's targeting couples, killing the male, extracting the pheromones.

Do you think that he's trying to win the female?

A love potion?



I would like to examine the first victims he did this to.

Okay. I will get the ball rolling on the exhumations, see if I can get their files pulled.

Oh, I'm sorry. They're Peter's. I made him get off the bus to New York. But you didn't know that. That he was on his way to New York?


Where is he now?

Thank you, Dear.

Walter, my memories are slipping.

They're disappearing.

Your own memories?

You said to me they're in the back of your mind.

Well, I didn't tell anybody that it was happening, because if Peter was gonna be with me, then I didn't thinkabout the consequences.

I just didn't care.

But it's getting worse, Walter, whatever it is that's happening.

And I want you to try and stop it.

I want you to see if you can reverse it.

I just -- I want to go back to who I was.


I don't want to feel like this anymore.

I'll think of something.

I can do that, if you want.



Yeah, that'd be great.

Thank you. Oh, he's so cute.

I don't know about cute. This is Omar.

Are you ready?


Oh, you two look so in love.


Oh, it's great.


You guys from around here?

Yeah, Brooklyn.

Come on, Oliver.


Well, take care.

Thank you.


Andrew, be sure to get the lake in the background.

I could take that picture for you, if you want.

Smell this.

Walter, what is that?

It is putrid!

Mortius bestia -- roadkill. Specifically, an aromatic excretion from the castor sacs of the North American beaver used primarily for marking and mating. I went beaver hunting in Eastern Canada in the '70s. Of course, in those days, ‘beaver’ meant something else entirely.

Walter, why would you make me wear this and smell roadkill?

Because I have been smelling things for the past hour, and I've lost my objectivity.

Now are you gonna help me or not?

Okay, take a look at these.

These are statements from friends and family.

The one thing that they said about both couples is that they had great, solid, loving marriages.


So maybe he's targing couples that personify the kind of love that he wants.



Are you okay?

I mean, with all you've been through in the past few days...

You know, if you ever... need anything...

I'm here.

I know.

Um, Walter wants to know which of you has fearless nasal passages.

For thousands of years, perfume makers have used a single disparate, rancid note to counterbalance all of the other sweet and unctuous scents in a fragrance. The ancient Mesopotamians used fish oil. The Greeks used animal carcass. The Egyptians used afterbirth. But used in proportion so that the human nose cannot detect the unique odor.

You're saying our suspect is making a perfume?

No. But like perfume, the chemical compound that our perpetrator is using to lure the opposite sex...

Does contain a rancid note.

I found this on Jane Hall's neck, mixed with the pheromones of her dead mate.

It's an ingredient called castoreum.


ASTRID: Uh-uh.

Anyway, we can trace it.

It is not easy to get.

I only found five perfume manufacturers that use it.

You guys can work these, and I'll take these.

Hey, Astrid.

Hey. Where are you?

We're just leaving Scentax.

We're on our way to KJS next.

Forget about that place. Empire World Fragrance fired one of its employees a few months ago for theft. Guess what he stole.


Do you have an address?

Let me out!





It's still warm.

He was just here.


He's married.

Andrew Sutter, age 36.

212 Piedmont Ave., Milton."

Okay, I'm gonna call Broyles, tell him we know who the next victim's going to be.

It's okay. We're with the FBI.

My name is Agent Olivia Dunham.

What -- what are you doing?

Are you Dianna Sutter?

Last time I spoke to Andrew was this morning.

His car's in the shop today.

I told him to get a ride home from work because...

Because I was too busy.

Believe me when I tell you that we are going to make sure that he doesn't hurt you or anybody else.

We're in position.

Now what?

Now we wait.

Just keep looking straight ahead.

You must have loved each other very much.

We were married the summer after our senior year at Brown.

This August, it... would have been 15 years.

We were best friends in college.

He was always helping me get over a broken heart from one boy or another.

He couldn't understand why I kept letting it happen...

What I was looking for.

He couldn't really understand the difference between loving someone and being in love with them.

It's different, you know.

But people get tired... of looking and hoping.

Maybe he's taking his time.

Like he did with Jane Hall.

Or maybe he was never coming here at all.

This guy targets couples in love.

You heard her talking about her marriage.

Why would Carr pick them?

Mrs. Sutter, is it possible that your husband may have been having an affair?

How did you know?

Do you know her name?

W – what are you doing in my house?



Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

No, please, God!

No! Help me!


Help me!

Shh, shh.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.


OLIVIA: Let her go!

Move away from her.

Do you know how much pain you caused?

I don't want you to think that I did it for me. I mean, not just for me. We're not meant to be alone. It's every human being's right to know love. And had I succeeded... had I found the right chemicals -- just the right... balance... I could have given the world... what you have.

What do I have?


I can smell that you're in love.

NINA: I was wondering when I'd hear from you.

I was just making some tea.

How are you feeling?

I'm okay.

I talked to Walter.

What did he say?

It doesn't matter.

I met a woman today.

She'd just lost her husband, and as she was talking about him and her marriage, as much as she wanted to be, she -- she wasn't in love.

As I was listening to her... I realized what she was saying. She had let go of the possibility of love... of finding love.

And I could see myself in her.

I didn't like who I was.

Now, all of these... memories and feelings that I'm experiencing, they're from a -- a better version of me. I've decided to let things run their course.

Oh, you had an emotional day, and you don't have to decide anything right now.

I've made my decision.

You have so much in your life, Olive.

Are you just gonna let that all disappear?

And be replaced by what?

Memories... of a life that you didn't live?


Well, how long do we have?

I don't know.

Neither does Walter.


Well, my mother used to say, ‘Encourage the quest for happiness in your children, even if it takes them very far away from you’.

When the day comes... if I don't remember this... I want you to try and build something with me again. Don't give up on me. I love you, Nina.

I love you, Olive.

Thank you.

For what?

They hid the universe from me.

They locked me out.

You mean the other Observers.


What I led you to is a beacon.

I needed you to activate it so I could find my way back.

So I helped you.

Then I need you to help me now.

I have tried everything that I can think of... everything that I know how to do to get back home, and none of it has worked.

And nobody here can help me.

But you can.

I know you can.

Please... help me get back home.

You have been home all along.

I don't understand.

I was erased.

There is no scientific explanation.


I have a theory based on a uniquely human principle.

I believe you could not be fully erased because the people who care about you would not let you go.

And you... would not let them go.

I believe you call it ‘love’.

And Olivia?

She is your Olivia.


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