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Profession:  FBI Agent Portrayed by:
Noah Bean
Connections:  Ex-girlfriend working in SEC
Seen In:  Ability
Death Episode:  Ability
Status:  Dead, orifices sealed

Agent Kent is a victim of the chemical RUD-390 developed by the ZFT.


In Ability, this agent assists the investigation by providing Charlie with a list of every business incorporated by David Jones's lawyer, Salman Kohl, in the last three years. The list was obtained from an ex-girlfriend of the agent now working at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Later, while raiding a safe house used by Jones, this agent is contaminated by a toxin while handling a two dollar bill left in an otherwise empty drawer. The toxin causes all his orifices to seal, resulting in death by asphyxia. Olivia tries to save him by doing a tracheotomy but this orifice also seals within seconds.

In Midnight, a chemical called RUD-390 was listed as a component in the 'rapid skin growth toxin' that killed Agent Kent.


"Take at look at this. I, um.. know someone at the S.E.C. I had her send over a list of every business that Jones's lawyer has incorporated for his clients over the last three years. Figure one, or more, of them are used to funnel cash to the Z.F.T." (Providing a lead to Charlie Francis)

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