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Profession:  Junior FBI Agent Portrayed by:
Meghan Markle
First Seen:  A New Day In The Old Town
Last Seen:  Night Of Desirable Objects
Status:  Supporting the science team investigation
Remarks:  Determined to crack Fringe Division secrecy

Amy Jessup is a junior FBI agent that catches a whiff of the odd casework dealt with at Fringe Division.


  • In A New Day In The Old Town, Jessup is in charge of investigating the accident involving Olivia's SUV and a car driven by the Shape Changer. When she sees Peter at the scene of the accident she immediately starts asking questions about what he, his father and Olivia are doing exactly as she was informed that they are engaged in classified work.
  • Jessup wants to discuss the strange circumstances surrounding the accident with Broyles, but he orders her instead to sign a report stating that it was a random traffic accident involving a Federal Agent, with no extenuating circumstances. Jessup is later seen with a laptop looking at what appears to be a Fringe Division repository (pictures of Broyles, Peter, Olivia and Walter are seen on the screen). She tries to login to the classified portion of the database with 10-character name (characters not visible on screen but could be her own name Amy Jessup) and password, but is refused access. She then unfolds a piece of paper bearing a 9-digit number and apparently uses the number as a password with a 13-character name to successfully access the database. The database includes several images originating from previous Fringe Division cases.
  • Jessup provides Peter with access to details concerning her investigation of Olivia's accident. They wind up working together tracking what happened with the driver of the car involved and finding out more about the Shape Changer. Peter introduces Jessup to Walter's lab and to Fringe Division. When Walter shows them the video of Rebecca Kibner where she describes the Shape Changers as soldiers, it is Jessup who points out that soldiers, like her father, only do one thing: life or death. They realize that the Shape Changer may still be after Olivia and they rush to the hospital, where Jessup arrives just in time in Olivia's room to save her from the Shape Changer (as a nurse), who is attempting to kill her.
  • Later, Jessup is seen again taking notes on the laptop while browsing the secure Fringe Division database. She appears to be matching cases with specific verses of the Bible. In Night Of Desirable Objects Jessup inspects the house of Andre Hughes. She is particularly interested in religious items and inspects religious figurines and an armoire with a Christian cross on the panel of the door. Inside the armoire is a bible and candles. She opens the book and discovers a newspaper clipping that cites the cause of Hughes' wife and sons death as - unknown. Behind the article is a handwritten note from a Pastor citing the loss as God's will.


"What the hell happened to the drivers?" - (to fellow agent, at the odd car accident scene involving Olivia's return to this universe) (A New Day In The Old Town)

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt..." - (to Peter, attempting to impress him with her Shakespeare, then informed she has misquoted the playwright) (A New Day In The Old Town)

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  • How did she acquire the password to open the highly classified Fringe Division case files?
  • Does she have skills that uniquely qualify her to apply religious dogma to law enforcement casework?
  • Why has she not returned with her research about the Fringe cases?


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