Back To Where You've Never Been

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Back To Where You've Never Been
Season: 4 Episode: 8
Air Date: 13 January 2012
Written by: David Fury
Graham Roland
Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc
Starring: Main Characters
Guest Cast: Orla Brady as Elizabeth Bishop
Jared Harris as David Jones
Michael Cerveris as The Observer
Ryan McDonald as Brandon Fayette

Daren Herbert as Elias Kane
Juno Ruddell as Mom
Jakob Davies as Son
Michael Rinaldi as Transit Cop
Aurelio Denuzio as Victim
Matthew Malyrea as Shapeshifter
Stephen Huszar as Corporal Wheeler
James Bamford as Agent Murphy
Marc-Anthony Massiah as Agent Cole
Brady Schlecker as Lead MP
Chantele Francis as Agent

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Back To Where You've Never Been is the eighth episode of the fourth season of FRINGE. It first aired on January 13th, 2012. Peter gains the trust of Olivia and Agent Lee and leads Lee to the alternate universe to try and find a path back to the timeline he knows. The hybrid shapeshifters have a foothold in both universes, and the man controlling them has infiltrators buried deep in Secretary Bishop's ranks.


In the campus housing provided to Walter Bishop during his tenure, current tenant Peter Bishop rolls out of the sack early in the morning only to discover Walter hard at work in the kitchen. Peter is surprised at the sudden change of heart that has brought Walter out of the agoraphobic stupor that has kept he locked in his lab for the better part of the last three years. Walter seems none the worse for wear... waffles were the objective this morning, but a plate full of chocolate chip and banana pancakes will have to suffice. Olivia is awake now too and wanders into the nook area for morning greetings and kisses. Life is starting to improve for Peter, and his new
A Gray Chest Hair In The Syrup? It's Not Mine Son. Perhaps Olivia Is Responsible.
relationships here are starting to feel just like the friends and family he so wants to get back to in his timeline... if only the waffle iron was working. Walter promises he will fix the device so they can have waffles everyday. Peter snaps awake from his nap and the daydream he was having - Walter! He can fix the device. Walter is the one man that can make the machine on Liberty Island return Peter back to his own timeline.
 In his lab, Walter sits and fiddles with his latest scientific dalliance - pinwheels. Of course, one of them has unique metallic qualities that allows it to spin contrary to
Multiverse Bribe - Works On Walters Anywhere
standard aerodynamic laws. Excited to share, he calls Astrid over to see when he thinks he hears her walk in the door. Pastries! Wonderful... Walter looks up to see that Peter has brought the peace offering. Astrid hasn't arrived yet. Peter gets right to his sales pitch and plea - he needs Walter, the man who built the device on Liberty Island, to reconfigure its matrix to send Peter back to where he belongs. Of all people, Walter should know how isolated Peter feels being away from family. One thing Walter does know is how staggeringly dangerous the machine is and that it is capable of destroying universes. He still can't get out of his mind the day Elizabeth took her own life. All of his actions in the period after "his" Peter's death led to that suicide - and the damage to the universes - and the loss of his sanity and professional standing. Walter understands that he may be the only man that can bring to effect, what Peter wants. But Peter needs to understand that because of all the terrible things that Walter brought to bear with the device... that makes him thee one man that cannot help Peter.
 Peter pays an unannounced visit to Olivia's apartment to see if he can garner her support now that he has been assured Walter will not help him. Olivia is spending the day off-duty because of the migraines that have been exhausting her. Peter tells her what he needs is for her to approach Broyles and get
"No Soup For You" Doesn't Get A Laugh Here? - Oh! You Don't Have 'Seinfeld' In This Timeline - Maybe I Will Stay Here After All
permission for Peter to travel to Liberty Island for a visit to the alternate universe and Secretary Bishop. Peter figures that he doesn't have any other choice to successfully reconfigure the device without the Secretary's assistance. Olivia doesn't trust Secretary Bishop one bit, and is certain that Broyles will deny Peter access to the bridging room in New York Harbor. Olivia gets another unexpected visitor on her rest day. Her new partner, Agent Lee interrupts the ad hoc meeting, thinking Olivia could use some company and some chicken soup. Peter gets creative with his new scheme... seeing Lee reminds him that the parallel universe has their own Lee - a lead agent with tremendous access to all things Fringe. Olivia is on-board with the planned deception that would gain Peter access to Secretary Bishop. FBI Agent Lee is going to need a little extra coaching before he is up-to-speed on the subtleties of the mission - pretending he is Captain Lincoln Lee. Peter has one question though - if they can't cross at Liberty Island - then how? Olivia is a step ahead on this topic. She has been thinking of making a little unauthorized visit to the other side herself... and she already has the Massive Dynamic paperwork needed to retrieve the device that Walter used in 1985 at Reiden Lake. Olivia and Lee think the plan will help them gain better access to Secretary Bishop and intelligence on his new army of shapeshifters. Peter takes exception - the plan is to get him access to their Walter so their Walter can send Peter back to his own timeline.... Olivia concedes the point - Yes - getting Peter home is a priority. As the trio deploys from Olivia's apartment, Olivia makes it clear to Lee that satisfying Peter's objective is only one objective of theirs.

 In a large public transportation hub in the alternate universe, one of the new hybrids shapeshifter has a State Department bureaucrat cornered in a bathroom stall and is attempting to take the life,
Flight To Freedom
and genetic identity, of the man. An eight year-old walks in to use the facilities, notices the scuffle in the stall and quickly returns to his mother waiting dutifully outside. Together, they find a nearby law enforcement officer and report the incident. The officer responds and finds the shapeshifter in the middle of physical transition alongside the fresh corpse. The shapeshifter flees the lavatory with the officer in close pursuit behind him. On the street next to the terminal, the shapeshifter hurdles a waiting bus and jumps into traffic to avoid capture. The speeding bus coming down the boulevard doesn't have any chance of avoiding the creature before pancaking it flat on the front grill of the vehicle.


  On Liberty Island, Secretary Bishop has his Chief Scientist, Doctor Brandon Fayette, report to him in his office. Fayette delivers, as ordered, the new shapeshifter technology that he has been working on for the past several weeks. It seems the technology has an associated signal that may be able to let him trace whoever is responsible for the new prototype hybrids. Secretary Bishop has a change in the research assignment - he, himself, will continue the research and needs Fayette to send him all of the diagnostic protocols he has been following. Fayette feels put-off and wants to continue to the work he started. Bishop reminds Fayette that he is still a scientist that is perfectly capable of completing the research...
Bagged And Tagged For Transport
if he needs anything else, he will bring Fayette back to assist.

← Lincoln Lee and Bolivia Dunham arrive at the bus terminal to start an investigation of what they believe is their next Fringe case - the guy who jumped over a bus after killing someone inside the station. Military personnel descend on the crime scene before Fringe investigators have a chance to get started. Sergeant Kane intercepts the Fringe Division and issues the order for all Fringe, and ancillary, personnel to immediately withdraw from the area. Captain Lee demands to know why Military Command is usurping his authority in the matter. Kane hands him the written directive that explains why - Secretary of Defense Walter Bishop says so, that is why. Lee orders his people to pack it up, clear it out. Dunham resists... this is clearly a case for Fringe Division.

Driving south from Boston, Olivia and Peter are passing through Connecticut and still about an hour out from their destination in Brooklyn when Olivia takes a phone call from Agent Lee and gets the details.
No Lincoln - It Doesn't Tickle
He has requisitioned the necessary equipment from Massive Dynamic and will meet her at the theater. After the call, she asks Peter why he believes there is a soft spot between universes at their destination? Simple... he has crossed over there before, well, at least in a different timeline he did. Once they arrive at the opera house in Brooklyn and set-up the gear, Peter gives Olivia the okay to leave. There is no need for her to hang around. Olivia is going to remain there. If something were to happen to Peter and Agent Lee, and they couldn't return through the portal, she would have to be there to inform the boss, Broyles. Lee joins them after changing out of his suit and tie and into something a little more casual and functional, like his counterpart in the alternate universe. Olivia gives Lee the once over and puts on the finishing touches to the camouflage - tousling his hair to make him look a little less FBI and little more alternate universe Fringe Division. She also quietly asks if he is clear on what it is he is going to attempt once he crosses. Peter is ready to go and activates Walter's decades old portal device. Agent Lee has one quick curiosity to satisfy before stepping through... this portal thing, what happens if it shuts down before he is all the way across? Peter knows that answer. You will be cut in half, just like the bad guy he once cut in half. Peter thanks Olivia for her help then quickly steps through the portal. Lee gives a hesitant smile, and gets a 'good luck' wish from her before stepping across to follow Peter.
With everyone in one piece, Peter deactivates the portal and the two infiltrators quickly exit the theater.
Class-3 Breach Detection
← In the Situation Room, alarms sound as sensors warn of a Class-Three Breach. Agent Farnsworth pinpoints the exact location of the breach at an opera house just over the river in the far-western portion of Brooklyn. Colonel Broyles wonders how this is possible - there hasn't
Agent Lee Remembers His Skyline
been any environmental degradation since the two universes were linked. Still, he has Farnsworth redirect Lee and Dunham to Brooklyn to investigate the breach along with an Amber Response Team. Clear of the theater, as Peter starts to mix with the pedestrian traffic, Agent Lee stops in his tracks and in awe of the twin World Trade Center towers on the horizon. →

  In Brandon's lab on Liberty Island, Secretary Bishop escorts the military team that recovered the remains from the bus terminal incident. His soldiers wheel in a gurney and Brandon asks what is happening. Bishop tells him that is none of his concern right now and that he and his staff will need to vacate this lab until further notice. Secretary Bishop issues orders that he is not to be disturbed, then posts a guard to ensure that he is not.


  Along the banks of New York Harbor, Agent Lee, posing as
I Promise To Tell The Lie, The Whole Lie, And Nothing But The Lie
his counterpart Captain Lincoln Lee, hauls Peter up to Liberty Pier Security Checkpoint #5 in handcuffs. The sentry at the entrance to the dock recognizes Lee immediately as the lead Fringe Division agent from his universe. Lee tells the security detail that he needs transportation to Liberty island... his prisoner, Peter, is going to be subjected to a little 'unofficial' interrogation. It is all highly classified. The security-minded soldier doesn't have any paperwork for the prisoner, but allows the transfer when Lee assures him that he doesn't want to highlight himself and others in Secretary Bishop's secretive affairs. Not a problem, the ferry boat will be along shortly for the crossing to the military headquarters... all Lee needs is to have his identification verified. Lee lies about his ID, or lack of it. He 'lost' it chasing the prisoner he is now holding in custody. That is fine with the sentry, all Lee needs is to have his hand bio-metrically scanned. Tentative at having his deception brought to light, Lee places his hand on the scanner for verification. Sure enough, he and his counterpart have the same hand print. When Lee moves his prisoner onto the secure dock to wait for the boat ride, the sentry let's Lee know that he will go-ahead and report the missing identification for him. Once out of earshot on the pier, Peter, who has been silent and playing the scumbag prisoner role, praises Lee and his adaptive ruse - he has quite a knack for deception.
  The Class-Three Breach in Brooklyn is being monitored by Fringe Division Headquarters while the response team checks out the degradation. Lee reports back to Broyles that they aren't receiving any readings of a breach in the opera house. Broyles confirms that their sensors there are no longer registering a breach, as well... pack-it-up and report back to HQ. Lincoln and Bolivia prepare to head back to the office and as they start to leave the theater, she starts thinking about the incident at the bus station. Besides being broad-sided by a bus, the guy that was hit was sort of messed-up already. Different color eyes. Genetic features - hair... maybe he is one of those new shapeshifters that Olivia was griping about? Lee can't say for sure, but he fully
Hello, This Is OnStar ® I See That You Are Having Trouble Starting Your Vehicle Mister Lee
expects Secretary Bishop will let them know if it is, following an autopsy. Bolivia remembers Olivia's accusation - that Secretary Bishop is behind the new shapeshifter threat. Maybe they shouldn't trust what they hear from Liberty Island, they were, after all, just unceremoniously removed from the investigation at the bus terminal by Bishops' security team. Maybe the Secretary is covering his own tracks. Lee thinks Bolivia might be just a little paranoid about this. When Lee tries to start his vehicle with his identification badge, he gets no response. They check the cars' data server and find that Lee's identification has been voided after it was reported lost. Captain Lee calls the military pier to find out why the Checkpoint Five sentry reported his identification as lost. Corporal Wheeler recognizes Lee's voice and turns to see the Lee he just granted access to standing and waiting with his 'prisoner' - and not in the middle of a call to him.
  Talking privately on the secure pier, Peter goes over the rough plan they've put together.
Access Denied By The Port 'Authority'
Peter thinks Agent Lee should probably high-tail it back to the opera house, as soon as he can after leaving him with Secretary Bishop. There is no telling how long it will take before they figure out that he is not the real Captain Lee. Lee knows that Peter is familiar with the compound and wants to know a little more about the floor plan on Liberty Island, you know - where they store the classified files? Peter starts to get suspicious with this sudden line of questions, then realizes that introducing him to Secretary Bishop is not the only objective Agent Lee is trying to satisfy. Peter is furious - this could ruin the only chance of gaining the Secretary's trust and cooperation... it could negate any chance of him returning to his timeline, and his home. Agent Lee insists he didn't come this far only to go home empty-handed. Before either man has a chance to persuade the another, Agents Dunham, Lee, Cole and Murphy converge on their position and take the two into custody. Peter makes his case quickly - if he can just see Secretary Bishop, this will all be straightened out. The two Lee's come face-to-face for the first time and study one another. Bolivia stands in front of Peter, the man she deceived in another timeline, the man who gave her a son before destiny was re-written: Curtly, she only has one thing to say - Who the hell are you?
Is It April Fool's Day Already Philip? My Son Died Years Ago?
← In one of his labs on Liberty Island, Secretary Bishop sits and works intently on the new shapeshifter technology he needs researched. On the intercom, Colonel Broyles is calling from his Headquarters office. He apologizes for the disturbance, but he felt the boss needed to know about the other Lincoln Lee's incursion, and more interestingly, a man claiming to be Bishop's own son. Broyles is having the two intruders brought to his Fringe Division for the initial investigation... does he need to tell the other universe they have Lee in custody? Secretary Bishop wants to keep it quit for now. No contacting the other side until they have had a chance to conduct an interrogation of the two men. If Broyles learns anything from the duo, he should call the Secretary back.


  On the streets of New York, three Fringe Division vehicles convoy back to Division Headquarters with their prisoners from Liberty Pier securely restrained in the middle vehicle. Peter is still peeved at the realization that Agent Lee had his own private agenda - if they had reached Secretary Bishop's building on Liberty Island. Agent Lee is not remorseful about the information-gathering operation he intended to perform on the island - he needs to learn what he can about the new shapeshifters in the fight to save his universe. Peter's position hasn't changed - this isn't his battle to fight. The driver of their vehicle, Agent Murphy, takes a call on his earpiece and reports that he currently has the two prisoners in the vehicle with him. Murphy listens for a few seconds before acknowledging the directive he just received. Almost immediately, Murphy swerves the vehicle across traffic and down a cross street, away from his escort vehicles. Bolivia and Lincoln stop in the lead vehicle, then quickly turn to pursue the fleeing car. Murphy doesn't respond to the radio calls directed at him and his fellow agent, Cole, who demands to know what he is up to. Murphy replies with a gunshot to Coles' chest. Lincoln tasks Agent Farnsworth to start tracking the vehicle from Fringe Division while he continues to look around the area.

  Murphy pulls into a back alley lot and directs Peter and Agent Lee to exit the vehicle and remove their handcuffs. Peter recognizes
No Lincoln - We Are Not 'Bracelet Buddies'
Murphy's actions for what they are - with their cuffs off, Murphy is going to kill them and make the whole escape attempt look like they were responsible. Peter restates his case to Murphy... if that was Secretary Bishop that called and ordered their assassination, he needs to know that all Peter intended to do is simply talk to him, nothing more. Murphy could care less - he has his orders. Agent Cole manages to recover enough from his injury to fire his weapon at Murphy, but Murphy turns and kills him with another gunshot. The distraction from Cole gives Peter enough time to assault Murphy. Agent Lee joins the fracas, separates Murphy from his firearm,
Not One To Permit Bullying
then shoots him with it. Peter gets the keys to unlock Lee's hands then demands that he give him the pistol - Peter has a plan. From Headquarters, Agent Farnsworth verbal directs Lincoln and Bolivia toward the errant prisoner transport. Just as they close-in on the back alley locale, the vehicle races out and continues to evade. Bolivia dismounts to check on the Fringe agents on the ground while Lincoln continues pursuit. Not far away, the second escort vehicle cuts-off the escaped vehicle and Lincoln pulls in behind it to end the chase. Ordered out of the vehicle, only one person exits... Agent Lee. Peter chose a separate course of evasion.

 The captured Agent Lee is returned to the back alley where Fringe investigators are combing the scene. Lincoln and Bolivia are not pleased with Lee and the diversion he ran so Peter could escape. And killing two Fringe agents? That will have every cop in the city after the fugitive Peter. Agent Lee politely insults their intelligence - yeah... we came all this way just to kill two agents. Captain Lee thinks that scenario more likely than Murphy shooting his own partner. Agent Lee plants the conspiracy bug - Secretary Bishop, the man behind the shapeshifters, could be behind the entire affair and ordered Murphy to have them assassinated. And now, if they deliver Agent Lee to Bishop, what are the chances that he will disappear. If they would just trace the call that Murphy received before the chase, they will see who is behind the entire incident. Bolivia wants to know why Agent Lee would trust her and Lincoln to do the right thing in this case. The answer... because Peter vouched for her, she is essentially a good person and she will do the right thing.

  At her residence, Elizabeth Bishop returns home with a bag of groceries, enters the house and
Not-My-Mom-Elizabeth. I Am Your Not-My-Son-Peter
becomes concerned when she finds the bayside door unlocked. Worried for her safety, she hits a silent alarm button, grabs her handbag and rushes to her front door to leave the house. Almost to the exit, she stops when Peter steps out to intercept her. Elizabeth thinks she is being robbed and quickly grabs what cash she has in her bag to negotiate a quick end to the home invasion. Just take the money. Peter is incredibly apologetic and flustered. He isn't in her home to hurt her or take her money... he just needs to speak with her husband, Secretary Bishop. Elizabeth's fear fades when she intuitively realizes who she is talking too... a grown version of her son - Peter.


  In her home in Tarrytown, New York, Elizabeth Bishop sits down to have a friendly chat with her home intruder - a man, who under different circumstances, might have been her adult son. She tells Peter that as soon as she looked into his eyes, she knew he was the boy she lost decades earlier. Peter makes sure that she understands he is not the specific child she lost, only one version of her child. His life and cared ones are elsewhere, and that is why he needs to talk to her husband. Elizabeth grasps the basics... she consoled herself with the concept that he could be growing-up somewhere else and living a full life, even though he wasn't growing-up in her world. She offers to call Secretary Bishop at work to let him know Peter is there. She is certain he would be glad to help. Peter can't have that, he thinks Bishop's people have been trying to kill him since he arrived. Elizabeth insists on helping and offers him her
NO GUNS! Or I Tattle To Walter
protection just before a military security response detail arrives in the driveway. She forgot she sounded the silent alarm when she discovered her unlocked house. The team prepares to make a forced entry into Secretary Bishops' home while Elizabeth urges Peter to surrender his weapon to her... she won't let anything happen to him, but they will shoot Peter if he is armed. Peter hands-over Agent Murphy's pistol to Elizabeth and she lets the security forces into her home to settle the situation. The team rushes into the house, certain they are cornering the man who just killed two Fringe agents. Elizabeth rushes to put herself between Peter and the men who intend to apprehend Peter. Elizabeth gets her way - they will not fire, they will transport her and Peter to Liberty Island, and they will meet with the Secretary of Defense.

  At Fringe Division Headquarters, Lincoln Lee and Bolivia Dunham put Agent Lee's official in-processing on temporary hold. Instead of running him through the holding facility, they handcuff him to a vertical pipe in a maintenance closet. They are going to keep him there while they follow-up on the trace they ran on Agent Murphy's phone call. So far, the conspiracy claim holds water. Murphy did receive a call immediately before breaking out of the escort convoy. Now they need to figure-out if the trace will take then back to Secretary Bishop, or not. Lee is left to endure alone.

  In his office on Liberty Island, Secretary of Defense grants his wife the audience she requested on behalf of Peter Bishop. Elizabeth is excited at miraculous event. Bishop claims he had dreamt of this moment for years - meeting a grown version. The Secretary wants Peter out of his cuffs and
Not Everything Is As it Seems
some privacy. The soldiers clearout and Bishop gets a clarification from - his is not their Peter Bishop, but he is a Peter Bishop. SecDef understands that and want a few words with Peter away from Elizabeth. She steps out of the office and Peter confronts the senior politician immediately - it is obvious Secretary Bishop knew of Peter's arrival in the other universe. Bishop doesn't deny it. He has monitoring intelligence from the other side for some time, in other words - spying. Peter doesn't stop the accusations - he knows that Bishop tried to have him killed earlier in the day and that he is behind the shapeshifter invasion in the other universe, too. But - all of this is none of Peter's business - this isn't his fight and all he really wants is help reconfiguring the matrix of the bridging device in the joint laboratory. So he can go home. Bishop has been assembling a handheld device will conversing with Peter. Brandon Fayette, as ordered, joins the pair in the office and completes a quick Q&A for Bishop. As Chief Scientist, is it true, or even possible that he, Secretary Bishop, is responsible for the shapeshifter that are plaguing the other universe. Fayette smartly reports that no, after inspecting the technology in detail, there was nothing to indicate Secretary Bishop had anything to do with it. Bishop, who has remained focused on Peter, raises the intimidating device toward Peter's face. When Fayette starts in with a follow-up question, Secretary Bishop electronically zaps Fayette in the throat and face, disabling him and causing the creature that appeared to be Brandon Fayette to collapse and convulse on the floor. Apparently, not everything was as it seemed in his Science Division.


  After moving the shapeshifter into the research lab on Liberty Island, Secretary Bishop explains his action to Peter. He has suspected that his Chief Scientist was replaced sometime ago. Fayette was being followed for weeks and all of his communications were monitored by the Secretary's
Preparation For Interrogation
trusted forces. Secretary Bishop hesitated using the device he just wielded... if he were wrong about his scientist, the human version of Brandon would not have survived. The plan now is to interrogate the immobilized Fayette impersonator. Peter believes that SecDef Bishop needs to go public with the conspiracy that has shapeshifting soldiers replacing elected officials and other authorities. Expose them for what they are and the threat they pose to society. Secretary Bishop believes that doing so would cause widespread panic and rioting. He also believes that, for now, Peter is the only one he can trust... Peter has no allegiance to any particular side. What he would really like is for Peter to return to this universe and deliver a message - that he, Secretary Bishop, is not the enemy. Whoever is behind the new shapeshifter is the enemy, and the genuine threat to both universes. Peter considers it, but still needs help reconfiguring the matrix in the bridging device - he needs all the help he can to get back to where he belongs. Secretary Bishop assures Peter that he will do everything in his power to make that happen. Peter changes his opinion - he was wrong about the Secretary... he isn't the type of man he originally thought he was. Bishop's opinion hasn't changed - Peter is exactly the man he thought he would be. One that would help him.
  At Fringe Division Headquarters in Manhatan, Bolivia and Lincoln have a private chat about the trace that Agent Farnsworth conducted on Agent Murphy's communication device. The call that
This Shapeshifter Flop Sweat Is Sooooo Embarrassing
Murphy received during prisoner transport came from an industrial park in the Flatiron District, an area that has been abandoned for more than five years. That fact seems to discount Secretary Bishop's involvement, but maybe they should check out the lead anyway. Another problem is going to be getting a little leeway from Colonel Broyles to conduct their unofficial investigation. And Agent Lee - they have him tucked away in a closet - but what if he is right about the big conspiracy? The two agents join Colonel Broyles in his office and fib their way past a question about their prisoners' status. Broyles already learned about the trace they ran on Murphy from Farnsworth, so - what do they need from him. Simple - room to investigate. Broyles grants them what they want, but
Thanks For The Heads-Up Call... Oh - And Phil, Are We Still On For Poker This Weekend? Good. Kiss Diane For Me
what he wants is to be kept informed. Good enough. After his top agents leave his office, Colonel Philip Broyles calls the lead conspirator and updates him on the situation. His top agents are on the way to the abandoned industrial park in New York City's Flatiron District. David Jones, busy over a workbench full of shapeshifter memory disks, is delighted to hear the news from Broyles - his people will be waiting for the agents when they arrive. The makeshift lab he is working is full of bodies in liquid stasis chambers that are attached to sophisticated incubation equipment.
In the Brooklyn opera house in this universe, Olivia is trying to
No. I Am Pretty Sure That Is Blood - Not Tabasco Sauce ®
catch a nap near the portal that Peter constructed to cross into the alternate universe. Suddenly, she senses she is not alone and rolls off the stage with her pistol drawn. A somber bald gentlemen wearing a suit and tie sits a few rows away. He is reading her thoughts and repeating her verbal directions as she is issuing them. Who is he? And how does he know her name? He has a message for - he has looked at all possible futures... and in every one, the result is the same - she has to die. The bloody hole in his chest looks like a bullet wound... she will take him to the hospital. Olivia turns around to grab her overcoat and holster from the stage, and in the five seconds her eyes are off of him - the injured man has vanished from the large theater.


"That's what got me through it, you know? I told myself that if another universe exists -- and there's got to be more -- then somewhere... you would grow up and be happy and... and fall in love. Somewhere you would have a life... just -- just not here." - Elizabeth Bishop (to Peter, finding solace in the fact that at least one Peter Bishop in the multiverse survived to adulthood)

"Whatever disagreements there are between this universe and theirs are none of my business. I'll tell you exactly what I told them. It is not my fight. All I want is your help to get me back where I belong... to get me home. If you want to get rid of me, just help me." - Peter Bishop (to Secretary Bishop, begging the issue with his last resource)


  • The Observer appears in the Brooklyn Opera House in this universe with a dire warning for Olivia. He disappears when Olivia turns to gather her things to take him to the hospital and treat the bloody wound in his chest.


Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James and The Shondells


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  • Was Peter's pancake encounter with Walter and Olivia a waking dream... or was he experiencing time displacement like he did (And Those We've Left Behind) a few weeks earlier?
  • Who called Agent Murphy and told him to assassinate his prisoners?
  • Was Agent Murphy a shapeshifter, a Jones infiltrator, or otherwise corrupt Fringe Agent?
  • Has Colonel Broyles been replaced by a shapeshifter?
  • Why was Doctor Fayette stalling on his research of the new shapeshifter technology?
The Observer
  • Who shot him in the chest?
  • What circumstances led to the attack on him?
  • Why is he concerned with the fact that Olivia dies in all possible futures?


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