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Profession:  Scientist Portrayed by:
Ryan McDonald
Connections:  Secretary Bishop
Seen In:  11 of 100 episodes
Status:  Alive
Remarks:  Wants to test Cortexiphan derivative on children
Alternate Version    

Brandon Fayette is a scientist employed by the Department of Defense in the alternate universe, reporting to Secretary Bishop.


  • In Olivia, he is aware of the "war" with the other universe. He treats Olivia Dunham with "B-Lymphocytes" to brainwash her into believing she is the Bolivia.
  • In The Plateau, he uses Peter's clothes an associative link to spark Olivia to cross over to the other universes. He reports to Secretary Bishop that his experiment is hampered by the high level of anxiety and stress that the test subjects are experiencing. Secretary Bishop advises him to use a sensory-deprivation tank to provide a state of relaxation to his subjects.
  • In Amber 31422, twice, with the aid of Secretary Bishop, he submits Olivia to testing in a sensory deprivation tank to determine if she possess the ability to safely transit between the two universes. He discovers that she was exposed to a synthetic drug during her child.
  • In 6955 kHz, he informs Olivia that Secretary Bishop decided to postpone the procedure indefinitely.
  • In Entrada, he was shot/darted/sedated by Colonel Broyles just as he was preparing to perform a vivisection on Olivia to harvest her organs.
  • In Immortality, he updated Secretary Bishop on the status of the Cortexiphan trial. He deduced that the age is important consideration for the effectiveness of Cortexiphan and suggested to use children for the trials.
  • In Bloodline, he absconded with the blood sample from the newborn son of Bolivia Dunham.
  • In 6:02 AM EST, he finished the final safety measures to activate the Wave Sink Device. He was also cornered by Agent Dunham in his lab, forced to give her the technology she needs to transit between universes, then pistol-whipped to prevent him from alerting the security forces.
  • In The Last Sam Weiss, he monitored his device and notices a malfunction in it when Peter enters the Wave Sink Device in this universe.
  • In The Day We Died, he informed Secretary Bishop on the reboot of the Wave Sink Device and its negative effects on the softspots. He joined Secretary Bishop, Bolivia Dunham, a team of scientists and the Science Team on the bridge Peter created.
  • In the adjusted timeline (Back To Where You've Never Been), he claims he has nearly deciphered the shapeshifter technology, but just needs more time. The target of Secretary Bishop's covert surveillance, Fayette appears to be stalling and is suspected of having been replaced by a shapeshifter. Bishop zaps his Chief Scientist, Doctor Fayette, and disables him with a handheld weapon. Shapeshifter Brandon is prepared for interrogation in the Liberty Island lab he formerly managed.


"No, it wasn't time, it was the adrenaline from her escape. The adrenaline triggered our Olivia's memory B-lymphocytes and carry them across the blood-brain barrier and successfully transferred the memories, which means for all intents and purposes, she is our Olivia now". - to Secretary Bishop (clarifying the reason behind the successful memory transfer)

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