Brave New World, Part 2

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Brave New World, Part 2
Season: 4 Episode: 22
Air Date: 11 May 2012
Written by: Akiva Goldsman
Joel Wyman
Jeff Pinkner
Directed by: Joe Chappelle
Starring: Main Characters
Guest Cast: Leonard Nimoy as William Bell
Michael Cerveris as The Observer
Rebecca Mader as Jessica Holt
Gerard Plunkett as Senator Van Horn

Marcia Moulton as Nurse
Alistair Abell as Science Tech
Babak Haleky as Post-Op Doctor
David Ingram as Helo Pilot
Jennifer Lines as Agent #1
Liam Carter as Agent #2
Heming Hopkins as Agent #3

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Brave New World, Part 2 is the twenty-second episode of the fourth season of FRINGE and the back half of a saga changing season finale. It first aired on May 11th, 2012. William Bell brings his captured colleague, Walter Bishop, along as he transports his vessel full of mutant creatures to a precise spot in the North Atlantic. Olivia and Peter locate and board the vessel as Bell's plan to collapse the two universes comes to fruition. The Observer hadn't witnessed this potential outcome before now - and others need to be warned as a result.


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"Bill And Wally’s Excellent Adventure" – Dude... Won’t The Carnivores Eat Every Animal On The Ark Before This Happens. - Doh!
  Overlooking a grassy alpine glade near a dark blue lake, two large feline-like predators settle down for a sun bath. The pristine environment, with designer fauna and flora, is the life’s work of one William Bell, esq. This is his brave new Eden following the Genesis he has selected to dole out to his fellow mankind. With Walter Bishop by his side, it seems almost like divine providence that they are together again at this juncture, having not seen each other for years. This universe Bell is building took considerably longer than the seven days the previous existence took to assemble. And with only a few days to go… presentation over... the final piece of Bell’s terminus event has already been set in motion. The elaborate 3-D presentation around them in Bell’s stateroom aboard the cargo steamer Talos, dematerializes back into traditional furnishings at the flick of the remote control clicker in Bell’s hand. It is as good as done, the designed end of all that has been. Walter holds his tongue, he can see he will have his work cutout for him this one last time, if he wants to put Bell down for good. Maniacal hubris notwithstanding.
  In Walter’s Lab on one of Harvard’s many campuses, the sun is just up and Peter and Olivia have
No Sweetie, No. Me Saying "Woman Where's My Coffee" & "Fix My Breakfast Now, Julie Jedi" - That's Just Me Playing Around... plz Don't Hurt My Shoulder??
made there way back to debrief the mission that took David Jones off the chess board for good. A few loud calls with no reply have the two searching the side rooms for any sign of occupancy. Walter’s bed is made and a quick call to Astrid indicates she is off-the-grid as well. With a hospital sling supporting his right arm, Peter finds the ‘healed’ Cortexi-cake that Walter was fiddling with – maybe he and Astrid are out getting breakfast. Well, it looks like Peter and Olivia will just have to wait – how about some coffee? When Peter goes to fill the mugs, Olivia remembers his aggravated shoulder and hurries to lend a hand. Finally alone with some quiet time to talk, Peter wants to know if Olivia is ready to discuss what she managed to do in ‘shared’ combat against Jones? The Jedi mind trick where she manifested new telekinetic powers on the roof top. Olivia is baffled like he is, perhaps a bit more frustrated also – all she can guestimate is that this was just another unexpected by-product of the extensive Cortexiphan
Really? She Thinks She Can Super Glue Me To The Floor. Why, The Tech Implant In My Brain Stem Will Figure A Way Out Of This In Seconds... In Seconds?... Damn. Not Again
experimentation she endured as a girl. The empathy thing with Jessica Holt was a surpise too. Yep. Coffee is ready. I don't know how I did it. I just did. Maybe Walter can give her a look-see when he gets back, later. Good enough. Olivia’s cell phone rings and none other than Jessica Holt is on the opposite end of a panicky domestic situation. Jessica is cashing in on the good-will reciprocation deal Olivia offered only a day, or so, earlier. Certain that she has been followed ever since she left Walter’s Lab, a nanite-free Jessica is busy barricading herself in her home. Holt has managed to divert her daughter for a stay with the separated father, but fears she is presently being aggressively targeted. Fifty feet away, in the first floor hallway behind her, a bald man in a plain black suit, tie and Fedora, silently monitors the phone conversation. With Olivia coming over in a worried time of need, Holt ends the call and moves to another part of the house. The Observer stalks after her, and after just a few seconds, seems to be fly-papered where he walks. The abstract symbols embedded in the flooring beneath his feet, the ones that just lit up - they may to responsible for his entrapment.


  Not too much of a drive for Olivia and Peter, Jessica Holt’s two story Modern Victorian home in nearby Quincy seems sedate and unthreatening when the duo
I Know This Is Only The First House On The List From The Realtor, But If The Mice And Termites Are This Bad... Uh, I Don't Think We Should Make A Bid
arrives. They enter the unlocked house, cautious and seeking to establish voice contact with Holt. She doesn’t seem to have hung around, even though her purse, with wallet and phone are prominently plunked on the dining table. Peter continues to snoop quietly on the first floor and finds an odd configuration in the mud room. The linoleum, floor, sub floor and supporting headers have been neatly excised from the spot where the Observer had been standing only a half hour ago. Olivia! Look at this. What all did Holt say to you when she called? Olivia joins Peter and sees the seven-sided extraction… nope, just that she felt as if she were being followed. Olivia answers a cell call from Broyles. He is in the office with the bad news about Astrid. She has been found after an anonymous tip and was taken to Boston General Hospital with a gunshot injury. Farnsworth is out of surgery and the medical staff has declared her in stable condition. The science team needs to converge on the hospital, and grab Walter too. What? We thought Walter was with her. He must be off his leash.
...Then I Got All Gangsta' On Their Sorry Butts. My Mixed Martial Yoga Turned Me Into A Tasmanian Devil On One Guy, Then I Popped A Cap In Another... Whew... Nurse! I'm Ready For My Orange Dreamsickle Now
Boston General Hospital, Astrid rests in bed surrounded by her colleagues and a bounty of gorgeous flower arrangements. Propped-up and lucid, she is worried about where Walter is now. Know one can answer that for her. The last she was in contact with Walter, she was in the waterfront warehouse where she was found with her wound. Walter thought Bell was still alive and that they might find a lead there. Astrid, you weren’t found at the waterfront. Somebody must have moved you and called 9-1-1, which means they didn't want you dead. A crew of armed men confronted her and Walter - they probably took him. Welling with tears, and apologetically to Peter, Astrid recalls how she tried to protect Walter, but just couldn’t evade the situation. Peter understands – not to worry. Astrid recalls the address for them to investigate – something weird was in progress… strange animals and sounds. Olivia supposes the warehouse has been vacated by now. If they kept Farnsworth from dying, they knew that she would eventually reveal the location of the place. Time to head down there to see if they can find anything of interest. As Peter steps out to leave, Olivia reports to Broyles that she informed the Police Department about the concern with Holt this morning. Broyles will keep an eye on that investigation for her while she begins the effort to track down Doctor Bishop. Astrid adds – Be careful. Good Fringe Division advice from one who rarely gets to do the field work.
  Olivia parks the SUV out in front of the Boston Harbor warehouse and she and Peter finish the conversation they were having in the car as they walk to the business entrance, along the now empty mooring.
<Peter> There You Are. Nice Wooden Shoe. You Get That In Holland? You Do Understand?... It's Not A Snowboard
The laden old freighter, and the equally ancient Bishop Vista Cruiser station wagon, are absent from the grounds. What the pair are trying to deduce is... if Bell is responsible; what does infecting people with immolation-inducing nanites, concentrating Sun light to ignite an oil reserve have to do with collapsing two universes to create a new one? How are any of those separate attempted genocides connected? Peter has absolutely no idea what the reasoning is behind the insanity, but maybe Walter does.
  Inside the warehouse Team Fringe finds the last thing they were looking for – like a trophy on a stand, the Observer has been discarded in the center of a nearly vacated storage bay. Peter rushes forward to assist his recent ‘associate’ and gets the expected understatement of the month – ‘I am not here of my own volition.’ Olivia has her pistol out and sticks close to Peter, in case any of the warehouse crew are still around. Jessica Holt has brought the fly-papered, trans-dimensional traveler here… and her stepping from cover with her pistol leveled at Olivia’s head confirms it. Holt wants them away from her catch-of-day and for Olivia to discard her weapon.
We Can Vouch For Him Ms Holt. We Know Him From, Um... Several Universes, And Um... Multiple Timelines... Um. You Know What? Just Shoot...
In fact, if you ever want to see Walter again, you will put down your gun. Olivia does want to see Walter again, so she reluctantly slides her firearm to Holt - you are with Bell. Peter was hoping for a little support from the Observer, but the ‘’Statis Runes’’ underfoot are keeping him glued where he is. Holt knows a whole lot more than she feigned in the Clane Center, or at Walter’s Lab. This chain of events wasn’t one he anticipated, obviously. And in Holt’s efforts for Bell’s cause, she also knows that the Observer is uniquely preoccupied with events concerning Peter and Olivia’s life… that’s how they lured him into their trap. Olivia gets it now – Holt was deliberately infected with nanites, and the bond they fostered in the process of curing her – it was all intended to lure the Observer for a site survey in Quincy, preceding Olivia and Peter’s response to her distress call. Bell had it all planned. Holt isn’t done with her transgressive assignment: A demonstration… three rounds fired at the Observer are caught, as expected. After he drops the spent slugs to the ground, Jessica continues the lesson – that was the Observer’s mastery of hyper-attenuated time. Although
Bond. Jane Bond. I Am The Parallel Universe's British Super Villain. I Will Kill This Observer - Then Put The Name Jack Shepherd On His Grave
it looks a bit like magic, it’s simply a technological capability that lets Observers move very, very fast. To conclude her demo, Holt draws a second weapon from the back of her belt and is prepared to launch her own very, very fast tech. A Bell invention, the hyper-velocity round that hits the Observer next isn’t caught… it just passes through his hand and into the upper chest. The blood flow is immediate. Olivia needs an out – what do you want? Don’t shoot again – let’s talk. Jessica Holt has no regard for the man she just wounded, and the next squeeze of her trigger definitely won’t leave so superficial a wound as the first one. Not aware that she shouldn’t upset Olivia, Holt delivers a lethal volley of bullets that’ll kill anyone in their path. And they do. The three rounds directed at the stationary Observer are snagged by the angered Olivia in mid-flight. After about a half second in Olivia’s gloved hand, the bullets reaccelerate to their new target, Jessica Holt’s torso. Stunned at having learned the lesson, instead of teaching it, Holt thunks to floor like a sack of wet towels, and very much dead. Everyone who isn't Jessica Holt shares a semi-astonished glance at one another.
This is not one of the impossibilities any of them ever imagined.


  With Jessica Holt down and no threat,
Super Glue My Foot. It's Just A Little Gum You Doof. Why Didn't You Just Take The Shoes Off. Hollywood Dance Legend Donald O'Connor Would Have
Olivia and Peter hurry to get September free of his shackles and render the emergency medical assistance he needs. Olivia wants him to sit so she can apply some pressure to the bleeding from his chest. Sitting is something the Stasis Runes is prohibiting him from doing just now. Peter has finished his call for emergency care - med techs will be at the warehouse soon. Peter stoops to touch the colorful emblems on the trap from the Quincy house - and a zorch of fiery sparks raises up around his gloved hand. September is surprised that Holt and Bell were familiar with this advanced methodology. Guarding his tender shoulder, Peter retrieves a board from a shipping pallet and returns to see if he can scrape the glyph off of the platform, like a lottery scratch-off ticket. A few seconds of elbow grease removes part
Liv, Liv, Liv. Look. Watch What He Does... Sweetie, I Need To Learn To Do That Some Day
of the symbol and the stasis is broken - and The Observer slumps to the place he was just standing. Olivia gets to work tending to his wound, while Peter asks if September has information on Walter's wherabouts. No - he has no intel about Doctor Bishop. Olivia has full memories now of all timelines she has participated in and recalls the visit September initiated at the Brooklyn Opera House. Remember? The one where he stepped through a trans-dimensional window with a gunshot wound? Where he said - in every version of the future that she, Olivia, would have to die? Nope? September has no recollection of that because it never happened. Or... it hasn't happened yet. That must be it. Regaining his strength and preparing to continue his mission, he sees that he must investigate the future and find out what he meant when he told Olivia about her unavoidable demise. With fresh blood on his chest, September hopes he makes it back to her soon, then turns and exits through the Möbius Brane he spontaneously generated - either directly to the Opera House, or to the future. With sirens approaching, Bishop and Dunham have no patient to treat but they do have Jessica Holt to show for their work. She was their only lead, but in her current state - it does them no good. Peter thinks not and kicks Holt's fancy pistol aside to get her ready for an ambulance ride to the lab. Having assisted Walter a few times on this particular topic - Peter sees no reason why they can't still question Holt.
  Back in Walter’s Lab, about twenty-five minutes later, the first responders to the waterfront warehouse have deposit Ms Holt in one of Walter’s examination chairs, and Peter starts connecting electrodes, measuring equipment and control apparatus as a preliminary for the Fringe science they are about to do. Olivia, not normally hands-on with the Fringe deadies, prepares a lengthy, thick gauge
<Peter> Don't Let The Blood Make You Queasy Olivia. Just Pretend It Is Chilean Almond Extract. That's Why Belly Liked Her So Much... (Olivia snort-giggles)
hypodermic needle with a clear solution ready-to-inject. With a little coaching from Peter, Olivia diverts the insertion from Holt’s arm to her left temple. The six inch needle penetrates about five inches into the front hemisphere of Holt’s brain and Lab Assistant Dunham delivers about sixty milliliters of Walter’s private top-shelf stock. On task and here in a flash, Nina Sharp arrives with two of Massive Dynamic’s finest. They have the suitcases with the high tech cranial gear that will get Holt chatting post mortem. Nina knows what she is doing – connect
<Blair> Sit Still Rebecca. I Am 'Almost' Certain These Brain Nails Are Fake Stunt Props
the negative leads first to avoid an electrical short – then come in with a trickle of direct current to let the equipment calibrate. Nina grabs a gun-sized piece of support equipment and loads it while her men
Darling. Don't Worry About The Termite Damage You Found In That Quincy House. If You Want It, I Will Buy It. Chances Are Those Monster Bugs Were From Massive Dynamic... And I Have Just The Bug Zapper To Take Care Of It
assemble the head gear that Holt will don in a few seconds. With the sense of urgency all are displaying in the effort to interrogate this former criminal, and to save Walter, Nina takes a brief half-second to admire the woman’s beauty… then drives a heavy duty spike into the side of Holt’s head as if she were roofing a new house. Thwtpp! Nina is going to need to talk other timeline details with Peter about just how he knew about this secret proprietary technology (Pilot) that belongs to Massive Dynamic. Thwtpp! Nina plants a second metal post in the opposite temple with instructions to maintain the interviewee’s body temperature at roughly eighty-five degrees. As Peter steps away to gather the necessary ice for that task, Nina huddles with a somber Olivia to offer some comfort – if Holt knows anything about Walter, soon they will too. Olivia is still trying to process the facts and the evidence… Holt manufactured their entire interaction? Why? The nanites were a huge risk to her life – and she was counting solely on Olivia to save her? And the deal with Jones -- they were counting on her to save Peter? Nina’s read on events-to-date has her reflecting on Bell’s belief in the unique powers that Cortexiphan children might develop. Does she know why William wants to activate Olivia specifically at this time? No, Nina does not, but she is certain that Bell’s knowledge of Olivia’s compassion and capacity for feeling, regardless of her trans-timeline memories, is why she is being targeted. Bell needs something specific from her - something only Olivia can provide.
  Undersail and out to sea off of Boston Harbor, the Talos steams across the choppy waters in the bright midday sun. In Bell’s stateroom, Walter demands to know what Bell could
Chilean Almonds! ™ Get Your Chilean Almonds! William Bell - Proprietor. Exclusive Global Distribution Rights
possibly gain by destroying both universes? Bell has already anticipated the philosophical answers to any ethical questions Walter cares
Bad End Game Strategy Belly. You Captured The Wrong Bishop. Now The Queen Has All The Power To Defeat Everything On The Board... My Move William
to tender. Bell is inspired by Walter’s plight – having lost two parallel Peter Bishops along the way. What kind of God would cause that level of suffering and pain? Walter’s hubris was always to create a universe that would operate by Walter’s rules, however, when Walter realized he was intelligent enough to actually achieve that objective, he became overwhelmingly intimidated by the potential he harnessed, and asked Bell to remove enough brain bits so he could never wield his Godly talents. Bell complied and literally put Walter’s Genie back into the proverbial bottle. As Bell aged and grew cynical (along with cancer), he started self-medicating with Cortexiphan, to extend his life. Unable to extend it indefinitely, he knew his time was about up, and decided to pick-up where Walter fell out. Bell decided that all of Walter’s ranting and crazy extrapolations over the decades had merit - they made perfect sense and his raison d'être became clear… If he (Bell) is capable of becoming a God, then it must be his destiny to do so. Playing God is something both of them have been doing for a very long time. Now Bell is God. Walter’s face and body language suggest a new found fear of the one man he thought he knew better than himself.


  Back in the lab, Peter has Jessica Holt prepped and ready for reanimation. Everyone gathers around Holt and Peter throws the ON switch that will hopefully get the newly dead red head chatting about Walter’s situation. Activating the cranial halo on the corpse drains most of the power from the lights and the non-essential electronics that are in use. With her synapses just starting to fire again, Holt’s eyes rotate randomly,
♪My Baloney Has A First Name. It's...♪ Um, I Ride The School Bus. Not The Big One, But The Little Yellow... Wonky Eye Reporting For Duty, Sir...<Olivia> Jessica! Stop Channel Surfing!
blink independently and non-stereoscopically focus at the peripheral space in front of her motionless head. Her voice wavers and tremors through multiple octaves as she senses enough to know she can’t feel her limbs. Peter has no time to coddle this one – Where is Walter?! Holt drifts from her temporary awareness and seems to faint… which isn’t possible because she doesn’t have any blood circulation. Olivia checks the monitor and can see that the ‘Cortex Stimulation Response’ has dropped below the minimum red baseline needed to keep Holt in the game. Within seconds, Holt climbs back above the threshold and regains awareness. Her roaming chameleon eyes return, and she starts spewing out random and incoherent strings of memory. Where is her mom? Her childhood bicycle was blue…. Olivia takes a crack – Where is Bell?! Then Nina - Jessica, look at me. William Bell. Where is he? Holt is still in play mode and sings an old, perhaps cryptic, ditty about a man that is all wet - ♪A man must be blind or be out of his mind to go out to sea once more.♪ Peter steps in – is Bell on a boat?!
<Nina> So Peter, This Bald Guy Can Just Pop-In Anytime Or AnyWhere? <Peter> Yeah. But Not In The Rafters... He'll Be At Ground Level
That would fit with Astrid’s encounter at the harbor. Jessica rejoins the 21st Century for a few seconds with some current data… Bell is a great man. A brilliant man. God to a new world born of the collapse. Olivia’s turn - how is Bell going to initiate his Apocalypse now that the bridge between the two universes is closed? Jessica Holt’s reanimation time is fading quickly… Bell needs an energy source… as her eyes finally focus, she slips back into her rhetoric: “We're all expendable in the wake of creation - Noah was a righteous man, and he brought onto The Ark every creature to populate the new world. Two by two.” Olivia has grown impatient and angry - Damn it, Jessica, what energy source? When Olivia grabs the corpse to shake it, much of the connected electronics short out, most of the laboratory lights explode and the local fusing breaches. As acrid smoke rises around them, Olivia wonders - Did I just do that? Yep. Nina has the good sense to get a gauss meter to check for electromagnetic energy. Olivia is riddled with a monstrous EM signature. That’s it. Bell has been so busy trying to activate all of Olivia’s Cortexiphan talents, it could only mean that she is supposed to be the energy source that collapses both universes. Nina has an idea how to turn this around to their advantage, locating Bell, and hopefully Walter, in the process.
  SAIC Phillip Broyles briskly enters his Situation Room on what is probably its busiest day since
<Broyles> (whispering) So, If We Survive This Ordeal Today, You Want To Hook-Up Tonight At TGIF's Luau Nite ® <Nina> You're On. (softly) I'll Bring My Grass Skirt And Coconut Shells
being placed into service years earlier. Federal Agents from all services involved with the joint task force are manning phones and researching leads as Massive Dynamic scientists and technicians put Nina Sharp’s plan into motion. One Agent has the latest info on William Bell’s tramp steamer, the Talos. It left harbor a little after Ten in the morning and in fifteen minutes had vanished from radar contact. Peter figures in the six hours since then, the vessel may be as far away as two hundred miles. Broyles makes a beeline to Nina for an update on Olivia. Sharp tells him about the extraordinary electromagnetic field Olivia generating – it may just be that Bell plans to use her to power the universe collapse. Nina doesn’t believe they can do anything to stop the energy potential she has, however, Olivia is resonating at 392.6 hertz, the same harmonic convergence that Bell would expect at the epicenter of the collapsing multiverse… the place he and his cargo ship to be to survive his Apocalypse - the 'calm at the center of the storm' (Welcome To Westfield), and Walter may be there too, if Bell still has him. Nina has her folks reassigning satellite tasking as they speak and reports start to flow. An odd squall has formed eighty miles east of the harbor… Bell’s safe haven? And the earthquakes are returning, all within seconds of one another. That’s it – the collapse has begun. Alright. Broyles has one directive for his staff… focus on
I Get The Worst Empathy Pains From My Alternate 'Me-Livia'. I Am Having Happy Hour Hangover Nausea Right Now, Not To Mention Her Cramps & Bloating
that squall.

  In a quiet briefing room well away from the hub of activity that is attempting to locate and deal with William Bell, Olivia has taken a self-imposed timeout to deal with the gravity of her involvement in the future of all mankind. Peter had noticed when Olivia slipped from the Situation Room and gave her a few minutes of private time before joining her. With his arm in the sling, following the beating David Jones delivered the night before, Peter hauls a chair from a nearby table, sidles-up close to his girl, throws a leg over and plops down for a 'who-loves-you?' pep-talk, It's gonna be okay. The pained smile on Olivia's face tells him she genuinely appreciates the effort to keep her propped-up. It's been a busy few months - I wonder what Bell has planned for me next? And no. Olivia doesn't think things will be okay. This whole affair is just as bad as when she was Cortexi-tested as a kid. It was all so scary and intimidating with Bell and Bishop in Jacksonville. And she felt so alone the entire time - and this, feels just like then. Nothing has changed and Olivia still feels like that little girl... Bell is still experimenting on her and using her. Peter begs to differ - something has changed. This time, she is not alone. A comforting 'soulmate' hug sells his point and promises a safe outcome.

<Bell> You Did What? You Threw My Almonds Overboard! That's It Walter. I Can't Take You Anywhere. Helmsman. Turn South. Destination Chile
the Talos, Walter stands in front of one of the display cases Bell maintains in his stateroom and studies the contents. Inside, and under glass, is a .40 caliber Luger-style pistol with a clip and ten waiting rounds. The look on Walter's face suggests he is contemplating taking action he never thought he'd have to against his compeer pejôratif. William is unconcerned with Walter's emotional duress, what he really needs for him to do is to drag his carcass over to the window and witness all of the wonderful science brewing outside in the North Atlantic caldron of collapsing universes. Tentatively, Walter toddles to the viewing port - asking only one question. How? Walter shakes his head when Bell tells him what the rest of Fringe Division already knows... Olivia. She has always been truly remarkable.


  As mankind’s fate boils down to its final few hours, activity in the Situation Room gets a foothold in the race to defeat William Bell… the satellite coverage has computed the overlapping frequency and null zone
<Nina> Co-pilot To Pilot. Do You Mind If I Crank-Up Wagner's 'Ride Of The Valkyrie'? Its Williams' Apocalypse Now - And Belly Don't Surf...
between universes. The Talos is one hundred and fifty miles Southeast of the Boston Federal Building, off of Nantucket. Broyles gives the air mission a go. Get the Aviation Support Unit on the roof to get their helicopters ready to fly… that should put Olivia and Peter over their target in about an hour and a half. In short order, Fringe Division gets three light utility helicopters airborne, feet wet, and en route to the heart of the trans-dimensional anomaly Bell has fabricated – with Nina Sharp riding shotgun.
  Aboard William Bell’s modern Ark, Walter makes a passionate plea for his former
John You Sonnuvabitch! Stop Calling Me Mister Spock!
comrade to cease and desist his megalomania. Bell is more crazed than ever, with his plan finally coming to fruition. Irritated and angered with Walter’s timidity, Bell demands his pay-off… “we deserve this!”
  Arriving at the coordinates passed to them by the Command and Control team in the Situation Room, the three-ship helicopter formation establishes a visual holding pattern at about
All I See Are Refugee Ships Fleeing North Africa - No 'Talos'
500 feet above the ocean. The weather is clear and a million and there is no contact with the errant freighter. Maybe a check with the satellite will give them updated coordinates? Are they being jammed? Peter is baffled. Is everyone blind? The ship is right there - left ten o'clock low. Apparently nobody is seeing what Peter is seeing - - until Nina figures it out. If the fabric between the universes has grown so thin around the Talos, then it has probably already phased entirely out of sync with this universe. No one can see it but Peter because he is from the parallel universe and resonates at a different frequency. If they are going to do anything, they need to do it soon. Peter may lose sight of the ship before too long. The question is, if the tramp-steamer is in this intra-dimensional space that only Peter can see, how do they cross into it to stop what Bell has already begun? Olivia knows how – her. Of course. With all of the surreptitious Cortexiphan dosing she was getting from Jones and Spivey (Wallflower), Olivia likely has as much juice in her system as the Olivia that Peter knew from his timeline of origin. That means she can power the breach and together, in physical contact with one another, jump between worlds. Nina is certain that Olivia’s extraordinary talent won’t fail her now… talent that has always been latent, talent she was denied knowledge of. That, or they jump in the ocean and die when the universes collapse in a few minutes. After a few seconds comprehending what has to be done… what they have to accomplish, Peter and Olivia slide the cargo door open and step out onto the left skid of the hovering helicopter. Peter studies the dropzone
<Peter> I Don't Know What It Is - But You've Got This... Uh... Special Glow About You. Is There Something You Want To Tell Me? <Olivia> Yeah. You've Got That Glow Too. Remember We Are From Different Universes. Duh. Now Jump Putz!
below them while Olivia studies the vast horizon of the North Atlantic ahead of them – now would be a good time for Peter to fess-up and tell her he had lost his mind. Not going to happen. A shared glance and good grip on each other’s hand says they are ready to take the leap. Peter calls for a little fine tuning of the hover – three yards to the left should give them the launching point to land safely.
<Olivia> Sweetie. Why Didn't You Just Vector The Pilot In For A 'Landing'? Instead Of Vectoring Him In For A 'Jumping'?
Ready… NOW!
  With a firm grip, the two freefall through clear skies and across the dimensional barrier harboring the Talos as the two universes consume themselves. In the eye of the storm Bell fabricated, the weather is still quite violent. Peter and Olivia land roughly on the top of one of the stacked containers lining the main deck. Peter’s dislocated shoulder from the night before doesn’t respond well to the abuse and he nearly bounces overboard after landing. Olivia’s powerful grip, the one that got them to this dimension, won’t let Peter go and he quickly scrambles to his feet. He’s a tiny bit surprised they pulled that off. Armed and ready to put an end to things, Olivia and Peter follow a gangway below decks
<Peter> He Can Call It A Modern Ark, The New Eden, Re-Genesis... New Animals Or Not, It Still Smells Like We Are Marching A Hundred Feet Behind A Circus Parade. Careful There! Brown Landmines!
to the cargo hold and find the hundreds of odd creatures and plants Bell has created and sitting in reserve to populate his new Eden. Not getting too close to any of the live animal crates, the duo press on in their search and rescue mission to repatriate Walter and to end Bell. Still in his stateroom with Walter, Bell has inched closer to his madness and is reciting Yeats - echoing a passage about love of simple living and love of nature. Walter is familiar with the writing Bell is treating as scripture to his Apocalypse, but hasn’t wandered far from the display box with Bell’s pistol. Contemplating using it to
Red Three To Red Leader... Found It! The Silly Bishop Kid Said It Was At 10 O'Clock Low, When He Meant 2 O'Clock Low
kill his old pal, Walter is interrupted when Peter and Olivia barge in with their own weapons. William Bell was not expecting this. Humans, in general, are a troubling species and were deliberately left off of his guest list to his restructured future. However, in honor of their resilience in all matters, Bell will grant Olivia and Peter a place in his new order… a final breeding pair for the Ark… they will be the new Adam and Eve. Peter demands that Bell end all of this immediately. Bell cannot, shoot him if you must, but every second brings his master plan closer to reality - the chain reaction has begun. Olivia is the engine behind it all and every breath she takes tears the world from its hinges. She is The Redeemer and shooting Bell may just make him the first God to be martyred for his Creation. Quivering with anger, Peter has his pistol pressed to Bell’s chest and is half a milli-thought from squeezing the trigger. BLAM! As always, Walter has taken whatever steps are needed to rectify a confrontation. Quietly, he has loaded Bell’s Luger, asked for forgiveness, and fired his weapon before Peter could fire his 9mm. Unannounced and unexpectedly,
Kill Us All! I Threw The Almonds Overboard Because Not Once In Four Decades Have You Ever Thought To Bring Red Vines ® Licorice Along For Me - - I Have Nothing To Live For Now
Walter Bishop has pivoted in place and fired a single round into Olivia’s forehead… effectively killing her before she hits the
Walter! Wake-y Wake-y, It's Belly. It's 1993 And You Are Still In Saint Claire's. Your Son Is Coming To Visit This Evening. The Past Four Seasons Were All An LSD Dream
ground. Peter turns and is overwhelming anguished with her fatal wound as he rushes to her side to cradle her. With Olivia, the engine to Bell’s Apocalypse, switched to the Off position, the Talos returns to the trans-dimensional state that it departed… reappearing below the orbiting helicopters – stormy skies abated… one non-standard tramp-steamer ready for boarding and seizure. Peter can not begin to deal with the reality that Walter killed Olivia. Bell is fairly amazed with that fact, as well. Very clever, old friend. If killing Olivia is something Walter has learned from his past dealings with William, then Walter has just paid an extremely steep price, indeed. Walter is prepared to kill Bell next, but William saunters over to the ship’s bell he has on display… and gives it a ring… the harmonic resonance of the bell, disrupts William Bell’s presence in this universe. Within seconds, he evaporates into the trans-dimensional ether and out of sight with the assurance – they would have been so happy in his new Eden. On the other side of the room, Peter is going through his own private Hell as he lays the woman he loves flat on her back – lifeless.


  Aboard the Talos, Walter moves quickly to fix what he may have broken permanently. Peter still hasn’t caught wind of Walter’s spontaneous plan to protect both universes from Bell’s extinction event… he is
<John> Quick Josh. Get That Dosing Pen Over There. She Is In Anna-phalactic Shock. I Never Knew She Had An Almond Allergy! < cast & crew giggle too loudly. CUT! reset >
just holding Olivia tight and fending off Walter’s attempt to move ahead with Phase Two – reviving the defunct Cortexi-goddess. Save her? You just killed her! Walter warns Peter that time is of the essence – and there is no room for his emotional naïveté. Peter remains obstinate and Walter delivers a good old fashioned slap across the face that demands immediate focus - get that letter opener over there and clear everything off the desk. Do it now! Finally, Peter gets it that Walter has more than Olivia’s assassination in mind. Walter picks Olivia up off the floor and carries her to Bell’s desk for some combat field surgery. He explains calmly to Peter that Olivia’s brain is so saturated with Cortexiphan, that if he can get the bullet
<insert own blonde joke here>
out quickly, before the regenerative effects of the drug wear-off, or the surrounding tissue calcifies – he will be able to save her. It's like the lemon cake (Brave New World, Part 1) in his lab that was laced with pig brain... it self-sealed shortly after he sliced it open. Peter balks at the next step where Walter takes the letter opener and starts shiving it into the back of Olivia’s skull, near her brain stem. He has to do it – he needs to establish an exit path for the lead slug that went in through her forehead. With entry and exit wounding pretty much aligned, Walter looks around and finds a briefing pointer for the next bit of indelicate surgery. He telescopes the pointer out and crimps it with his teeth to ensure it doesn’t retract. With the three foot aluminum shaft that was just in his mouth, Walter takes one end and inserts into Olivia’s entry wound like an arrow into a quiver. He fishes around looking for the bullet in her head, knowing full well that time is running out. If he succeeds, any damage he is doing currently should repair itself when the Cortexiphan kicks into high gear. Peter cringes as the metal probe squishes and squeaks inside his girlfriends’ skull, then grimaces when Walter finds the spent slug and drives it out the back of her skull with a solid rap from a desk stapler. The bloody, goop covered, bullet that ‘saved the world’ plinks onto Bell’s leather clad desk and Walter slinks the aluminum pointer from Olive’s noggin. With the sense of urgency gone… the Bishop men go into wait-and-see mode, hoping that Agent Dunham returns to the living. Peter is ready to give up after a half minute of excruciating emotional duress. Slowly, the wound in her forehead heals, and Olivia begins to show signs of vitality - and the lads are nearly reduced to tears as she does so. It worked! .
  On Capitol Hill, Senior Homeland Security Agent Phillip Broyles meets with a familiar colleague and gets the official word on Congressional actions following the incident with William Bell. Parked behind his desk,
You Know... I Brought The Grass Skirt And Coconut Shells Here To D.C. With Me
Senator Van Horn debriefs Broyles on the aftermath: assuming Bell remained in this universe, he has survived a worldwide manhunt and his unique menagerie of trans-genetic fauna has been put into deep cryo-freeze for future study -- plus -- Broyles' science squad will have full access to the specimens, as need be. Van Horn is grateful and shares the well wishes of the Oversight Committee that monitors and funds Fringe Division. The good news is that a significant increase in funding is being programmed for the operational and scientific resources that Broyles manages. The better news is that Agent Broyles' Reserve commission as Colonel is being upgraded too. The National Command Authority and DoD have decided to promote Broyles to Brigadier General, and on behalf of everyone, Van Horn assures Broyles that he has earned it. A proud handshake confirms it and closes the private meeting. Outside, waiting on the Capitol steps for Broyles, Nina Sharp is curious about the outcome of the meeting with the Senator as the two start to head-off together. Before he gets to the part about the promotion, Broyles tells Nina about the fully-funded Science Division he just inherited… too bad he doesn’t have anyone to put in charge of it, unless of course she wants to run it. The offer catches Nina by surpise, and tickles her funny-bone as she takes his arm. The thought of her working for him leaves them giggling like teenagers.
  In a moderately busy hallway through a Boston General Hospital ward, Peter sits and contemplates the day’s ordeal while Walter rests his eyes for a few minutes and postulates about Olivia’s condition. With all of the
<Peter> Doc. Ever Since Julie Jedi In There Made Me Beat That Jones Guy Up. My Leg Hurts When I Do This  <Doctor> Well Stop Doing That Then!
energy requirements
<thinking> I Bet If I Told Him I Licked Them All - He Would Want Them Even More
placed on her; powering Bell’s storm, jumping between dimensions and repairing her own damaged thinker… the Cortexiphan levels in her body are probably depleted to almost nil. Which means she won't be running around setting stuff on fire or doing other superhuman tricks like catching bullets and killing nanites. That doesn’t mean that her ability has vanished for good, just that her biological signature suggests dormancy – and relative normalcy for now. Still hurting from her gunshot wound and wearing her PJs, robe and slippers, Astrid finds the Bishops waiting in the corridor. She is curious to learn Olivia’s status… which they haven’t learned yet, either. How is Astrid? One word – uck. Olivia’s attending physician joins the trio with positive news – Agent Dunham is ready to go home. Peter makes a beeline to Olivia’s room and Astrid takes the opportunity to park her carcass in the warm seat he vacated and chat with Walter. Always the peacemaker, Astrid unsheathes a handful of red licorice whips for both of them to share. Walter gladly accepts the offering – and the best thing that has happened all day for him. He even manages to get her name correct when he thanks her.

You Two Were Standing There The Whole Time Listening? Please Tell Us You Weren't Lurking When We Conceived Our Little Nugget. <Walter> In This Timeline? ... Um... No
Let's See. What Does This Need? I Know - Anchovies Will Do Nicely - A PBJ&A


  Peter knocks on Olivia’s open door as she gathers herself for release from hospital care. He has something she might want to see – the realty section of the local paper. Their house-hunting efforts may have just paid-off. While he was waiting for the verdict on her health, Peter discovered a small, two-storied residence in nearby Brookline that fits the criteria they had in mind when they started looking to buy… it’s perfect, and just the correct dose of normal they’ve been longing for. Her smile says “well done”, but her demeanor suggests she has another, higher, priority she wants to vent first. Not reading her vibe, Peter reflects on what he has been hearing for quite a while now – the Observer’s prophetic, ‘in every version of the future, Olivia had to die’... which she accomplished in Spades today – but only for a few minutes. Peter never wants to lose her ever again, and seals the sentiment with a kiss on the cheek and a gentle hug. Peter just starts to read Olivia’s body language and can sense something is pressing her – what? Did the doctor tell her something that she is hesitant to reveal? Not exactly, but yes. She… Agent Olive Dunham, is very much – pregnant. Whew. The subtle excitement of the announcement spreads rapidly to the smiles on their faces, not to mention the two look-ie loo-s standing in the doorway. Viral smile syndrome quickly claims the faces of Astrid and Walter too as Olivia and Peter share the most romantic of pre-nuptial kisses.

  Late at night in his lab, Doctor Walter Bishop takes a break to satisfy his appetite with a toasted white bread PB&J sandwich. Softly whistling an infant’s lullaby, he perks up when he gets the impression he is not as alone as he thought he was. Not there for a snack of his own, Walter’s unannounced guest, September, stealthily appears a few feet away with another ominous prophecy – They are coming, we have to warn the others…. Who is coming?


Liv. You're A Federal Agent - So You Are Rich - Right? The House Is A Quarter Mil For Less Than A Thousand Square Feet. In The Alternate Universe That Would Be A Steal... Right?
Doctor Bishop. I Have Good News And Bad. The Bad News Is That My Colleagues Are Coming To Conquer Your Timeline. The Good News Is That The Only Reason We Are Shooting This Scene Is Because The Network Picked Us Up For An Abbreviated 5th Season Thanks To Kevin Reilly


"My Dear... you may have a different set of memories now, But, at heart, you're still the same girl I knew. You've always had incredible compassion. It was your capacity for feeling that made William and Walter so sure that you were the perfect candidate for The Trials. And I don't know what it is, but William must want -- no, he needs something from you. Something only you can provide." - Nina Sharp (to Olivia. perpetuating the maternal bond they've always share and reminding Olivia of her goodness, regardless of who has her marked for badness)

"For me, it's just a matter of time. The clock is ticking. Tick, tick, tick, tick. And that's when it occurred to me. You were right, Walter. Walter, you were right, right, right. Every rant you ever went on made perfect sense. Suddenly, I understood not just you - but everything. God made us in his image. If that is so, if we are capable of being Gods, then it is our destiny to do so." - William Bell (to Walter, justifying to the ∞Nth degree, the culmination of his lifes' work)

"The Committee would like to acknowledge the work you and your team have done in protecting the welfare of the people of this nation and the world. As such, we would like to grant your request for significant funding to upgrade your operational and scientific divisions. And thank you, Phillip, for keeping us all safe at night." - Senator Van Horn (to BGen selectee Broyles, with national security issue number one prioritized accordingly. unknowingly wise foresight considering The Purge of mid-November, 2015 is just 3&1/2 years away)


  • Talos. The name of Bell's ocean-going cargo vessel, Talos was a Greek god of myth that was more creative, and a better inventor, than his uncle, the god Daedalus
Cultural References
  • Star Wars. Peter references the iconic movie with the phrase "Jedi Mind Trick", referring to Olivia taking control of his movements in order to defeat Jones in physical battle (Brave New World, Part 1)
Continuity Errors
  • Placement. In the final act pregnancy announcement scene, Jackson's left hand is consistently on Torv's jowl in the two-shot looking over her shoulder at his face. In the reverse two-shot looking at her face, over his shoulder, his hand is no where near her jaw.


    The signage 'Eden' on the exterior of Bell's waterfront warehouse (Brave New World, Part 1) foreshadows the mission of Genesis that Bell undertakes with his modified creatures


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 2) Keep the questions open-ended and neutral: do not suggest an answer.

  • Did The Observer have prior knowledge that Walter, specifically, would have to kill Olivia, in this or any timeline, to prevent the collapsing of the universes?
  • Who is 'coming' that merits a visit by The Observer to Walter's lab to warn him personally?
  • Who are the 'Others' that The Observer tells Walter they need to warn?
  • After Olivia was eliminated as his power source, and he rang his ship's bell, where did William Bell 'evaporate' to?
    • If Bell didn't go anywhere, did he simply cease to be... erased from the timeline?
  • Does Bell have extended knowledge about the Observers, above and beyond that of the Fringe Task Force and Massive Dynamic?
  • Did Bell exploit future technology to create the Stasis Runes, much as Neil Chung (Making Angels) exploited the recovered Observer device from Reiden Lake?
    • If not, was the technology given to Bell to intentionally capture Observer's that might interfere with his grand scheme?
  • Is Bell's sole intention to create a new universe to satisfy his assumption that since he was created in God's image, it was his destiny to become God?
    • If not, what other objectives does he intend to accomplish beyond quelching his megalomania?


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Season 5 : Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11In AbsentiaThe RecordistThe Bullet That Saved The WorldAn Origin StoryThrough The Looking Glass And What Walter Found ThereFive-Twenty-TenThe Human KindBlack BlotterAnomaly XB-6783746The Boy Must LiveLibertyAn Enemy Of FateSeason 4 : Neither Here Nor ThereOne Night In OctoberAlone In The WorldSubject 9NovationAnd Those We've Left BehindWallflowerBack To Where You've Never BeenEnemy Of My EnemyForced PerspectiveMaking AngelsWelcome To WestfieldA Better Human BeingThe End Of All ThingsA Short Story About LoveNothing As It SeemsEverything In Its Right PlaceThe ConsultantLetters Of TransitWorlds ApartBrave New World, Part 1Brave New World, Part 2Season 3 : OliviaThe BoxThe PlateauDo Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?Amber 314226955 kHzThe AbductedEntradaMarionetteThe FireflyReciprocityConcentrate And Ask AgainImmortality6BSubject 13OsStowawayBloodlineLysergic Acid Diethylamide6:02 AM ESTThe Last Sam WeissThe Day We DiedSeason 2 : A New Day In The Old TownNight Of Desirable ObjectsFractureMomentum DeferredDream LogicEarthlingOf Human ActionAugustSnakeheadGrey MattersUnearthedJohari WindowWhat Lies BelowThe Bishop RevivalJacksonvillePeterOlivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.White TulipThe Man From The Other SideBrown BettyNorthwest PassageOver There, Part 1Over There, Part 2Season 1 : PilotThe Same Old StoryThe Ghost NetworkThe ArrivalPower HungryThe CureIn Which We Meet Mr. JonesThe EquationThe DreamscapeSafeBoundThe No-BrainerThe TransformationAbilityInner ChildUnleashedBad DreamsMidnightThe Road Not TakenThere's More Than One Of Everything