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Profession:  Special Agent, Department of Homeland Security Portrayed by:
Lance Reddick
Also Known As:  Colonel (retired/reserve military rank), Phil
Family:  Diane (ex-wife), "kids"
Connections:  Nina Sharp, Sanford Harris, Senator Van Horn, Patricia Van Horn
Status:  Alive
Remarks:  Secretly assisting The Resistance against The Observers
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Phillip Broyles is a Special Agent-in-Charge with the Department of Homeland Security. He leads the Fringe Division, a multi-agency task force with an overt mission of identifying, investigating and solving the expanding number of science-related crimes that have amassed over the past few years.


  Besides leading Fringe Division, Broyles reports to an Oversight Committee, a group involved in the highly classified investigation of The Pattern. He selected the members of the Science Team to assist in this endeavor. Initially somewhat reluctant to share information with Olivia, Broyles has been impressed with the results of her work and has come to trust her abilities, even to the point of considering her a "superstar" according to Sanford Harris (Bound).

  In The Ghost Network, Broyles hands over a high-tech micro-disk to Nina that was recovered during the investigation, telling her "I'm sure you can understand why I don't want to go through channels". In Safe, Broyles confronts her, practically accusing her of being behind Olivia's abduction.

  Broyles appears to maintain a close business relationship with Nina Sharp, a member of the Oversight Committee and Chief Operating Officer of Massive Dynamic, but the full nature of their relationship is unclear, following a quick, somewhat romantic, kiss on the lips outside of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. (A New Day In The Old Town).

  In Earthling, he travels to his ex-wife's home to inform her that he has finally closed the case he obsessed over, four years early. The case contributed significantly to the detriment of their marriage, and ultimately to their divorce. Diane seemed happy for him, assumed he wanted to see their children and invited him in for dinner. Phillip chose not to stay after her current male-friend greeted him. Broyles departs and is intercepted by a CIA colleague in the dark street. Broyles is reminded that he has a real friend in Oversight Committee member, Senator Van Horn, plus, there isn't going to be any report on the cosmonaut - essentially, What happened in planetary orbit - stays in planetary orbit.


"Someone out there's experimenting, only using the whole world as their lab." - (to Olivia, tempting her investigative juices with the 'Pattern') (Pilot)

"Let's just say this treatment doesn't fall under an HMO." - (to Olivia, watching Nina have her robot arm and Kevlar ribs repaired) (There's More Than One Of Everything)

"I've been called to Washington tomorrow. The efficacy of the Division is being questioned. I've been informed that our failure to deliver any useable results is unacceptable." - (to Peter, in a quiet bar as they raise a glass to Olivia in ICU and contemplate the potential standdown of the team) (A New Day In The Old Town)

"Five years ago, I got called to a crime scene outside the city, and I saw Etta for the first time. And, even though she was turned away from me, I could have sworn I was looking at you. It wasn't until I told her who I was that she admitted the truth, that she was your daughter. Once I knew, I had her transferred into my section. I had a mind I was gonna look after her, but she taught me. She recruited me in the Resistance, taught me how to block them from reading my thoughts." - (to the Rogue science Team, catching-up after two decades apart) (The Bullet That Saved The World)

"Windmark is letting me lead them to you. I'll lead them around as long as I can. But it's only a matter of time before they realize I'm not leading them to you. If I’m caught, they'll read me. I can protect my thoughts, but there's only so long that'll last." - (phone call to Olivia, certain of his own fate after he unwittingly provided evidence of his guilt with the sonic residue from his previous phone conversation) (An Enemy Of Fate)

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  • Why did Homeland Security and Congress select him to lead the Fringe Division?
  • In what branch of the military did he serve?
    • Was his continuing rank of Colonel granted as a result full-retirement, or was he a member of the Reserves and reactivated as needed?
  • Did he and Nina have an intimate personal relationship?
    • If so, was that the reason he and the mother of his children divorced in the original timeline?
  • Did he know/suspect the presence of an alternate universe before Olivia and Walter joined the team?
  • Did he know/suspect that Observers were time-travellers before Olivia and Walter joined the team?


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