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Profession:  Drives a supply truck for a furniture company Portrayed by:
Chadwick Boseman
Also Known As:  Mark Little
Family:  Cameron - father
Connections:  Olive, Walter Bishop
Cortexiphan Test subjects
Seen In:  Subject 9
Status:  Active Powers That Influence Electromagnetic Fields
Remarks:  Former Cortexiphan Test Subject

Cameron James is one of the Jacksonville Cortexiphan Test subjects treated in the adjusted Season 4 timeline .


  • James changed his name to Mark Little because he was ashamed of his father,
    1985 Assessment At Age Ten
    mostly because Cameron James, his father, had signed him up for Cortexiphan experiments solely so he could access the trust fund that was made available for the tested children - then purchase recreational drugs for his own use.
  • The records from the Cortexiphan testing shows that Walter's assessment of the ten year-old James had him proficient in Etheric Projection abilities, which was serving as a solid foundation for the youngster's Astral projection skills. At the time, it appeared the pre-adolescent James wasn't extending his abilities beyond that of his peer group.
  • Walter recalls that James was the only test subject that had the ability to generate the type of phenomena that manifested itself in Olivia's apartment. With Olivia, Walter leaves his lab for the first time in three years and locates James' residence. James attempts to flee, then realizes he is dealing with the scientist that changed his life with experimental drugs.
  • Initially reluctant to assist Walter's science team, James recalls his friendship with Olivia and tags along to see what he can offer after the phenomena approaches the three of them - and it is obvious he is not responsible for the Fringe occurrence.
  • Approached another time by the entity haunting Olivia, James focuses his Cortexiphan powers in an attempt to destroy the entity. Olivia realizes that isn't the best course of action and stops Cameron from completing his effort. Once the electro-magnetic foci is released by James, Peter Bishop finishes his trans-dimensional journey into the present timeline - popping to the surface at Reiden Lake and into an existence that has thought him dead for more than two and a half decades.


"You realize just what you did to me? If you had given me some special power, that'd be one thing. Maybe I'd be special. Or at least I'd be useful. Or if you'd just left me alone, I could have been normal, have a normal life with normal friends. Instead, I'm neither. I'm just a freak. Can you understand what that's like?" - (to Walter, angered to the core at the devastating impact of Cortexiphan testing on his life)

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