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Profession:  Drives a supply truck for a furniture company Portrayed by:
Chadwick Boseman
Also Known As:  Mark Little
Connections:  Olive
Seen In:  Subject 9
Status:  Active Powers That Influence Electromagnetic Fields
Remarks:  Former Cortexiphan Test Subject

Cameron James is one of the Jacksonville Cortexiphan test subjects treated in the adjusted Season 4 timeline .

[edit] About

He changed his name to Mark Little because he was ashamed of his father.

[edit] Quotes

"You realize just what you did to me? If you had given me some special power, that'd be one thing. Maybe I'd be special. Or at least I'd be useful. Or if you'd just left me alone, I could have been normal, have a normal life with normal friends. Instead, I'm neither. I'm just a freak. Can you understand what that's like?" - Cameron James (to Walter, revealing the devastating impact of Cortexiphan testing on his life)

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