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Profession:  Student Portrayed by:
Jennifer Missoni
Family:  Parents (killed in 1989 earthquake)
Connections:  August (Character)
Seen In:  August
Status:  Shaken By Abduction
Remarks:  $2,700 in her bank account.

Christine Hollis is abducted by August in August.


  • Christine Hollis is studying a Masters Program for Fine Arts at the Boston University. In attempt to save her from a plane crash (Tropos Air Flight 821) headed to Rome, August abducts her. To correct the mistake of August, Donald Long is sent to kill Christine Hollis. August confessed that he felt the love towards Christine and she is made important because of August's death.
  • August had been observing Christine Hollis for many years. In fact, she was rescued by the observer in a tragic earthquake event in 1989, where her parents died in the car when the bridge collapsed. Christine Hollis has no siblings.
  • Christine Hollis takes sculpture classes with her friend Danielle. She has $2,700 in her bank account.
  • According to her FBI file, Christine was born on 13 February 1982. At the time of her abduction she is 27 years old.


"So who was he? How am I supposed to make sense of any of this? Him - the plane - the guy who came after us." (Confused about what had happened)

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  • What did August see that made her important?


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