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Profession:  Typical Student Portrayed by:
Curtis Harris
Also Known As:  Chris
Family:  Colonel Broyles - (father), Diane Broyles - (mom), Sister - (name not mentioned)
Connections:  Wyatt Toomy, David Robert Jones
First Seen:  The Abducted
Last Seen:  The Consultant
Status:  Enjoying popularity in sports and with Stacy
Remarks:  Takes his injection before bed

Son of Philip and Diane Broyles in the alternate universe.


  Christopher was abducted by The Candy Man, a serial kidnapper, when he was younger. His "youth" was medically depleted, causing a multitude of side-effects including profound blindness. He is currently trying to recover from the biological aftermath of his abduction and the dim memories of the terrifying event. Christopher seems very interested in Agent Dunham's work, but is reluctant to recollect his abduction.

  The information he was willing to share helped locate another victim, Max Clayton, and the abuser, Wyatt Toomy. Reverend Marcus attempted to abduct Chris in his home once the conspiracy was exposed.

  In the adjusted Season 4 timeline, David Jones is providing his father with a serum that reduces Chris's medical symptoms and/or heals him. Chris is thriving socially.


"I always remember the smell first. It's musty, like our attic. He comes to the room wearing a mask to check on that thing stuck in my neck. It feels like... it's stealing my energy. I'm so tired. I feel sick. " - (to Olivia, recalling the nightmares he has about his kidnapping and physical abuse) (The Abducted)

"Okay. So today at recess a bunch of the guys were playing hitball. And when they started picking the teams, I got picked first." . . . seconds later . . . "Yeah, so Stacy, this girl in my class, told Danny that she likes me. Can you believe that? Dad, no one's ever liked me." - (to his Dad. delighted in his new found health and popularity. completely unaware of the highly treasonable alliance Colonel Broyles had to form with master vermin David Robert Jones to resurrect his depleted and fading son)

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