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Profession:  Murderer (harvesting brain) Portrayed by:
Derek Cecil
Family:  Claus Penrose (possible father)
Connections:  Previously sought by Olivia and John Scott
Seen In:  The Same Old Story
Death Episode:  The Same Old Story
Status:  Deceased. Rapid-onset Progeria

Christopher Penrose entices young women, then sedates them to perform a living autopsy on their brains - removing the pituitary gland in order to maintain his youth.


  • In her early days at the FBI, Agent Olivia Dunham, partnered with John Scott, had investigated a series of murders in New York and New Jersey that resembled the horrific actions taken by Christopher. In the original murders, five women were taken each time.
  • Rapidly Aged Christopher Penrose
    Christopher kills in order to stop his aging. Starting by giving his victims a muscle relaxant, he then makes an incision in his victim's gums, pulls the gums up to their eyes, and removes a piece of their brain.
  • Thwarted by Dunham and Peter Bishop in a third abduction, Christopher fled his makeshift biopsy area and aged to death before Dunham's eyes. In his 'death-bed confession', he shared that Dr. Penrose should have let him die a long time ago - a blind mistake because he loved Christopher.
  • Although he is listed as a Penrose here... he has never officially been referenced as a Penrose on the show. He referred to Dr. Claus Penrose as — "the man I called my father".
  • Part of the associated storyline for Christopher involves the rapid cloning, growth and aging of young men to peak physical condition, to satisfy military objectives. It is unlikely that this version of Christopher is the same individual that perpetrated the serial murders when Dunham first joined the FBI, at the beginning of her career... years ago.


"He should have let me die - a long time ago. I'm not... I... I was an experiment. Someone... someone paid him. The man I called my father. He should have let me die. That was his mistake. But he was blinded... Because he loved me. He loved me." - (last words to Olivia, before dying of old age)

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  • At the end of The Same Old Story we see three men in beds/chambers... were they clones of one another, or Christopher?
  • How long had Dr. Penrose loved Christopher, keeping him alive beyond his designed genetic limitations?


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