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Profession:  Astrophysicist Portrayed by:
Randall Duk Kim
Family:  Wife (murdered by him)
Connections:  Walter Bishop (friend), Joanne Ostler (abductor)
Seen In:  The Equation

Dashiell Kim is a patient at St. Claire's Hospital.


  • Dashiell Kim is an astrophysicist who was abducted for a week, then had a psychotic break when he returned and killed his wife with a tire iron. He is institutionalized at St. Claire's Hospital, where he was at the same time as Doctor Walter Bishop, and is classified as criminally insane with knowledge of state secrets. During his abduction, he was subjected to treatments designed to extract from his brain the solution to an equation he had been obsessed with. This equation is equivalent to the musical piece composed by Ben Stockton in The Equation.
  • Dashiell Kim is the head of the Astrophysics Department at the University of Massachusetts, before he went missing in May 2006.
  • He had a sideline consulting the defense contract for JPL.


  • None of it was real. She hurt me. She put me in a dungeon. She filled my mind with images of the people I loved... and then tortured them ripping them apart all the while trying to suck the answers she wanted out of my head. But I couldn't - I couldn't give her what she wanted. - (to Walter, revealing his the torture of his abduction)


  • He misses Walter's jokes and stories.
  • Walter Bishop claims he remembers Dashiell Kim telling him a story about a woman who put him to sleep with a Christmas tree and then took him away.

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  • Did Kim have parts of his brain removed, like Walter, to hide the advanced science he knew?


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