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Profession:  Senior Observer Portrayed by:
Eugene Lipinski.jpg
Eugene Lipinski
Connections:  Science Observers
First Seen:  August
Seen In:  9 of 100 episodes
Last Seen:  An Enemy Of Fate
Death Episode:  An Enemy Of Fate

December is the senior operative of the advance science team of Observers sent from the future to direct/redirect current affairs.


  • In August, he eats with the other Observers while condemning August for his actions. He tells August that his oversight in saving Christine Hollis will be forgiven, and contacts assassin Donald Long to eliminate the young woman. He also appears at the amusement park where Olivia and Ella are riding a rollercoaster.
  • In Peter, he exits a movie theater with August in 1985 in the alternate universe, and is informed by The Observer that Walternate Bishop was accidentally distracted from finding a cure for the Peter.
  • In The Firefly, he initially does not believe that Walter has changed but was proven otherwise by The Observer.
  • In The Day We Died, he stares at the Statue of Liberty with a group of Observers and confirms to The Observer that he was right that they do not remember Peter.
  • In Neither Here Nor There, he hands a metallic bar with ridges to his colleague The Observer and reminded him of his mission to ensure that they should not know that the boy lived to be a man.
  • In Making Angels, he enters Neil Chung's home with March to identify and recover the time-viewing device lost at Reiden Lake.
  • In The End Of All Things, he meets with three of his colleagues and informs them that September will pay the consequences for his oversight.
  • In Liberty, he is approached by September for a favor.
  • In An Enemy Of Fate, he is tasked by September to travel from 2036 AD into the future and return with a Core Initiator that will trigger a wormhole in the plan to defeat the Observers. On return, he is cornered by Windmark's men and eliminated permanently.


"Look how happy she is. It's a shame things are about to get so hard for her" - to The Observer (watching as Ella and Olivia enjoy the thrill of a nearby rollercoaster) (August)

"When we first came, when we started to experience emotive development by being in this era, we agreed, the twelve of us, to speak nothing of it. You lost control, as did August." to September (about experiencing emotions) (An Enemy Of Fate)

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