Donald Long

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Profession:  Assassin Portrayed by:
Paul Rae
Connections:  Observers
Seen In:  August
Death Episode:  August
Status:  Deceased

Donald Long is an assassin utilized by the parliament of Observers.


  • Donald long is contacted on a communication device by The Observer and receives a printed image of Christine Hollis, his next target. While attempting to kill her, Long is confronted by August, who succeeds in protecting Hollis. Peter shoots Long with August's pulse-gun as Olivia shoots at him with her pistol. Long dies falling from the motel roof he was standing on when shot.
  • In a debriefing, Broyles tells Olivia that the gun recovered from Donald Long is linked to six unsolved homicides on the East Coast in the last ten years.


"What are you doing? Tell me where she is. Just tell me where she is. You know I'm just trying to do my job. I have no quarrel with you." - (to August, determined to achieve the objective demanded by his time-travelling employers. (August) )

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