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Profession:  Unknown Portrayed by:
Orla Brady
Family:  Walter Bishop, husband -- Peter Bishop, son
Seen In:  5 of 100 episodes
Alternate Version    

Elizabeth Bishop is from the Parallel Universe.
Mother & Son Reunited


  • In Peter, Elizabeth's birth-son Peter was abducted by Walter posing as the real father of the boy in the Parallel Universe. Elizabeth even helped the boy get dressed believing that his father was taking him to his lab as he had found a cure for his disease.
  • After more than twenty years, she was reunited with Peter (Over There, Part 1). They talked about Peter's childhood and his life on the other side. She delivered the blueprint of the Wave Sink Device to Peter, as instructed by Secretary Bishop.
  • In Subject 13, she was the strong one in her relationship with Walter. She constantly reminded her husband not to drown himself with alcohol and to stop drilling about with the kidnapping incident. She pleaded him not to return to work, and to fix their marriage, of which neither happened. After learning the whereabouts of his son, Secretary Bishop called Elizabeth to inform her about the news.
  • In the adjusted
    Defending Her Long Lost Son
    timeline (Back To Where You've Never Been), she is intercepted in her house by Peter. Thinking she is being robbed, she offers what money she has to him. As he attempts to explain his intrusion, Elizabeth intuitively knows that she is talking to a grown version of the child she lost. She insists on helping him with his quest, and adamantly demands that the security personnel responding to her domestic alarm take Peter to Liberty Island. She escorts Peter and arranges his introduction to Secretary Bishop.
  • In Enemy Of My Enemy she asks Secretary Bishop if he had looked at the Wave Sink Device to see if it could return Peter home. She cross to this universe to try and convince Walter to help Peter get back to his timeline.


"Over the years, my husband has opened my mind to things that I never thought possible. And still, I never thought that... but as soon as I looked into your eyes, I knew. They, um... they told me that you died... the night that you were taken from me." - to Peter (sharing delight in having reunited with her grown, formerly dead, son)

"I know. I know, Walter. I spend every waking moment imagining where he is... what he's doing. And I pray that wherever he is, he's safe... that someone's taking good care of him... and that someday, by some miracle, I will get to see him again. But until that miracle happens, I can't break. I need to be here for him. We need to be here for him. " - to Secretary Bishop (on the resolve she champions in the shared loss of their only child)

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  • Does she suspect/endorse her husband's extramarital affair? (Immortality)
Confronting A Philanderer?


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