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Profession:  Student Portrayed by:
Lily Pilblad
Also Known As:  Ella Jae ... probably for Ella J. (by Rachel),
Ella Dunham (2026. either as Olivia's adoptee or a return to Rachel's maiden name following divorce)
Family:  Rachel - mother,
Olivia - aunt,
Greg Blake - father (unseen),
Eddie - brother (adjusted timeline. unseen),
Peter Bishop - uncle (Olivia's husband),
Uncle Walter - mentor (Olivia's father-in-law),
Henrietta Bishop - cousin,
Marilyn Dunham - grandmother (unseen. Olivia's birth mom)
Connections:  Mitchell Loeb, Brian Dempsey, Astrid Farnsworth
Seen In:  11 of 100 episodes

  • In Bound, she and Rachel arrive to spend time with Aunt Olivia at her Boston apartment.
    Olivia and Ella enjoy a roller coaster ride
    Sensing she may never see Aunt Liv again
    Emily Meade as Ella in The Day We Died
  • In The No-Brainer, she plays on a laptop computer while her mother Rachel is busy in the kitchen. She downloads a program that intends to liquify her brain, but is safe after Olivia and Peter race to the apartment and thwart the murder attempt. Like her mother, she enjoys the friendship that Peter offers her.
  • In The Transformation, she finds her way into Olivia's clothing and make-up for a game of 'dress-up'.
  • In Inner Child, she wakes Olivia, not Rachel, early in the morning for a warm cuddle and some pancakes. When Olivia returns to her apartment, after solving the case, Ella engages her in a game of Simon Says - and wins.
  • In Unleashed, she curls-up with Olivia for a bedtime story.
  • In Bad Dreams, she is concerned about her pending vaccination - where they put something dead in her blood. Later, after Olivia solves the case, Ella awakens and shares that what they put in her, is alive again. Olivia settles her down with the reassurance that it is just a bad dream.
  • In Midnight, she plays with a boy her age, Graham, as Rachel chats with the boys' parents about getting Ella in to the school Graham attends.
  • In August, she enjoys time alone with Olivia, who takes her to an amusement park for ride a roller coaster. December and The Observer watch the duo ride the coaster and December comments on how happy she is. He adds that "It is a shame things are about to get so hard for her". Who he is specifically referring to, Ella or Olivia, is not clear.
  • In Brown Betty, she goes with Olivia to the Harvard Lab, where Astrid and Walter babysit her. Walter tells her a fairy tale while he is high on his own concoction of drugs, which he titled "Brown Betty".
  • In Over There, Part 1, Olivia gives her a necklace that had belonged to Olivia's mother. Ella shares the gifting with Rachel, raising concern about Olivia's return.
  • In Amber 31422, Olivia calls her on her 7th birthday during sensory-deprivation experimentation. Suggesting Ella was born in early Fall of 2003.
  • In Bloodline, it appears the parallel universe version of Ella died along with her mother during labor. Though not mentioned by name, Ella would have been alt-Rachel's likely name of choice following parallel naming protocols established for alternate characters.
  • In The Day We Died, adult Ella Dunham is promoted to Fringe Agent in the second week of May, 2026. Olivia is her boss and she tends to Walter much like Astrid did a decade and a half earlier. She has suffered great loss since her childhood and remembers little of the lab other than the cow with kind eyes. She accepts the flag for the family at Olivia's funeral. →
Adjusted Background
  • Ella and younger brother, Eddie, live with their still married parents in Chicago.
"Monsters aren't real, right?" - (to Olivia. slightly concerned at the real possibility. (Unleashed) )

"They put something dead inside you. Dead! Into your blood. Gruesome!" - (to Olivia. about her pending vaccinations (Bad Dreams) )

"Are you kidding? That's not a proper ending. Don't you know? All good stories start with 'once upon a time', and they end with 'happily ever after'. You don't know how to tell stories." - (to Walter. laying down the law and setting him straight on the most basic kid paradigm in any universe. (Brown Betty) )

"But you can't. There aren't any happy endings nowadays, are there?" - (to Walter. about his desire to go back in time and make different choices. as an adult and active FRINGE Agent in the dysfunctional future timeline following the collapse of the alternate universe and the assassination of Olivia. childhood paradigm shattered. (The Day We Died) )

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  • How did Ella survive the predatory computer program in The No-Brainer?
  • Is December commenting about Ella (August) when he states -- "It is a shame things are about to get so hard for her"?
    • If so, will Ella play a role in the "coming conflict"?
    • If not, in what ways will things get hard for her?
    • Were the two lurking Observers witnessing an important event in history associated with Ella?


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