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Profession:  Serial Killer Portrayed by:
Tobias Segal
Also Known As:  U-Gene (U-nknown GENE-tic disorder)
Connections:  Dr. Blake West, Teresa Jaffe, RN, Kelvin Genetics, Julie
Seen In:  Wallflower
Death Episode:  Wallflower
Remarks:  Died From Genetic Reversal To Post-Natal State


  • Bryant murdered citizens in his neighborhood to harvest their pigmentation with his chromotaphoric skin cells. His ability to visually blend into the background was a result of more than a decade of testing as a child to satisfy military research being conducted by Kelvin Genetics, and later, Massive Dynamic.
  • It is alleged that the lab he was harbored in had burned down a decade earlier and that he died during that event. Recent murders show that he has been living among the visible in order to gain social acceptance and human contact. His life from infancy has left left him socially awkward and longing for inter-action.
  • His makeshift lab in the bowels of the Elmwood Apartment complex permitted him to steal trinkets from those he has been watching while cornering the occassional rival with fatal violence to take the pigmentation he needs to self-administer and ensure his continued visibility. The side effect is that he has regressed to the genetic state he suffered as a newborn. The fatal genetic disorder takes his life shortly after he makes the social connection he was striving for.
  • He is only visible in his natural state when illuminated with Ultra-Violet lighting.


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