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Profession:  DEA Undercover Portrayed by:
Mira Tzur
Family:  Estranged Brother
Connections:  DEA, Grant Davidson
Seen In:  The Ghost Network
Death Episode:  The Ghost Network

Evelina Mendoza is an undercover DEA agent.


  • Her DEA handler was Grant Davidson. Mendoza was killed on a bus because she was carrying a secret chip, which was thought to be in her backpack, but was actually implanted in her hand.
  • Mendoza requested extraction from a dangerous undercover operation and had a high-tech microchip implanted in the palm of her hand. She was in a midtown-Boston commuter bus at 8:14 AM, when a fellow passenger released a contaminant that solidified the air in the bus. Initial responders to the bus incident were worried it was a bio-terrorism attack, until the CDC confirmed that the attack was not biological in nature.
  • Dr. Walter Bishop remarked that Agent Mendoza, and the others onboard the bus, seemed like “mosquitoes trapped in amber”. Peter Bishop commented that “the attackers wanted attention”. All of the bags and backpacks of the commuters were collected by the attacker. Agent Dunham noted that Mendoza originally had a backpack, but that it was not on the bus after the attack.
  • Agent Broyles testifies that Agent Mendoza was an exemplary agent. He added that, whoever attacked the bus might be interested in what Agent Mendoza was carrying. According to Agent Davidson, Agent Mendoza had been investigating the East Coast faction of a Nicaraguan drug cartel, a cartel that had recently become aware of The Pattern. He added that he had been tasked to officially identify the body of Agent Mendoza. On the subject of 'next-of-kin', Davidson replied that Mendoza had a brother - that she did not talk to.
  • Davidson stated that he did not know how emotionally difficult it was going to be to identify Mendoza’s body. Dunham replied that she knew how hard it was... when you’re working closely with someone, referring to her love interest, Agent John Scott. Davidson secretly cut an amber-colored microchip from the hand of the dead Mendoza after entering the morgue to identify her body.
  • Nina Sharp said that there was an attack similar to the one on the commuter bus that killed Mendoza and that it occurred in Prague, and that there were fewer casualties.
  • Broyles told Dunham that he thinks Davidson works for the same people who attacked the bus that Mendoza was on.

The commuter bus attackers appear to speak fluent Latin whenever they utilized the Ghost Network.

The task force determined that Matthew Ziegler killed Mendoza and that he had been identified in two other ‘’Pattern-related’’ cases.

Service Record Profile

Name: Special Agent Evelina Mendoza
Dossier File: Federal Employee Records Office EM
United States Department of Justice - Drug Enforcement Agency
Years of Service: Six
Assignments, most recent first.

- Special Agent Boston Field Division - Undercover Investigations - 3 yrs
- Special Agent, Boston Mobile Enforcement Unit - 2 yrs
- Assistant Agent, Boston Field Division - 1 yr
Service Record
Agent Dossier


Original casting references had the character as Anna Jiminez.

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