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Title Card
FRINGE is the North American science-fiction-drama television series that follows FBI Agent Olivia Dunham, Consultant Peter Bishop and science explorer extraordinaire Doctor Walter Bishop as they search for clues to the series of bizarre and horrific crimes inflicted on the world. The world that we know.

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Seasonal Title Sequences

Season 5 opening sequence lists these fringe sciences:

Community   Joy   Individuality
Eduaction   Imagination   Private Thought
Due Process   Ownership   Free Will

Season 4 opening sequence lists these fringe sciences:

Existence   Quantum Entanglement   Philosopher's Stone
Psychometry   Viral Therapy   Ethereal Plane
Gravitons   Time Paradox   Psychogenisis
Bilocation   Psychic Surgery   Transgenics

Season 3 finale sequence lists fringe sciences from 15 years in the future:

Cellular Rejuvenation   Thought Extraction   Cryptozoology
Neural Partitioning   Brain Porting   Temporal Plasticity
Dual Maternity   Chaos Structure   Clonal Transplantation
Water   Biosuspension   Hope

Season 3 opening sequence lists fringe sciences for both universes:

Wormholes   Singularity   Speciation
Synesthesia   Transhumanism   Pandemic
Reanimation   Neural Network   Telepathy
Transcendence   Retrocognition   Biotechnology

Season 2 opening sequence lists fringe sciences:

Hypnosis   ESP   Hive Mind
Neuroscience   Cryonics   Pyrokinesis
Clairaudience   Parallel Universes   Mutation
Protoscience   Astral Projection   Genetic Engineering

Season 1 opening sequence lists many "fringe" sciences:

Suspended Animation   Artificial Intelligence   Cybernetics
Psychokinesis   Transmogrification   God
Teleportation   Precognition   Dark Matter
Reanimation   Nanotechnology   Genetic Engineering
  • J.J. Abrams composed the theme music for FRINGE.

Variations of Opening Splash

Original Sequence

Represents the episodes that are set in this universe. It has blue shading/tinting as the main color.

Retro Sequence

First used in Peter to represent 1985. It is retro-styled in a popular font of the time and lists the fringe sceinces that were cutting edge at the time. Some of those fields of study have since become mainstream, some were disproved and others forgotten. The musical score was altered as well.

Season 2 episode Peter showed a unique retro opening sequence: (circa 1985)
Personal Computing   Cold Fusion   Cloning
DNA Profiling   Nanotechnology   Invisibility
Genetic Engineering   Laser Surgery   Stealth Technology
In Vitro Fertilization   Virtual Reality  
Red Sequence
Alternate Title Card

First appeared in episode Over There, Part 1 and used in episodes set primarily in the Parallel Universe. This opening splash is similar to Original splash except red color is used. One fringe science listed in the splash --"Parallel Universes"-- was replaced with the phrase "First People"

Shifting Sequence

Appeared in Entrada to represent the fact that episode features both universes equally. It is similar to the "original" splash, but shifts colors from blue to red and back several times.

Gray Sequence
Alternate Title Card

Appeared in episode The Day We Died. It is similar to the Original splash, but is monochrome gray. It features different disciplines, representing that the episode takes place in the future, but also features simple concepts like water and hope.

Yellow Sequence
Alternate Title Card

First appeared in Neither Here Nor There and used in episodes set in the altered timeline.

Oppression Sequence
Alternate Title Card

Appeared in Letters Of Transit. It is unique in that none of the traditional glyphs, or extreme sciences, are displayed. It uses a bleak, metallic-blue ice, filter and is nearly monochromatic. Imagery includes a collapsing local universe, firing brain synapes, thousands of individuals facing one direction and concertina wire spanning the horizon. It represents a future in which conformity is expected and concepts like freedom, free will and individuality are 'fringe thinking'.