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Forced Perspective
Season: 4 Episode: 10
Air Date: 27 January 2012
Written by: Ethan Gross
Directed by: David Solomon
Starring: Main Characters
Guest Cast: Alexis Raich as Emily Mallum
Currie Graham as Jim Mallum

Patrick Spencer as Bob Englehart
Tammy Hui as Jayne Reynar
Meredith McGeachie as Diane Mallum
Dylan Schmid as Danny Mallum
Ian Thompson as Bus Driver
Jonathan Walker as Albert Duncan
Joe Costa as Superintendant
Kelly Kono as Court Clerk
Toby Levins as Bomb Tech
John Innes as Judge O'Malley
Marc Gaudet as Boston PD

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Previously: Enemy Of My Enemy
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Forced Perspective is the tenth episode of the fourth season of FRINGE. It first aired on January 27th, 2012. A young teen is unable to stop the visions she has of pending fatal events. She catches the attention of the science team and is able to stop a mass casualty event just before it occurs. Olivia grows wary of the ominous warning she received from The Observer, as Peter's insights allow him to take the lead in the investigation.


  In a secure research room in the Boston Federal Building, Phillip Broyles walks Olivia Dunham around the scores of posted images of bald men that have been captured on film at pivotal events. The Fringe Task Force has been looking at these people for three years - why did they just now make contact with Olivia? The blood she recovered, and had Astrid check, shows trace antibodies for the 1919 Spanish Flu epidemic... that would make the man a minimum of ninety-one years old. Broyles is concerned for Olivia's safety and wants to assign her a security detail. Olivia doesn't believe she is under any threat from the mysterious visitor. Her impression is that he was just there
Bob. Should Have Weaved
in the Brooklyn opera house to warn her.
  On a busy urban street in Boston, Emily Mallum sits and sketches in a quiet alcove as the world passes her by. Suddenly, she becomes alarmed as her hearing starts to hum and her blood pressure rises. She quickly flips to a fresh sheet in her drawing binder as her hand transfers her vision to paper. She searches the crowd for anything familiar and finds the focal point of her drawing. She makes a quick correction to the image, loads her backpack, then races to intercept two yuppies before they get too far away. Emily catches-up and hands the man the drawing she created less than a minute earlier. Jayne wants to know if Bob knows the young lady that stopped him and gave him the drawing. He does not, but the drawing shows some talent - at least in a sick, twisted, depressing teenager sort of way. She must be going through some sort of stage. As the two verbally resolve their brief encounter with Emily, the foreman at a construction site just ahead warns of a potential safety hazard. The large metal construction beam being hoisted high above has become loose. The beam falls and impales Bob, kabobing him against the side of a trash dumpster. In shock, and covered in Bob's blood splatter, Jayne looks at the drawing that was handed to them... the drawing that exactly depicts the scene with Bob's impaled corpse.


  In Walter's Lab, Peter and Walter begin their new
Okay. Olivia, Go Deep Out. Walter, Slant Left. Astrid, Outlet Right. On Three...
era of détente and work fervently to devise a method to allow Peter to operate the Wave Sink Device and return to his timeline. Walter suggests that a biomechanical interface calibrated specifically to Peter's DNA may allow him to operate the machine. Olivia joins the group to confirm that Walter actually changed his mind and decided to help Peter. Not catching Olivia's subtle jibe, Walter whole-heartedly assures Olivia that his new project with Peter will not interfere with his usual work in any way. Olivia will have his full attention whenever she asks for it. Well maybe not his 'full' attention... his urinary tract is on the fritz from the multiple electric shocks he has already suffered this morning. Walter heads-off for a little preemptive bladder maintenance and Olivia takes a cell call from Agent Lee. Lee is at the accident scene with the impaled pedestrian and has the details about the warning drawing the man received prior to his death. Olivia's mind immediately goes to her encounter with the Observer in the opera house, and his warning of death. A bald male? No - Lee's suspect is the opposite of what Olivia was thinking... a teenage girl. The coworker of ka-Bob thinks that she can identify the young artist if she saw her again... and the local surveillance cameras can help with that.
  Emily Mallum returns to the new family apartment after an afternoon of hanging-out on the Boston streets with her sketch pad and backpack. Her mom, Diane, reminds her of the family rules. She needs to call when she is going to be out so long. Emily plops down on the couch next to her brother, Danny,
She Sees The Place - Just Not The Face
just as her father, Jim, finds his way through the front door just in time for dinner. Guess what? The new Dad in town found a job and starts tomorrow. Later, after Emily has retired to her room, she starts to hear a strange hum and sound - like the sound she heard before the construction accident. She jumps when her father sneaks into the room behind her and covers her eyes with his hands. Emily has been drawing again. Her father thinks that the forested clearing next to a small body of water in her sketch looks like the view at the old lake house. A place they miss because of the excessive relocating the family has to do. It's tiring, and Emily feels bad that it is all because of her. Jim doesn't mind - as long as the family is together, they will endure the hardship. Emily wants to know why God made her the way she is. The best that Dad can do is remind his daughter that God has a purpose for all of us. Even if we can't understand what that purpose is. At least her unique ability has not surfaced recently. Time for bed.
  In the Fringe Task Force Situation Room, Olivia sits at her workstation, studies the fatalistic drawing from the accident scene and reflects on her own situation - the disturbing warning she was given. Broyles approaches, looking for an update on the investigation. Have they identified the teenager that drew the image? No, but Agent
Concerned About Fate And Migraines
Lee is with the witness and they are reviewing security footage from the area around the accident. Broyles studies his lead agent and pulls-up a chair for a chat. Health Services has contacted him and reported that she has been in three times in the last month. Olivia tells him about her recent migraine headaches - she needs a prescription. She changes the subject and wants to talk about what has happened recently. Does he believe in fate. Agent Broyles does not. Neither did she, but how is it the day after a complete stranger tells her she is going to die, she ends-up investigating a case where a death was predicted? Her supervisor sees her honest concern, and offers to assign her a security detail... just to keep her from harm's way over the next few days. Olivia doesn't reply, but once Broyles returns to work, Olivia heads to the water cooler to wash down her prescription and relieve the pain in her skull. Agent Lee finds her with fresh news. The review of surveillance footage led to a positive visual identification of the precognitive artist. They know what she looks like now, and other footage suggests she lives, or goes to school, nearby - she
Vision On The Bus
didn't grab a bus or take the subway.

  Sitting in a MBTA bus, Emily Mallum hears the same noise that always precedes her fatal visions. She quickly starts to draw another deadly scene, then looks around at other passengers to see if someone there registers with her premonition. A middle-aged Caucasian male with a scruffy appearance fits the bill. Emily returns to the sketch and tweaks the image to fit the man further behind her in the bus. When she looks up to find him again he has just departed and is heading down the sidewalk on foot. As the bus pulls away. Emily demands to be let off the vehicle, then runs after the man when she is clear of traffic. Unable to locate him back at the last intersection, Emily looks to the sky and explains - "I tried."


  At the Mallum Residence, Agents Lee and Dunham knock on the door with a photo of Emily Mallum taken from security footage. They had heard in a previous interview with a neighbor that the teen in the photo might live in the Mallum’s building, though they don’t have a name to go with the face. Both of Emily’s parents respond politely to the inquiry... nope, the teen in the photo (their daughter) doesn’t look at all familiar. They even involve young Danny in the family’s practiced lie. Nope. He doesn’t know the young lady in the photo either, but she might hang-out in Tanner Park, a couple of blocks away. The two agents excuse themselves and move-on. Lee didn’t notice what Dunham did. Hanging behind the Mallum’s in their entry-way during
Not My Daughter. Not Again!
the interview was the identical backpack that the teen in the photo was carrying - time to a get warrant.
  Or not. Coming around the corner towards her home is the teen in the photo, Emily Mallum. Olivia introduces herself and Lincoln, they would like to talk to her about her fatalistic drawing. Emily can’t explain her ability... she simply just sees the pending event in her head. She sense death. Lee is curious – he sees she has her sketch pad and has been drawing again. If another deadly is going to be happening soon, maybe together they can stop it before someone dies. Jim Mallum steps out from the front of his building and ends the interview. Emily. Get in the house - he won’t allow the Federal Agents to interview the minor without his consent, and he is not giving it. Olivia corrects the protective parent on a point of law: They can continue to interview the teenager if she alone consents to the interview. Jim Mallum musters a menacing tone and asks his beloved daughter if she wants to continue answering questions. Intimidated, she does not, and heads for the apartment. Jim has a few choice words before returning to his family - authorities always show-up when they get wind of a girl like Emily and her precognitive ability. Then others, like those at Massive Dynamic, come around wanting to study his daughter. They never stop, and no matter where he relocates his family to, they find and stalk Emily... waiting for the moment they can abduct her and take her to their labs. She is not an animal and Jim just wants what's left of Emily’s childhood to be normal. Olivia can relate to that sentiment. She offers Mallum her business card with the invitation to contact her if they decide to start cooperating, and the offer to help stop whatever harassment they feel they are being subjected to. As the two agents leave the neighborhood, Olivia directs Lee back to the office to start researching the Mallum’s history. She will be visiting someone while he does the background check – someone who might know exactly what level of harassment the Mallum’s have endured. Jim escorts Emily into the apartment and praises her for maintaining the Mallum party-line. No talking to authorities. No one can know of her ability. Doing so puts the family at risk. Sharing the visions never stop the death from occurring. Emily is conflicted about not being allowed to share what she senses... the vision she had on the bus is something awful.
  In her office at Massive Dynamic, Nina finishes a business call as Olivia stops by for an unannounced visit. Not one for formalities, Olivia gets right to the issue... Massive Dynamic and the harassment the Mallum’s feel they are the target of. Nina gets a bit defensive and shows her fangs... is she being asked a question, or accused of something? Massive Dynamic does not use children as test subjects anymore.
Yo Em. Wassup?
Massive Dynamic did approach the Mallum’s when Emily was younger, hoping to study her precognitive abilities and catalog them. Jim Mallum wouldn’t allow it - he even declined the corporation’s offer to foot the bill for Emily’s education. Olivia grows irate over the questionable ethics of testing children. Nina defends the interest in the Mallum child. Emily’s precognitive ability was not the result of an experimental drug-test, like Olivia was subjected to. No one made Emily the way she is. Regardless of how Emily acquired her precognitive skill, Olivia still feels that Massive Dynamic’s involvement is a form of abuse. Before Nina can offer a rebuttal, Olivia answers her cell phone and takes a call from Emily. Alone on a park bench next to a pond, Emily has escaped the apartment to clear her head and think. She wants Olivia’s help. Without revealing who called her, Olivia leaves Nina to return to Boston and meet with Emily. After finding Emily at her scenic thinking spot, Olivia joins her on the bench to talk some. Emily’s father doesn’t know she called Olivia, but Emily had to share her vision – she believes a lot of people are going to die. Olivia studies the large sketch handed to her. Bodies strewn among the rubble.


  In his lab, Walter gives Emily an initial physical inspection while Olivia waits nearby. Emily recounts her first precognitive experience from a pet store she was in with her mother. She was eleven and they were interested in puppies. Her hearing welled-up, like from the change in cabin pressure after flying, then she had a vision of the guy at the counter dying from a heart attack. Sure enough, as she and Mom were leaving the pet store, the man dropped dead. A few months after the pet store incident, she had another premonition, this time of a teacher dying. That vision became fact three days later. Her parents took her to a doctor after that, but the testing and interest from her friends became to much, so the Mallums moved. Everywhere they went, people would eventually find out about her ability, so the family would have to pack-up and leave the area. Astrid has been monitoring Emily’s brainwave activity and brings Walter the results from the EEG to review. Walter finds that Emily’s occipital lobe is remarkably active, and that her brain seems to be drawing elevated levels of oxygen and blood. That reminds Walter of something he and William Bell had once postulated – that traumatic events might echo, or ripple, backward in time. We wouldn’t consciously be aware of that ripple, or the vibration it wound cause, but maybe Emily’s brain is uniquely tuned to that vibration. The hum in her ears when she has the visions suggests she might be. Emily has never been able to control her precognitive ability, she just has vivid dream-like visions. Even those fade, that is why she quickly gets them down on paper.
Mystery Bus Passenger
What upsets Emily the most is that she knows the people in her visions are going to die, nothing has ever been able change that. Peter wonders why she bothers to warn the doomed folks about their fate. Emily figures that might give them the opportunity to do something good before they are gone, or to tell someone they love them. Astrid and Peter step away to check on a potential lead. Peter scans in the drawing of the man Emily followed from the bus. Astrid starts comparing that to the Transportation Authority's database. If the bus rider was issued a pass, his photo might be in the system. Olivia takes a private moment with Emily and removes the electrodes from her skull. Olivia expresses
Your Help Is Appreciated
thanks for the phone call, that was a hard decision to make with all of the family pressure she has. Concerned about her own potentially fatal destiny, Olivia is curious – is Emily picking-up any deadly vibe from her? The very question sets-off the hum in Emily’s head... but for some reason, she tentatively shakes her head – no. Jim Mallum walks into the lab through the main entrance escorted by Agent Lee. Olivia called him so her family wouldn’t worry about her brief absence. Angrily concerned, Mallum wants his daughter to tell him if they have been hurting her. Olivia assures him he need not worry about them. Emily endorses the claim... let the Fringe team try and prevent the terrible deaths she has recently envisioned. Astrid and Peter rejoin the group with a positive identification of the man in Emily’s drawing... Albert Duncan over in the Jamaica Plain district. Lee and Dunham prepare to leave for the man’s apartment and Peter raises the issue... even if you find Duncan and save him, what about all of the others that are slated to die. Lee counters, well, they aren’t going to save anyone if they just stay still in the lab. The two field agents hit the road and leave the Mallums with lab team. Jim wants to take his daughter home now, if there is nothing more she can help with. Peter wants them stay awhile. He thinks Walter may be able to help Emily remember more of her fading vision of the catastrophic event she drew. The request draws an odd look from Walter – why would he be able to hypnotize anyone? Because, where Peter is from, Walter has done it before.

  Dunham and Lee are granted access to Albert Duncan’s apartment by the building Superintendant and initiate a search without the tenants approval or search warrant. Is Duncan in some sort of trouble? Lee can’t say for sure. Olivia gives Astrid a call to update her with the latest information. Duncan works construction, but his employer says he hasn’t shown-up for work all week. Astrid reports that Walter is getting started with his attempt to hypnotize Emily.

  Still in her examination chair, Emily rests with her eyes closed while Walter adjusts the hypnagogic bank of lights in front of her. He calmly counts
Hypnotizing The Precog
down from Three and has her open her eyes to visualize the images the team wants to access. She immediately visualizes herself on the bus along with a few other strange faces. She can’t see Duncan in her image, but she can hear the hum that she associates with the man. Emily continues to process the scene in her mind, then glimpses Duncan as he is exiting the bus. Walter coaxes her to mentally follow Duncan – they need to know where Duncan is headed. Just as she imagines stepping off the bus in pursuit of Duncan, she steps into a three-dimensional, freeze-frame representation of the tragic event that rippled back in time to her. Unrestrained in her vision, Emily roams freely through the crowd of victims just milliseconds after a large explosion. Some of the victims have yet to be engulfed, some are inverted in mid-air with the still flying debris, many are buried in the rubble. Emily is terrified of the vision and grows unresponsive to Walter’s coaching. Her father steps-up and takes the reins. Sweetheart - look around and tell Dad what you see. Apart from the scores of corpses, a broken sign lays on the floor. Emily reads the Latin image in her mind and Peter immediately recognizes it as a motto. He quickly calls Olivia to tell her the finding – Emily’s vision of mass casualty is going to happen at the courthouse. Olivia shares what she and Lee have just learned about Duncan... he lost his kids and wife to divorce only last week. Maybe Duncan is a little disgruntled. Just as Walter prepares to bring Emily out of her hypnotized state, she continues her narrative. She has located Alpert Duncan at the disaster scene in her mind. He is partially buried in the remains of the courthouse – and he seems to be holding some sort of weird-looking radio. Peter makes the connection. Duncan isn’t the victim, he is the very disgruntled newly divorced man who detonated the bomb that blew-up The Courthouse.
  Inside the large, modern
Security Oversight
courthouse in Allston, Albert Duncan passes through the security check point after having emptied his pockets for inspection. The metal detectors tell security this visitor is no threat. The weird looking radio (detonator) he retrieves with his other personal belongings never raised a red flag at the security bottleneck. The Latin motto posted overhead confirms Duncan's attitude - Let Justice Be Done.


  Outside of Allston Courthouse, the tactical response is massive as first responders arrive in force to negate the threat that Albert Duncan poses. Bomb Squad EOD teams deploy along with their canine detection teams. Broyles is already on the scene when Lee, Olivia and Peter arrive. The security folks that guard the place have footage of Duncan pulling into the parking garage twenty minutes earlier. That bet is that Duncan is still somewhere in the building. According to Emily’s vision, the team deduces that Duncan could not carry enough explosives to cause the amount of damage she envisioned... so he must have driven the explosives in and left them in the parking structure. Peter and Lee leave the short meeting to join the EOD team in their search below the main building. Broyles and Dunham will remain topside to coordinate the evacuation of those inside.

  Walking up the street to their new apartment, Emily and her dad
Spotting Hostile Surveillance
share a little heart-to-heart talk about the day. She is apologetic about going behind his back and calling the FBI like she did. Jim, supportive as ever, is proud of her... a good kid that only wanted to help the doomed. The thing is, now that the authorities know who she is, where she lives, and what she can do, it will only be a matter of time before people like Massive Dynamic start showing-up. Emily doesn’t buy it – Olivia promised the harassment would stop, and Emily trusts the Fringe team to defend Mallum family privacy. No sooner said than undone - Jim Mallum spots what he suspects is a threatening surveillance vehicle parked down the street. He quickly wrangles Emily into their building with orders to pack-up and prepare for another family move. Sensitive to the conspiracy that has surrounded their life, Diane Mallum gets the word from Jim – a black van like the one from Baltimore has located them. Diane doesn’t hesitate. Pack. Now! Jim takes a second to find a window and get the plate numbers off of the suspect vehicle. In her room, as she starts to pack, Emily hears the fatal hum in her ears again and takes a minute to complete the drawing she recently started of 'the peaceful bench next to the quiet pond, amid the trees'.
  Back inside the Allston Courthouse, Albert Duncan exits an elevator onto an upper level business floor. He politely asks a passing civil servant about the man he is targeting, Judge O'Malley. The judge is in chambers and... before Duncan learns anything more, the public address system announces that an emergency has been reported and those inside the building need to vacate it through the nearest exit. Downstairs in the parking garage, Lee finds
Command Post, This Is Bravo Sierra One. Can We Get Some Fresh Body Armor Down Here... We All Just Soiled Ours
Duncan’s pick-up truck and lets others searching nearby know. The bomb technicians converge on the vehicle, inspect the cover over the cargo box, then retract the cover to look at the contents. The bed of Duncan’s truck is completely filled with interconnected canisters standing two feet proud of the rim. Peter’s eyes grow wide at the sight of complex device, as he sighs and takes a step backwards. Upstairs, Olivia deals with building security and issues specific instructions not to confront Duncan if he is spotted. Anyone spotting the bomber should contact her, or Broyles, first. They will make contact with Duncan. Broyles takes the call from Peter describing what they are up against in the parking garage. The large device is fairly elaborate and they don’t know how long it will take to de-activate it. Plus, it has a remote detonation trigger that will let Duncan set-off the blast from somewhere else.
  Broyles orders the evacuation responders on the surface to establish a safety perimeter two hundred meters away from the building, in case the bomb does go off. Knowing Olivia’s pre-occupation with the foreboding warning she received from the Observer a few days earlier, Broyles was wondering if she might want to spearhead that perimeter task, you know, well away from the bomb. Sensing she is receiving special treatment, Olivia stands firm – she isn’t going anywhere. She can’t do her job if she let’s things like the warning she was given affect the situation at hand. And she certainly won’t live her life with that dark cloud over her head. In the parking garage, the guy that is expected to de-arm Duncan’s weapon
Family Court Is Back In Session!
of mass destruction has a better feel for the device. The multiple redundancies could take many hours of work before the explosive is made safe. Meanwhile, Duncan could remote-trigger the device at any time. Peter thinks about the remote and asks a question. What frequency is the bomb rigged to receive? Peter gets his answer and broadcasts it to the rest of law enforcement on the tactical network. Everyone needs to switch to UHF frequency 432.500 MHz. Downstairs, on the main floor of the courthouse, the loitering Duncan intercepts O’Malley in the crowd that is evacuating the grounds. The Judge does not remember Duncan, but Duncan sure remembers the man that took his family from him. Ready to end both of their lives, and the lives of many around them, Duncan attempts to use his remote detonator. In seconds, law enforcement surrounds Duncan and Broyles let’s him know that they have blocked his detonation frequency.
  Unable to blow-up the courthouse, Albert Duncan falls back on Plan B - blow-up the Judge. Duncan drops his radio detonator and grabs the deadman switch beneath his jacket with his right hand. The small charge strapped to his torso promises that he will at least be able to take-out the senior jurist he is gripping with his left hand. Olivia goes into compassionate negotiator mode. She knows he is upset. We can fix things. Nobody wants to hurt him, etc... the dozen firearms pointed at him suggest otherwise. Albert has lost everything and the Judge is to blame for that. Albert has to end it all this way. Olivia persists - Nothing is written in stone. And it doesn’t all have to end. No one has to die here today, and most definitely not her. Think about the people right there - they have children too. Duncan submits... an emotional wreck, but alive. Olivia moves clear of arresting forces and makes a quick cellphone call. Jim Mallum's
Checking The Curb For Emily
answering machine handles Olivia’s message: The news from Allston Courthouse is good. Emily saved the day and nobody died.

  In the home he is preparing to abandon on short notice, Jim Mallum hears the good news from Olivia as it records. Eager to share the positive note with his daughter, Jim rushes to her empty room and calls for her. Emily Mallum is not in the apartment. Jim hurries across the flat and checks down the street. The suspect vehicle is missing too. That leaves only one conclusion - they took Emily again.


  After Jim Mallum reports his missing daughter, and law enforcement has had time to start a search, there is only one thing to mention. The license plates that Mallum reported on the vehicle watching his home pointed the local police to a fully-operational dry-cleaning delivery service. Dunham and Lee catch that tidbit from Broyles as they wrap-up their involvement at the Courthouse. Olivia thinks that Mallums' paranoia has gotten the
Saying Goodbye To Emily
best of him here. She thinks that Emily has gotten out again and headed to her favorite spot in the park. The two agents head to the place where Olivia met with Emily after she called her at Nina's office. Emily is ill. Her pulse is weak and she may be hypothermic. Lee starts to make arrangements for an ambulance, but Emily knows that won't be necessary. Her latest vision of death was her own... sitting on her peaceful bench, facing her quiet pond, amid her tall trees, with ever shortening breaths. Olivia works to pull Emily from the brink. Her drawing doesn't have to come true - they proved that today at the courthouse. Jim Mallum got the word about trying to locate Emily in the park and is just getting there. He approaches his failing daughter and feels the gravitäs of her situation. He sits next to her on the bench and examines her final drawing - of him sitting on the bench next to her, examining her fatal drawing. Emily has known about her pending demise for awhile, but didn't tell him because, well, she knew he'd be there. Jim urges his child to stay strong, help is coming. She can't, and in her final moments she realizes that she may have satisfied her higher purpose in life, saving all of the people she did earlier that day. Stricken with parental grief, Jim kisses his daughter as she passes from life. A trickle of blood leaks from Emily's nostril.
  In Walter's lab, Olivia sits at a desk reading when Peter arrives.
Getting To Know The Bald Men
He heard about Emily and shares his condolences - she had a stroke? Olivia confirms the tragedy. The excess electrical activity in the teenager's brain was too much. Basically, what gave her the precognitive ability also took her life. Peter notices what Olivia was focused on before his arrival - The Observers. She didn't know that is what he called them where he came from. The bald men at the pivotal events in Fringe Division photos haven't really had a code name before. This is all new to Olivia, so she asks if Peter thinks they are traveling through time? The way they show at significant events throughout history. Peter's opinion is that Observers don't exactly "travel" through time -- it is more like they experience all times simultaneously. Nothing like the way either of them would experience time. Olivia's big question is... can they be wrong? Unaware of Olivia's contact in the Brooklyn opera house, Peter doesn't give the answer that Olivia was looking for. He doesn't know how an Observer could be wrong about something. They don't predict the future - they report on it. That's because they have already experienced it. Then Olivia's questioning makes Peter think, and ask, has she had contact with an Observer. Not ready to share her experience with the new guy on the science team - Olivia settles for the fib. No. No contact with an Observer.
  That night, Nina Sharp pays a late visit
Thanks Mom. More Drugs. Great
to Olivia in her Boston apartment. Nina wants to make sure things are alright after the little snake bite she inflicted earlier in the day. She heard from Broyles about the Mallum girl and that reminded her of the unconscionable testing that Olivia was subjected to as a child. Olivia has come far since then, Nina sometimes forgets about how much Olivia has been expected to forgive the nastiness inflicted on her. Olivia falls for the maternal sentiment and tells Nina she isn't angry with her, and that she loves the closest thing she has to a Mom. With everything smoothed over, Nina sees that Olivia is pain. The migraines keep coming for some reason. Nina can help with that. Phase One - homemade soup, Nina-style. Phase Two - Mass Dynamic has a remarkable new drug that should help Olivia right along. In fact, she will have some sent over tomorrow for Olivia. A bald man watches the apartment from across the street.


"Nothing has to happen. Nothing is written in stone. You and I... we don't have to die here today. Now, whatever happens next is up to you. You are in control. I'm not ready to die today. I don't think that you are either. Just think about all these people. They have children too." - Olivia (to Albert Duncan, convincing the suicide bomber to abandon his rage... paralleling her own fate and the destiny she suspects The Observer warned her of)

"I think you were right. Everyone has a purpose. They saved those people today. Maybe that was mine." - Emily Mallum (to Jim Mallum, suspecting her ability gave her a higher calling - and perhaps echoing the higher calling that Olivia faces)


  • The Observer watches from the street outside of Olivia's apartment while Nina tends to her needs inside.
  • The FCC allocates band range 420-450 MHz for low power Federal radio control operations like the mission at Allston Courthouse.
  • Traditionally, Forced Perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is.


    The prominent signage (Enemy Of My Enemy), foreshadows the significant impact the Mallum family, and Emily in particular, had in protecting and saving the lives of mulitple victims at the Allston Courthouse


  • The Walk by Mayer Hawthorne


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  • Is Emily's precognitive ability genetically inherent, or is it a by-product of her limited contact with Massive Dynamic?
  • Was Emily administered Cortexiphan when she was being "studied" by those interested in her ability?
  • For what specific reason is Peter convinced that he cannot interact with the Wave Sink Device in this recently adjusted timeline?
  • Why is Broyles just now telling Olivia that they have been looking at the bald men (Observers) for three years?
  • Why did Olivia tell Peter she did not have any contact with an Observer, when she did just a day or so earlier?
  • What did Massive Dynamic do in Baltimore that inspired the Mallums to move around so much?
  • Was the "dry-cleaning" delivery truck outside the Mallum home being used to surveil Emily?
    • If so, is Massive Dynamic responsible for the stake-out?


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Season 5 : Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11In AbsentiaThe RecordistThe Bullet That Saved The WorldAn Origin StoryThrough The Looking Glass And What Walter Found ThereFive-Twenty-TenThe Human KindBlack BlotterAnomaly XB-6783746The Boy Must LiveLibertyAn Enemy Of FateSeason 4 : Neither Here Nor ThereOne Night In OctoberAlone In The WorldSubject 9NovationAnd Those We've Left BehindWallflowerBack To Where You've Never BeenEnemy Of My EnemyForced PerspectiveMaking AngelsWelcome To WestfieldA Better Human BeingThe End Of All ThingsA Short Story About LoveNothing As It SeemsEverything In Its Right PlaceThe ConsultantLetters Of TransitWorlds ApartBrave New World, Part 1Brave New World, Part 2Season 3 : OliviaThe BoxThe PlateauDo Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?Amber 314226955 kHzThe AbductedEntradaMarionetteThe FireflyReciprocityConcentrate And Ask AgainImmortality6BSubject 13OsStowawayBloodlineLysergic Acid Diethylamide6:02 AM ESTThe Last Sam WeissThe Day We DiedSeason 2 : A New Day In The Old TownNight Of Desirable ObjectsFractureMomentum DeferredDream LogicEarthlingOf Human ActionAugustSnakeheadGrey MattersUnearthedJohari WindowWhat Lies BelowThe Bishop RevivalJacksonvillePeterOlivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.White TulipThe Man From The Other SideBrown BettyNorthwest PassageOver There, Part 1Over There, Part 2Season 1 : PilotThe Same Old StoryThe Ghost NetworkThe ArrivalPower HungryThe CureIn Which We Meet Mr. JonesThe EquationThe DreamscapeSafeBoundThe No-BrainerThe TransformationAbilityInner ChildUnleashedBad DreamsMidnightThe Road Not TakenThere's More Than One Of Everything