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Awards & Nominations

In April 2013, The 39th Annual SATURN Awards nominated
FRINGE as the Best Network Series, Joshua Jackson as the Best Actor In Television, Anna Torv as the Best Actress In Television, John Noble as the Best Supporting Actor In Television, and both Lance Reddick and Blair Brown as the Best Guest Starring Roles In Television
In July 2012, The 38th Annual SATURN Awards honored
FRINGE as the Best Network Series and Anna Torv as the Best Actress In Television
In April 2012, TV Guide announced it's Fan Favorites Award winners
FRINGE was selected as the #1 Favorite Drama on US television
At the 37th Annual SATURN Awards in June 2011
FRINGE won Best Network Series, Anna Torv won for Best Actress In Television
and John Noble won for Best Supporting Actor In Television
At the Inaugural Critics' Choice Television Award in June 2011
FRINGE won the Favorite Science-Fiction/Fantasy Television Show category
John Noble won for Best Supporting Acting In A Drama
At the 2011 People's Choice Award in January 2011
FRINGE won the Favorite Science-Fiction/Fantasy Television Show category

FRINGE Graphic Tales

Beyond The FRINGE - Series #3 - Fringe #2.X - Series #2 - Fringe #1.X - Series #1
Beyond The FRINGE - Extrapolated Notions

FRINGE Benefits Project

FringeBenefitsProject1 thumb.jpgFringeBenefitsProject2 thumb.jpgFringeBenefitsProject3 thumb.jpg
The FRINGE Benefits Project has commissioned a series of limited edition posters. These hand-pulled screens were limited to 150 printings. Profits from the project were donated to The Mission Continues.

Most Recent Timeline - 2015 A.D. through 2609 A.D.


An Enemy Of Fate
#513 aired 18 Jan 13 - Images iTunes,Amazon,Hulu

#512 aired 18 Jan 13 - Images iTunes,Amazon,Hulu

The Boy Must Live
#511 aired 11 Jan 13 - Images iTunes,Amazon,Hulu

Anomaly XB-6783746
#510 aired 21 Dec 12 - Images iTunes,Amazon,Hulu

Black Blotter
#509 aired 14 Dec 12 - Images iTunes,Amazon,Hulu

The Human Kind
#508 aired 07 Dec 12 - Images iTunes,Amazon,Hulu

#507 aired 16 Nov 12 - Images iTunes,Amazon,Hulu

Through The Looking Glass And What Walter Found There
#506 aired 09 Nov 12 - ImagesiTunes,Amazon,Hulu

An Origin Story
#505 aired 02 Nov 12 - ImagesiTunes,Amazon,Hulu

The Bullet That Saved The World
#504 aired 26 Oct 12 - ImagesiTunes,Amazon,Hulu

The Recordist
#503 aired 12 Oct 12 - ImagesiTunes,Amazon,Hulu

In Absentia
#502 aired 05 Oct 12 - ImagesiTunes,Amazon,Hulu

Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
#501 aired 28 Sep 12 - ImagesiTunes,Amazon,Hulu

Letters Of Transit
#419 aired 12 Apr 12 - ImagesiTunes,Amazon,Hulu

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