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The wiki is the largest fan-generated encyclopedia for the television show FRINGE.
FringePedia is NOT affiliated with Bad Robot Productions, NS Pictures Inc., FB2 Films Inc., Warner Bros. Entertainment, DC Comics, or any other persons or organizations responsible for the production, promotion or distribution of FRINGE. All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners and are sparingly reproduced here under the terms of Fair Use for the reading pleasure of our patrons. Links we provide to external websites are intended to take you to family-friendly material that will enhance your viewing experience. We do not permit links to spam advertising, bulk emailing, adult content, or otherwise unsavory material.
FringePedia was launched on July 23rd, 2008 - the day FRINGE initially screened at Comic-Con International. This site, designed and owned by Dennis Acevedo, was created to allow fans of the science-fiction drama to organize, read, better understand and better enjoy the extensive amount of information that is generated by the mysterious and entertaining subject matter - Fringe Science.

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