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Spoilers are not permitted on FringePedia

If you wish to view spoilers, there are many other fansites that cater to this.

Spoilers are details on upcoming episodes, tie-in media, comics, in-universe websites, etc....

What Is A Spoiler?

The Fringepedia policy is that published details in the media on upcoming episodes, with the exception of title, air date and rough description, are regarded as spoilers. This includes official video clips, commercial teasers, expanded press releases, details from cast and crew interviews, and information garnered by any internet, magazine, television, or other source. In-universe details, upcoming storylines, and plot twists and real-world details such as cast comings-and-goings, are considered spoilers.

What Is Not A Spoiler?
  • Summaries and in-universe details from released episodes, comics and other in-universe media.
  • Cast, crew, and other production details, on released episodes, comics and other in-universe media.
  • Theories. Any "Fringepedian" who develops a supportable theory is encouraged to place that theory, with supporting premises, on an appropriate theory page. Premises, of course, must be from non-spoiler sources.
Why This Is Our Policy

There are two main reasons why Fringepedia has adopted this policy:

  1. Most importantly - it is out of respect for the creative staff of the show. In general terms, spoilers are not meant to do harm. Fringepedia believes that the creators should be the ones to decide if, and when, something should be added to the mytharc, through originally aired programming.
  2. This policy is at the core of Fringepedia's deliberate effort to establish and maintain accuracy. This means that repeating material divulged by the cast and crew themselves are to be omitted from Fringepedia, since it can be difficult to separate actual spoilers from smoke curtains, deliberate dis-information and jokes. Even though spoiler information may have been true when made public, that data could change by the time the episode airs. Editing directives, production changes and other miscellaneous events are common reasons spoiler data leads to inaccurate wiki content.