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This is a quick-reference guide for those who choose to help edit here. For a complete guide on editing any MediaWiki software, visit MediaWiki Help.

Manual of Style

To keep Fringepedia looking its best, written and visual standards have been adopted to assure consistency. Users are encouraged to review the Manual of Style. Suggest improvement as needed.

Fringepedia Policies - Important policies implemented regarding the content of Fringepedia.

  • Canon Policy - re: the validity and audacity of user contributed content.
  • Privacy Policy - re: the disposition and handling of user's personal information.
  • Spoiler Policy - re: user contributed content before scheduled airings.
  • Theory Policy - re: user speculation about the plot, characters and storyarc.

Creating Links

To add an internal link (including a link to the Wikipedia), do one of the following:

  • Type the name of the page to which you want a link, select the text you typed, and click on the button at the top of the edit window with an underlined "Ab". The system will place double square brackets around the selected text. (A link to the Wikipedia requires "Wikipedia:" (without the quotes) at the beginning of the text in the link. When you save your work, the link will appear. If the link is red, the destination does not exist. Check your spelling, including capitalization.
  • Type two opening square brackets "[[", type your text, and type two closing square brackets "]]". The same rules as above apply to links to the Wikipedia and dealing with the results.

Adding Images

To upload an image to Fringepedia, click the Upload File link in the toolbox on the left. Always remember to mark an uploaded image with the proper image tag to explain the source and restrictions on use of the image. If uncertain, mark it {{Unclassified}}.
Once the image is uploaded, copy the filename and use the following syntax:

  • Use [[File:Filename.jpg]] to display the picture with (mouseover) filename.
  • Use [[File:Filename.jpg|alt text]] to display the photo, aligned to the right side of the page (default), with a (mouseover) caption instead of the (mouseover) filename.
  • Use [[File:Filename.jpg‎|border|200px|left|alt text]] adds control over the width of the reduced image, moves it to the desired location on the page, and provides a description other than the filename.
- Border, Frame, Noframe and Thumb offer various options. ###px will limit the file from its' original size. Left, Right and Center will float the images around the page in relation to nearby text, wiki code and user screen size. Alt Text provides captioning in thumb and mouseover mode. Placing your cursor over the image provides the description associated with the image, when alt text is loaded. Border is the default choice on this wiki.

New Pages

When starting a new page, there are shells developed in order to help create it according to the Manual of Style:

Information Headers

Information Headers should be placed at the top of pages that lie outside the FRINGE canon.

Navigation Templates

Navigation Templates should be added at the bottom of relevant articles:

Article Links

It is often helpful to include a internal link to another article:

  • {{ep|?}} - (Requires an episode number) provides the title of an episode formatted in italics as a link to appear within the flow of text.
  • {{Crossref|?}} - (Requires an episode number.) provides the title of an episode formatted in italics as a link to appear parenthetically within text as a cross reference.
  • {{Main Article|?}} - (Requires a destination.) Transfer focus to the location of the primary information about a subject.
  • {{See Also|?}} - (Requires a destination.) Transfer focus to the location of other information about a subject.

Maintenance Templates

There are many possible maintenance actions to improve articles. If you find an article in need of maintenance, add the appropriate template, with REASON, to the top of the page:

  • {{Unsigned|?}} (Requires a user name) is added where users have failed to sign their Talk page or Theory page comment.

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