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Profession:  Taxi Cab Driver Portrayed by:
Andre Royo
Family:  Jasmine (wife),
Laura (daughter)
Connections:  Olivia Dunham
Seen In:  3 of 100 episodes
Status:  Released from Fringe Division custody
Remarks:  Delivered Bolivia's son

Henry Higgins is a taxi cab driver in the parallel universe.


In Olivia, he is car-jacked by Olivia after she escapes from Liberty Island. He procures clothing for her to wear and becomes sympathetic to her plight and her desire to return to 'her' universe. He drives her to Brooklyn and to the Opera House crossed universes in. Later, he takes her to the location she believed was the home of Massive Dynamic. When they stop for fuel, and the Fringe Division attempts to take her into custody, he helps her escape and drives her to Marilyn Dunham's home. He waits for her, then leaves when she decides to return to those that have been holding her.

In The Abducted, Olivia finds him in his vehicle, takes him to breakfast and where he agrees to help her find a boat to take her to Liberty Island. He borrows his cousin's boat and waits for her in Brooklyn. Once she completes her mission to save Christopher Broyles, he navigates the boat close to Liberty Island at night and stops while she dives into the harbor to swim the rest of the distance.

In Bloodline, he is interrogated by Agent Francis and Lincoln Lee after lurking outside of Bolivia's apartment. He claims to know Olivia and is responsible for allowing her to escape from the gas station and get to the Liberty Island. He also mentions that he unexpectedly meet with Bolivia, but she does not remember their meeting. As a taxi driver, he was able to help Lincoln to navigate Chinatown and arrive to save Bolivia. He delivers Bolivia's son safely in a chinese store.


  • Lives at 3248 Hastings Avenue, Apartment 3.
  • Show Me I.D. Number 10-02-25-056768.
  • Blood Type, "B" negative.


"You know, a few years ago, I was in a bad way. Couldn't pull myself out. Inside, I knew I was somebody else. There's only one person who believed that... Jasmine. She saw the man I knew I was. But she was the only one. I mean, sometimes you just got to believe what you can't see." - to Olivia (bolstering her emotional state and the duplicity she believes she is suffering)

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