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Profession:  Retired USMC Officer Portrayed by:
Nestor Serrano
Family:  Jessica - deceased wife
Connections:  Dunham (from her military stint)
Seen In:  The Arrival
Death Episode:  The Arrival (assumed)

Colonel Henry Jacobson had been in charge of an investigation at Quantico MB in 1987 during the first known sighting of The Beacon.


  • An old friend (colleague) of Olivia Dunham, she pays him a visit in Roseville, VA. - after the second arrival of a Beacon.
  • Hesitating to talk about the Beacon, Jacobson strongly recommended Olivia stay away from it. Reluctantly, he informed Olivia of the strange happenings during his investigation, which ended as the Beacon literally vanished into thin air (thick earth).
  • After Olivia leaves Jacobson, John Mosley forces his way into Jacobson's house, stunning him unconscious, and attaching him to an advanced device. With a volley of torturous shocks, Mosley tells the retiree to think about the woman (Olivia) that had visited him regarding The Beacon: then, after reading Jacobson's mind with the device, Mosley gets the intel he wanted, and shoots/kills the Colonel before leaving him.


"I know you lost someone too. My condolences. It's not easy losing a partner. I know you and Agent Scott were close." - (consoling Olivia on her recent personal upheaval)

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  • Did Mosley kill the Colonel after questioning him, or simply stun him again?


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