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Jeff Pinkner
Last Name: Pinkner
First Name: Jeff
Date of Birth: c. 1965
Duties: Executive Producer, Writer
IMDb Link: 0684374



Jeff Pinkner grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland, where he developed a fondness for community and crab cakes. He graduated from Pikesville High School in 1983. He attended Northwestern University, where he acquired an affection for underdogs (The Cubs) and cold winter nights; and he graduated from Harvard Law School, where he learned to argue, to view an issue from multiple perspectives and that he never wanted to practice law. In television Pinkner began his writing career with a freelance episode of “The Practice,” which was produced weeks later as an episode of “Ally McBeal.” And thus he fell in love with the pace and madness of the television business. He has written and produced several series, including “Profiler,” “Early Edition” and “The Street.” He also wrote and produced on all five season of “Alias” and ran the show in its final season.

About Olivia

Olivia is just an incredibly driven, incredibly brilliant agent with her own complicated past that we will peel back over time. She is exposed to these events which seem to be taking place around the globe at more regular intervals than previously and sets out to solve these cases, if anyone is behind them, if they are simply freak natural occurrences, and at the same time, figure out her life.

About Peter

Peter is sort of a jack of all trades. He is a brilliant person with a lot of his father’s innate intelligence but given his relationship with his Dad, he has turned his back on science and what he believes in. He has sort of lived by the seat of his pants for many years and in the process, has left a wake of disappointment with business partners and vengeful ex girlfriends.
Peter is sort of a guy running from his own shadow, living by the seat of his pants, and cutting business deals as he globe trots. He is forced by honor and duty to join the team as well. He has one foot in and out and isn’t happy about being his father’s babysitter. Peter is understandably freaked out with the matters they are looking into but he finds a certain satisfaction in his own degree of expertise and being able to help. He has feelings for Olivia, a complicated relationship with his father, and starts to find his faith in the world as he moves along.

About Nina

William Bell's Chief Operating Officer is a woman named Nina Sharp who takes a maternal interest in Olivia and a concern for her looking into these cases. Nina has clearance to know about The Pattern so the corporation has vast interest in these events taking place around the world because at the very least, they could affect Massive Dynamic's business. It’s also possible they are trying to harness these events to exploit them either for profit or some other reason.


  • Pinkner has produced and written for LOST. He wrote the following episodes of LOST: "The Glass Ballerina" (with Drew Goddard), "Not in Portland" (with Carlton Cuse), "The Man from Tallahassee" (with Drew Goddard), "Catch-22" (with Brian Vaughan). Pinkner also served as an executive producer on all Season 3 episodes.
  • Pinkner was an executive producer, supervising producer and producer on Alias for five seasons. He wrote 13 episodes.

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