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Last Name: Reddick Character portrayed:
Phillip Broyles
First Name: Lance
Date of Birth: 31 December 1969
Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
IMDb Link: 0714698

Lance Reddick plays a major co-starring role as the senior law enforcement agent tasked with harnessing the collective science an paranormal talent of the Fringe Division task force


  • Parents were public school teachers
  • Attended the University of Rochester before transferring to Eastman School of Music
  • Majored in classical composition for four years before focusing on popular music
  • Struggled as a musician and switched to acting to support his music career
  • Graduated from Yale School of Drama and quickly found casting in major theathrical/stage companies
  • Fond of Comic and Graphic novels, like Batman, et al.


- St. Sebastian
- Wilfred
- Dr0ne
- Remains
- Tennessee
- Dirty Work
- Numb3rs
- Svetlana
- Jonah Hex
- The Nanny
- Swift Justice
- Bridget
- Castle
- John Wick
- The Fixer
- Godzilla
- The Siege
- Faults
- The Guest
- Oldboy
- White House Down
- Won't Back Down
- Lost (4 episodes)
- The Way of War
- Independent Lens
- Bosch (20 episodes)
- Brother to Brother
- 100 Centre Street
- Keep the Faith, Baby
- Don't Say a Word
- Oz (12 episodes)
- Search Party
- Key and Peele
- I Dreamed of Africa
- Great Expectations
- Falcone (3 episodes)
- The West Wing
- Comedy Bang! Bang!
- Witness to the Mob
- Intelligence (5 episodes)
- The Blacklist (2 episodes)
- New York Undercover
- The Wire (60 episodes )
- The Corner (2 episodes)
- CSI: Miami (3 episodes)
- Law & Order (2 episodes)
- What the Deaf Man Heard
- Quantum Break (4 episodes)
- Parallel Man: Infinite Pursuit
- TRON: Uprising (2 episodes)
- Law & Order: Criminal Intent
- Fun Size Horror: Volume One
- A Momentary Lapse of Reason
- Beware the Batman (3 episodes)
- Law & Order: SVU (6 episodes)
- Wanda Sykes Presents Herlarious
- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
- American Horror Story (3 episodes)
- The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2 episodes)
- St. Sebastian
- Dr0ne


" drama school, my greatest strength was my range. So my early career was like that: I played all kinds of different characters."

"If you're going to come at me, come at me respectfully, and I will respond respectfully."

"Growing up, I never imagined I would be an actor."

"I'm an artist at heart."

"I can only speak as an American, but most journalism here isn't doing its job any more. It's about selling stuff."


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