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Profession:  Intermediate School Student Portrayed by:
Alice Kremelberg
Family:  Maureen (mother)
Connections:  Teresa Rusk, Andrew Rusk
Seen In:  Unearthed
Status:  Recovering From Spiritual Co-Habitation
Remarks:  Crushing On Peter Bishop

Lisa Donovan is a student whose body was taken control of by Andrew Rusk in Unearthed


  • Lisa Donovan is in a coma and is taken off life support. While her organs are being removed for donation, she comes back to life shouting a sequence of numbers that turn out to be the identification number of a Naval officer and the launch codes for ICBMs.
  • She appears to be channeling the spirit of Andrew Rusk. Walter theorizes that Andrew Rusk's soul is trapped in Lisa's body, and that the energy from Rusk's spirit is what brought Lisa back to life.
  • Rusk takes control of Lisa's body and forces her to go to his house to kill Teresa Rusk. Peter intervenes and Walter is able to remove Rusk's soul from her body and put Lisa's consciousness back in control.


"I guess they couldn't find ones that said, Welcome Back From The Dead." - (joking, ironically about the less than adequate balloons she received following her reincarnation)

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