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Profession:  Retired BioTech Scientist Portrayed by:
Arye Gross
Family:  Karen (estranged wife)
Connections:  Nadine Park
Seen In:  Novation
Status:  Hand and Heart Broken
Remarks:  Unwittingly aided the new human-hybrid shapeshifters in perfecting the technology they use

Doctor Malcolm Truss is 1982 MIT Graduate who worked with William Bell for years in developmental genetics at Massive Dynamic.


  • Truss left Bell’s program because of some of the moral ethical challenges generated by Bell.
  • Truss is abducted at gunpoint by Nadine Park from his Vermont home in order to modify her ‘’shapeshifter’’ genetic profile so she may continue her mission for David Jones. He initial supports her because he believes she has been maltreated by research scientists involved with her cancer battle. He quickly learns that she is a morphing non-human and simple needs his scientific expertise to survive.
  • Truss is taken to her makeshift laboratory to complete Park’s work to stabilize her morphing abilities. He determines that the cellular degeneration she is experiencing is a genome propagation issue, something he can fix that.
  • Truss learns of Park’s unique qualities when she physically reverts to his former wife’s image for a few seconds Malcolm. Unable to escape, he learns that he will help her, or perish.
  • Truss escapes, with injury, when the Fringe Team arrives, en masse. Park escapes with his solution to her problems. He learns from Olivia that his wife was found dead that morning.


"I never thought I'd say this, but... I wish William Bell were alive... just so he could see you. I truly believed that the work that we were doing was going to change the world. And just like that... Bell shut down the project. And all he could say was, Some things are not ours to tamper with. Some things... are God's." - (to Nadine Park, unaware that she is manipulating his professional talents in support of David Jones and the conflict between the universes)

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