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Profession:  Medical Research Executive Portrayed by:
Ptolemy Slocum
Connections:  George Morales - Trafficking
Seen In:  The Dreamscape
Death Episode:  The Dreamscape
Status:  Deceased - High Velocity Fall & Impact

Mark Young died in the opening scenes of The Dreamscape when he jumped to his death to avoid deadly (imagined) butterflies.


  • Mark Young is a Massive Dynamic
    Young's Business Card
    employee who died shortly after giving a presentation in a boardroom on the 33rd floor of the Massive Dynamic building in New York, when he jumped through a window and fell on a parked car on the street below (Bell Plaza). Young was trying to escape a swarm of butterflies attacking him and cutting his skin. It was later discovered by Walter that even if his body was covered with cuts, he was likely hallucinating in response to an altered potent psychoactive, fear inducing venom, secreted by the skin of a toad. Walter concluded from the high concentration of venom found in the brain that Young was murdered. His brain caused the cuts to appear on his body in reponse to the convincing hallucination.
  • While searching Young's apartment after his death, Olivia finds an Oceanic Air plane ticket from New York to Omaha for the 22nd of December. In his day planner she also finds a page with "MONARCH" written on it and a Post-it with the name Dr Peretti. "MONARCH" was later found to represent a phone number to reach George Morales. Also in his apartment is a collection of butterflies displayed in a frame on the wall.


"What? Ow! Little bastard. Ow! Son of a - ow!" - (reacting psychosomatically to imaginary attack butterflies)

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  • Was his butterfly collection from the Other Side?
  • Who was responsible for inducing the hallucinations that led to his death?
  • How was the fatal hallucinogen delivered to Young?
  • Why was Young headed to Omaha on Oceanic Air?
  • Why was he murdered?


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