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Profession:  Managed Corporate Accounts in France. Retired Boston Police Detective (reportedly). Portrayed by:
Neal Huff
Family:  Melinda (sister)
Connections:  Daniel Hicks, John Scott, Kate Hicks, Marco
First Seen:  The Transformation
Last Seen:  Nothing As It Seems
Death Episode:  The Transformation and Nothing As It Seems
Status:  Deceased (in both timelines)
Remarks:  Deliberately targeted for transmogrification (The Transformation).
Accidentally died from premature transmogrification (Nothing As It Seems).


  • Marshall Bowman transformed into a beast and caused the plane to crash in The Transformation.
  • He died in the crash of VertusAir Flight 718 in The Transformation. Shortly before the crash, Bowman started to bleed from his nose, which alerted him that something was wrong. After going to the washroom, taking a swab of his throat and testing it with a solution that he carried with him, he realized that he was somehow infected and was about to turn into a beast. He tried in vain to convince the flight attendants to sedate him and then to confine him to the washroom. After a little while, Bowman turned into a beast, creating havoc on the plane and causing its crash.
  • At the crash site, Charlie showed Olivia a copy of the biographical pages of passengers passports. Olivia was able to pinpoint Bowman from the group because he had met John Scott before and the memory trace was now in Olivia's memory. The passport page showed that Bowman was born in Flemington NJ on July 1, 1963. Strangely, the passport issue date and its expiration date were the same: July 23, 1998.
  • First suspected of being part of a criminal organization involved in buying and distributing a deadly virus causing the transformation, John Scott later reveals to Olivia that Bowman was working with him (and Daniel Hicks) on a secret NSA task force.
  • In the adjusted Season 4 timeline, Bowman flys to New York on the same flight that he caused to crash three years earlier in the timeline only Peter experienced. He nearly transforms again inflight, but manages to stave off the event until he is in custody after the flight lands. The transmogrification kills him, but sends the science team chasing after others that are willingly using the drug to become part of a controlled evolution movement endorsed by a secretive cult.


"Taser won't do a thing. It'll just piss me off." - (warning the cabin crew on VertusAir about his potential lethality following transmogrification)

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  • Why was a corporate accounts manager targeted for assassination-by-transfomation? (The Transformation)
  • Why was he the sole source of DNA-altering drugs for the Hicks? (Nothing As It Seems)
  • Was his death accidental, as suggested, or was he targeted again for death? (Nothing As It Seems)


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