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Media Extras contains visual and audio content that has been officially released to entertain (non-canon) fans and audiences of FRINGE. None of the content is intended to be incorporated into the official plotline. Also visit — Walter's Lab Notes

Deep In The Lab

At the end of Season 1, in May 2009, short, 40-50 second snippets of Walter Bishop in the lab were posted. The voiceover contains the calm mental wanderings of the doctor as he works in the lab. The train-of-thought is humorous, as it is styled after the "Deep Thoughts - By Jack Handey" clips from late night television.

: DITL #1 - Walter on Melons


And now: Deep in the Lab by Doctor Walter Bishop
I do like melons. Nice, firm, ripe honeydews.
The market had good melons last week,
but this week they were far too ripe.
A nice lady squeezed one too hard and her thumb poked right through.
Oh yes, that lady at the market did have nice melons.

Video: The autopsy of Marshall Bowman from The Transformation.

: DITL #2 - Walter on Toilet Paper


And now: Deep in the Lab by Doctor Walter Bishop
All toilet paper should come with a softness stamp
The low quality stuff in public restrooms, they have a most abrasive effect.
They might as well hand you a chunk of firewood to wipe your ass with.
Still, better then what they used at Saint Claire's Asylum.
I believe those quacks actually thought hemorrhoids are conducive to mental health.

Video: The examination of the Super Slug from Bound

: DITL #3 - Walter on Toothpaste


And now: Deep in the Lab by Doctor Walter Bishop
The real question is, weather to wet the toothbrush
before or after application of the paste. Wetting before improves adhesion,
but wetting after aides in lathering, thereby enhancing the mintiness.
Now they're making paste that tastes like bubblegum.
It's outrageous! Am I supposed to chew it, or brush with it?

Video: Analysis of a hookworm from Snakehead


During the mid-Season One break for the winter holidays, in 2008, an entertaining piece of media titled "Happy Fringemas was released."

The video features John Nobles' stylized rendition of "The Night Before Christmas", as Walter.
The video can be accessed here: happy-fringemas

- - - As Presented - - -

'Twas the night before Fringemas and all through the lab,
are body parts, organs, a corpse on a slab.
The beakers and flasks antiseptically clean,
with holiday chemicals dyed red and green.
  A man had a parasite wrapped 'round his heart,
a marvelous creature near tore him apart.
An unsolved equation, to my utmost chagrin,
forced my return to the nut house again.
The agents are nested all snug in their beds,
hoping for dreams without bursting of heads.
And here I am spiking my eggnog with rye,
recalling the joys of a year just flown by.
  When a Massive Dynamic man fell with a splatter,
Twas poisonous toads at the heart of the matter.
Once more in the dreamscape, Olivia sought,
to commune with her traitorous love, John Scott.
A gruesome attack on a jaw-dropping flight,
allowed my escape from the men dressed in white.
We needed to contact the brain trapped within,
a comatose agent with translucent skin.
  As jolly old Santa used chimneys, not doors,
a man breached vaults thought the walls and the floors.
But leaving no toys, they stole mine instead,
who's secrets I locked in my very own head.
A woman who wanted a quick one night stand,
gave birth to a baby the size of a man.
And then came the fellow who went half insane,
from the terrible sights in his radio brain.
  A new year commences with the passing of old,
after 17 years I came back from the cold.
Experiments finished, and new ones begun,
a new little family, complete with my son.
On Peter, On Astrid, On Charlie, and Gene!
We'll find Mr. Broyles is securing the scene.
To the sight of the blast, then back we repair,
after seeing a capsule and a man without hair.
  So much has happened, and so much is about to,
and we don't want to locate the pattern without you.
There's madness afoot, so until our next fright,
Merry Fringemas to all, and to all a Fringe night!
As dry leaves before the wild hurricane fly,
our magnetic pigeons took to the sky.
We blew up a papaya, just like the girls brain,
and our formula stopped it from happening again.