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Profession:  Medical Doctor & Researcher Portrayed by:
Alok Tewari
Connections:  David Esterbrook
Seen In:  The Cure
Death Episode:  The Cure

Doctor Nadim Patel worked at Patel Health Care and was associated with Claire Williams, Emily Kramer and the treatment of the Bellini's Lymphocemia they suffer.


  • Patel treated a group of Bellini's sufferers, an allegedly irreversible auto-immune disease that destroys muscles and organs. According to him, the victims in The Cure had the disease driven into remission - without using any sort of radiation therapy.
  • Patel was interviewed by Agent Olivia Dunham after Emily Kramer's head exploded in a bizarre biological occurrence. He retrieved Kramer's records for Dunham once he learned of Kramer's death.
  • Patel was identified by Ken Williams as successfully treating his missing wife, Claire Williams, and other Bellini's sufferers.
  • Patel indicated that the drug company Intrepus and David Esterbrook were behind the controversial Bellini's treatment, moments before he committed suicide with a pistol.


"You should just walk away, you have no idea who you’re dealing with, what they’re capable of." - (to Olivia, just as he is preparing to expose Esterbrook and iNTREPUS... and kill himself)


  • A first name of Sanjay, for Dr. Patel, was erroneously reported on several fan websites before the episode aired.

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- What possible fate could Esterbrook offer Dr. Patel that was worse than death by a self-inflicted gunshot wound?


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