Neither Here Nor There

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Neither Here Nor There
Season: 4 Episode: 1
Air Date: 23 September 2011
Written by: Joel Wyman (story & teleplay)
Jeff Pinkner (story & teleplay)
Akiva Goldsman (story)
Directed by: Joe Chappelle
Starring: Main Characters
Guest Cast: Michael Cerveris as The Observer
Joe Flanigan as Robert Danzig
Eugene Lipinski as December
Michelle Krusiec as Nadine Park
Shauna Johannesen as Julie Danzig
Charlotte Williams as Amy Danzig
Sean Michael Kyer as Jonathan Danzig
Trevor Addie as Suspect
Mike Richards as Translucent Man
Stephen Lobo as Agent Frazier
Colin Lawrence as Agent Roach
David Haysom as January
Lisa Norton as Agent #1
Mike Adamthwaite as Agent #2
Sean Carey as Sergeant Palmer
Mark Curtin as Soldier
Natalie Grace as Eyewitness (Olivia)
Jarod Joseph as Agent Tim
Peter Hall as Store Owner
Nancy Lilley as CSI Tech
Next: One Night In October
Previously: The Day We Died
Transcript  —  Additional Images

Neither Here Nor There is the premiere episode of the fourth season of FRINGE. It first aired on September 23rd, 2011. A week after Peter Bishop is wiped from existence, the truce between the two worlds remains intact and sides are forced to work together. Agent Lee helps investigate a shapeshifter case that is personal to him. The Observers realize that their plan to fix the timeline was not perfect.



  At the newly established joint-facility on Liberty Island, FBI Agent Olivia Dunham meets her counterpart from the alternate universe, Fringe Division Agent 'Bolivia' Dunham. In the spirit of the fresh accord between universes, the two agents exchange case files and research from the agencies they work for. The history between the two prohibits civil conversation. Olivia doesn't trust the woman that kidnapped her, then infilitrated her life and career... Bolivia has no principles or honor. Bolivia isn't shy to the conversation. Maybe Olivia is simply incapable of trust - a lonely woman living a lonely life with no one but herself to rely on. The short encounter ends with each hauling away case work from the other universe.

  In a vacant diner, two Observers meet at an odd hour while the kitchen staff works in the other room. The Observer received the message sent to him by his colleague, December - there is a problem. Traces of Peter Bishop are bleeding through the timeline. December reminds him of their goal... it is their responsibility now, as it always has been, to ensure events happen as they were intended to before Peter was saved from death as a child, and,
Hey. You Know That Bishop Kid You Liked So Much? Guess What? NOT Dead...
since The Observer was responsible for the deviation in the desired timeline, he must be the one to repair it. December hands over a small metallic bar with ridges. The component is designed to fit into a device that should repair the situation. The caveat is easy to understand - the people that knew Peter Bishop in the previous timeline must never learn that he has lived to be a man in this timeline.


  In a quiet suburb of Hartford, Connecticut, FBI Agent Lincoln Lee stops by his partners house for their morning car pool to work. Agent Robert Danzig is
Toast - Eat! Now!, Pants - Wear! Now!, Kids - School! Now!
behind the power curve... he hasn't finished dressing yet, he is trying to get the kids out the door to school, plus, breakfast was late because the toaster is on the fritz. Typical for the close bond the two men share, Lee chides Danzig about his breakfast options - try cereal. As soon as Lee gets through the door he is swamped with affectionate greetings from the Danzig children. Lee has to defend his anti-toast philosophy to Danzig's daughter: toast takes time, if too much time goes by, then they don't catch any bad guys, and if they don't catch any bad guys, there might never be toast again. Danzig's wife finds the group, gives Lee a peck on the cheek and tries to hussle the kids out the door to school. Before she leaves she has time to chide Lee on his toast comments - a study of sarcastic people shows that they get more illnesses during their lifetime - something to do with the negative energy. The troops exit the Danzig house and the two agents hurry to get the slower agent dressed and on his way.

  Agent Danzig and Agent Lee start their morning with a furious foot chase through an industrial area in their Hartford jurisdiction. The maze of buildings, stairs and rooftops in the industrial zone make for some dangerous jumps and hazards. The suspect, being tracked for illegal weapon sales, alludes capture in the steam tunnels of one building and forces the FBI men to split-up and pursue separately. Danzig hears a noise ahead in the corridor, and follows. Lee climbs a ladder to a different floor, enters a workshop and immediately has a pistol placed to the side of his head by the suspect. Before he can be shot, Lee blocks the pistol hand of the suspect, flips the man onto the floor with a martial arts drag and handcuffs him. He immediately announces that he has the suspect - so his partner can find them. Danzig doesn't respond. Concerned, Lee starts a search for Danzig in the part of the building he figures Danzig went to. In a large workshop, Lee finds a semi-translucent man hovering over a motionless Danzig laying on the floor. Lee draws his pistol and startles the odd looking culprit. The translucent man disconnects the device he attached to Danzig, runs and jumps through a large window, spanning the gap with a lengthy jump to another large window in a building thirty feet away. Lee returns to his petrified partner and watches as Danzig's skin fades in and out of translucency, then dies.


  At the crime scene in Hartford, Olivia and Astrid arrive after law enforcement has secured the area and medical has bagged Agent Danzig. Olivia quickly checks Danzig, then authorizes Astrid to start her inspection using her audio-video earpiece that links back to Walter in his lab. Olivia finds Agent Lee nearby and walks over to interview him. Just outside of the police perimeter,
Yes Sir. I Am The New Freshman Forward For Our Basketball Team, Sir? Why Do You Ask, Sir?
two smartly dressed bald gentlemen confer - Agent Lee used to know Agent Dunham... before the timeline changed. Dunham wants Lee to tell her what he saw and who attacked his partner. Lee is hesitant to share anything - particularly since he doesn't know who she is or who she represents. Olivia tells him all he really needs to know - she is from a special Division of the Bureau, and she can't share any more than that. Lee tells her about the translucent man and what he was doing, however, he doesn't specifically remember if the man that murdered his partner had any sort of device that he was using. Lee wants answers from someone he trusts and tells Olivia that he requested a Medical Examiner from the Hartford Field Office. Olivia tells Lee that won't be happening - she will be taking Danzig with her back to her facility. Lee isn't happy with any of this... Danzig's his partner and shouldn't be going to some Division he has never heard of. Still curious, Lee wants to know if Olivia has seen anything like this before. Olivia is sorry, she is not at liberty to discuss that sort of thing. Her word is final. Lee angrily follows Dunham as she prepares to drive-off, then quickly memorizes her license plate number. The two Observers that were watching the initial meeting between Dunham and Lee stroll away from the area.
  In his lab in Boston, Walter seems grumpier that usual and is concerned that the temperature and barometric pressure is not where he needs it... the lab just feels funny, and has for about a week. Astrid guarantees him the lab is as it always is - seventy two degrees with ten percent humidity. Walter may be fussier than usual because it has only been a week since they started working with the alternate universe, and Walter doesn't like Secretary Bishop - someone who can never be trusted,
Moo! (I Need To Get My Eyes Checked - Or Stop Testing Walter's LSD)
regardless of what he says. Astrid reminds Walter that his counterpart has reason to hate him too - seeing that he was responsible for initiating the damaging phenomena that has been destroying their planets. Gene seems distracted by something other than the passionate debate in the room. While Astrid and Walter Bickerson continue their discussion about how much effort Walter is going to put in to the joint effort that was promised, Olivia sits in her office and studies Agent Danzig's personnel file. In the hallway outside of the lab, Agent Lee seems to have successfully accomplished his goal and enters the lab he has been looking for. As the two lab rats continue to quibble from across the lab, Lee approaches Walter and gets his attention. Walter is experimenting, and fails to notice that Lee is new to the lab, then engages Lee in his experiment anyway - hold this dead pigeon. Walter injects the bird with a hypodermic syringe he just filled, and in just a few seconds, the bird is revived and starts to fly around the lab. Walter insists that the reanimated creature is still quite dead though. Olivia joins the group and finds Agent Lee has located the private lab. What are you doing here? Walter's experiment ends when the bird falls dead to the floor in a heap. Olivia is not pleased with the breach of protocol and security levied by Agent Lee.


  Olivia takes Agent Lee aside and looks at the traffic camera images he used to follow her and find the lab. Angered, she makes it clear that he, and whoever helped him, is in trouble, that he is not part of her investigation and, that he needs to leave immediately. Agent Lee has no intention of leaving without the answers he is looking for. What Division of the FBI does she work for? What are they dealing with in the death of his partner? Olivia will not share the information he wants and promises to inform Lee’s supervisor about his gross breach of security. Lee threatens treason and says he will call a friend at a national newspaper and divulge that the FBI is operating secretly from the Harvard campus. Astrid brings the phone to Olivia with a call from Agent Broyles – they have another victim to investigate. Agent Lee insists on coming along... he may be able to help since he is familiar with the first crime scene. Olivia allows it, she can always have him fired later. Astrid retrieves her tweaked video earpiece from Walter and follows Olivia out.

  The night is filled with lights and sirens as emergency responders and investigators secure the area around a crashed vehicle containing the corpse of a semi-translucent Nadine Park. The lead agent on the scene briefs Olivia on what little they know so far. The woman
is thirty years-old and potential witnesses were well away from the vehicle when it impacted a lamppost. Olivia checks the corpse, clears Astrid to begin her preliminary inspection, then moves away from the crashed vehicle to continue her investigation. Astrid moves in with her equipment and tries to establish a video link with Walter. Walter is busy with a microwave snack in his lab, but finally gets in position to accept the relay. He can clearly see the dead woman through Astrid’s earpiece. The dead woman appears to have a burn mark, like the other victims, her pupils are dilated and she has hematomas on her shoulder and chin. She has also gone into rigor much sooner than would normally happen. Walter needs to check other stuff too. Somewhat embarrassed, Astrid passes along the doctor’s next demand to the forensics technician... they need to check the victims’ anus. Nearby, Olivia looks at a copy of the victim's drivers license and shares that Nadine Park leaves her vehicle at a rail station four blocks away while she commutes on the train. The individual who murdered her must have been waiting in the car when she returned to it, then attacked her somewhere between the station and the lamppost she clobbered. Agent Lee has been studying the environment and notes one of the potential witnesses seems to stand-out among others - a sullen young female sitting on a bench next to her highly animated peer group. Olivia sees her and takes Lee’s hint, joining the woman on the bench. Olivia is soft-spoken with the teen, who is named Olivia as well, and assures her that she isn’t in any trouble at all. With some hesitation, the teen shows Olivia what she captured with her smartphone – an image of a man with translucent features leaving the crashed vehicle. Olivia returns to Lee and praises him for spotting the valuable witness. Now they have a picture of their suspect. Lee suggests he could help even more if he knew more about what has been happening in these two murder cases. Olivia shares some ‘’tip of the iceberg’’ data with Lee... there has been more than two murders.
  Phillip Broyles walks down a corridor, passes an armed sentry and joins Dunham and Lee where they have been waiting. Broyles introduces himself to the new guy, then
hands him the documents he will be required to sign. One document will serve to upgrade his security clearance to the levels needed for access. The second document is a non-disclosure contract that will be used to convict Lee if he reveals anything about the business at-hand. After Lee complies with the requirements for access, Broyles leads Lee and Dunham into a large storage area with two dozen tables resembling a temporary morgue. Each table holds a cadaver. Broyles tells Lee that the odd murders started only three days ago. The victims hearts all stopped, but they can’t determine how, or why their skin has reacted the way it has. Plus the victims are all different ages, races, blood types, etc... seemingly with no common link. Lee offers what he knew about his partner’s health. Agent Danzig had Crohn's Disease and took iron pills to counter the symptoms. Broyles leaves the two agents in the room full of corpses, and Lee explains his relationship with Danzig to Olivia: They were partners for five years and Robert was like family to him - something Lee never thought he'd find. Danzig believed that everything happened for a reason. Agent Lee is having a hard time believing that there's a reason for the room full of victim’s they are standing in.


  In a small, neigborhood electronic parts store, The Observer methodically searches
for the components he needs to complete his new mission. He approaches a work bench where a large sub-assembly is resting and places his finger near a small electronic component mounted on it. His finger zaps the part with static and he removes it. The shop owner returns with another part that was requested - an electron gun from a vintage color television made in 1958. The part is obscure and had to be cannibalized - it is going to cost The Observer the entire price of the television it came from. He agrees to the assessment, plus he will take the electronic part he just pilfered from the work bench. The shop owner is curious to learn what he is building. The answer is simple - he intends to erase someone from time.
  Olivia and Astrid return to the lab. Agents Roach and Frazier bring in the gurney holding Nadine Park and leave it for Doctor Bishop, who doesn't seem to be around. Walter is afraid to leave the lab - maybe he locked himself in the bathroom again. The two ladies start their search for Walter and leave Agent Lee with the semi-translucent corpse.
Lee hears some clanking and splashing coming from the sensory deprivation tank just before Walter pops open the doors. In a state of near panic, Walter needs to know if it is safe to come out. Has the man that he saw in the mirror left? Astrid and Olivia return and try to calm Walter. Walter is soaking wet and Astrid offers to help him get dry and changed. Lee sticks with Olivia and questions her about Walter's emotional state. Olivia shares what she knows - Walter is functional, except when he isn't - but - he is frequently brilliant. Once Walter is clear of his wet clothes, he returns to the Nadine Park autopsy wearing only a bath towel. The first thing he notes is that she was engaged to be married... thinking aloud how sad it is when something disrupts the life of two people who were meant to be together. Walter then remembers what Agent Lee said about his partner having an iron deficiency. Not all of the thirty or so victims had that problem, but, they did all suffer from a variety of health problems that have something in common... their symptoms were all associated with poisoning from heavy metals like Lead, Zinc and Mercury. That couldn't be a coincidence. What is even stranger is that all of them tested negative for those metals - almost as if their blood had been filtered clean. But why? Still, Walter doesn't have enough information to form a hypothesis just yet.
  Alone in a remote industrial building, the translucent man prepares a syringe, then injects himself. After the shot, he opens his notebook and writes a few
  Once Walter is dressed, the lab gets busy as the science team begins to investigate the latest victim. On the phone, Olivia raise another question - if the victims are being deliberately targeted for the trace metals in their blood, how is the murderer identifying them? Walter inspects Nadine Park and notes that she has ideal body fat and healthy muscle tissue. Not that it will help solve this case, but he is always in the market for quality lab specimens to experiment on. Agent Lee questions what is going to happen to the remains of the victims and learns from Olivia how Fringe Division handles these things. Victims in their cases are not returned to their families because they won't be able to disclose or explain how they died. Families are told that the victims have simply gone missing and that the Bureau will continue to look for them. A lie - but necessary to keep Fringe Division from drawing attention. Agent Lee, concerned over the final disposition of his partner and the impact this policy will have on the Danzig clan, takes exception. The families are going to spend the rest of their lives wondering what happened to their loved ones and looking for answers. Imagine what that would be like... having a hole like that in your life. Astrid scores a hit on some of her research - a credit card of one of the victims was just used. Less than a minute later she learns that the hit was a false alarm. The charge was an automatic renewal for a commuter pass. Agent Lee thinks about what he just heard and remembers that the last victim was a commuter that was targeted coming out of a rail station. Olivia takes a few minutes and plots the crimes on her evidence board. There is nothing random about the locations of these murders, there are
four kill zones - and they are all centered around commuter rail stations. Olivia wants to deploy rapidly and heads out to one of the stations with Agent Lee escorting her. Astrid gets a directive to call Broyles and have him arrange for other teams of agents to set-up surveillance at the other three stations.

  Still in his makeshift lab, the translucent man continues the notations and calculations he started after his last injection. His hand begins to tremor violently and the flesh in his forearm and hand begin to flux in and out of transparency. One of his fingernails draws his attention and he pulls it off of the tip of his finger. He studies the fingernail closely, then smiles at what he notices.


  Agent Dunham and Agent Lee sit in her vehicle parked curbside near the Avon Rail Station - on stakeout and listening to the radio traffic as the other teams of agents check-in with their status. Things are all quiet and nobody has anything to report. The two share an uncomfortable silence before Olivia opens-up with some personal information that may help Lee. She lost a partner three years earlier. His skin was affected too, much like Lee's partner, Robert Danzig. Olivia checked Walter out of the mental institution he was in so that he could save her partner's life and help catch whoever was responsible. Not even Walter could save him... one of the teams locates their suspect outside Grove Hall Station. Olivia races her vehicle into traffic to join the nearby pursuit.

  Agent Frazier drives after their suspect and follows him into a large industrial neighborhood with warehouses, work shops, rail tracks, rail tankers and a chemical lab. The vehicle chase ends when the suspect runs into a warehouse on the far side of the rail lines. Olivia and Agent Lee are still a minute or
so away and listen to the tactical situation on the radio as they get closer. Roach and Frazier level their pistols and prepare to capture the man they have spotted, but Frazier is grabbed and violently pulled under a rail tanker before he can defend himself. Roach reports on the radio that his partner is down just as he comes under attack too. Dunham and Lee arrive and find Roach with a bloody wound in his leg and a motionless Frazier laying nearby. Roach’s blood loss may be life threatening, so Lee stays with him to start first-aid while Olivia heads into the warehouse to continue her pursuit. Once inside, Olivia slowly works her way through the building to apprehend her suspect. In the area he had been conducting his experiments, the translucent man starts to burn all of his documentation in a large metal drum. Olivia finds him and orders him to drop the briefcase he was preparing to take with him. The translucent man is not cooperating and hurtles Olivia into a wall, then through upright shelving. Olivia, clearly outmatched by the unnaturally strong human hybrid, manages to find a loose syringe and stab him in the neck. It doesn’t influence the course of the fight at all - he grabs Olivia and throws her into some large storage barrels. In a heap on the floor, Olivia manages to find her pistol nearby and shoot her attacker dead with multiple rounds. Outside of the warehouse, Lee hears the weapons' discharge and climbs onto one of the railcars to see if he can find
Olivia through a window. Lee sees that Olivia has prevailed, climbs down off the car and returns to caring for Roach... promising him that an ambulance is on the way. Growing weak, Roach tells Lee an important detail about the attack - there's more than one. Lee turns just in time to glimpse someone trying to evade detection in the crowded rail yard. Lee draws his pistol and pursues the suspect alone. When Lee gets closer, he surprises another semi-translucent man and shoots him three times in the chest before the suspect can shoot him.

  After the police, EMT's and other responders have arrived outside of the chemical lab, Agent Lee takes a few seconds to look at the dead human hybrid. Who are these... things? What were they looking for? Olivia amends the query - What are they? Nearby, an individual resembling Nadine Park stands on the access stairs of a large fuel storage tank and watches the law enforcers below as they work the crime scene. Her skin fades in and out of translucency before she turns and hikes up the stairs and away from capture.


  In his office at the FBI facility in Hartford, Agent Lee opens a small wood box holding important keepsakes from his late partner. Lee takes out Agent Danzig 's ID card and studies it one last time in quiet reflection. As he secures the keepsakes in his travel bag, a colleague approaches and hands Lee an envelope with important paperwork. Lee removes the certified papers and learns the news.

  In Walter’s lab, Olivia and Astrid try, with no luck, to reconstitute what is left of the paperwork that the translucent man was attempting to burn. Walter thinks back to Saint Claire’s and remembers a novel about a spy that covered his tracks by burning his things too. Agent Lee returns to the lab and thanks Olivia for going against policy and releasing Danzig’s body back to his family. What made her do that? Olivia shares - she wants to help bring some closure – Danzig deserves it because of what he means to Lee. Lee is thankful. Walter makes a discovery during his autopsy of the translucent man... a component the size of a deck of cards is embedded inside the torso like the bio-mechanical shapeshifters they have previously encountered. However, this component is different - more human, and not functional. Walter immediately suspects that Secretary Bishop is behind this new technology. Lee is curious – technology from where exactly?

  Olivia escorts Agent Lee through in-processing at the access point to the joint-facility on Liberty Island and Lee is issued his identifaction card. Once inside, they both step on a scanning device and wait while the machine checks them over. Olivia offers-up some more personal information for Lee to digest. She too knows what it is like to have a hole in her life. She has had one as long as she can remember. And the incident that cost her partner his life – that is when Broyles asked her to join the Fringe Division. Olivia is somehow certain that joining the Division would help her find the answers she has been looking for. After the scan is complete, they move to the main workspace. Lee looks at a few folks in isolation suits walk past, then asks about the set of identical access doors facing them from the far wall. Lee continues forward and marvels at the large device at
Handing Over The Memory Disk For Investigation
the far end of the large lab. Overhead, the mostly cloudy daytime sky of the alternate universe is visible through the windows on one side of the facility while the windows over the portal he just came through show the barely cloudy skies over New York Harbor in his universe. Lee turns to the access doors from the alternate universe and is stunned when the red-haired identical twin of Agent Dunham comes strolling through. Bolivia approaches the two and smugly addresses her counterpart. Olivia hands over the component that Walter removed from the translucent man. Is Bolivia’s boss behind this new development – human shapeshifters? Dismissively, Bolivia agrees to look into Olivia’s claim and concern. Lee is astonished when a large dirigible airship fills the rooftop windows that face the other universe.
  Outside of Walter's lab in the Kresge Building in Boston, The Observer sits on a campus bench and prepares to employ the device he has recently taken the time to build from scratch with hard to find electronic
Second Thoughts About Walter
components. Inside his lab, Walter prepares for bed and makes his way past his security man to his office, and bedroom. Walter, with an infomercial selected on television, gulps down his drink and then tucks into the couch bed that crowds half his office. Outside of the lab, The Observer powers-up the device that he has constructed and prepares to activate it.
The Man In the Mirror - And The Television
. Before he does, he stops and appears to have a change of heart, so powers-down the device. He closes the container it is in, stands, prepares to leave, then stops and looks at Walter’s building. Unable to go through with what he intended, The Observer turns and leaves the area. Ready for sleep, Walter uses the remote control to turn off the television. On the screen is a haunting image of the man he is certain he saw earlier in a mirror... a man that wasn’t in the room... a man he doesn’t recognize. The agent on sentry duty outside of Walter’s office hurries into the room to find Walter cowering on the edge of his bed – and Walter’s television screen destroyed.


"People die. It happens. Sometimes they even die twice." - Walter (to Agent Lee, a callous assessment on life... with a Fringe twist)

"What you said before... I know what it's like to have a hole in my life. It's been there as long as I can remember. I told you about the incident on the plane. After that, Broyles asked us to join Fringe Division, and somehow I knew that this is where I would find... my answers." - Olivia (to Agent Lee, on her path in life and the things life has shown her)


  • The Observer meets with his colleagues about the problem they created when they eliminated Peter from the timeline. He creates an electronic device from various components to influence Walter's memory. He is with a colleague near the crime scene following Danzig's murder.
  • Opening Splash. A new opening title sequence used a yellow sepia background with a refreshed list of Fringe sciences.
Recurring Theme
  • Glyphs. A butterfly glyph is noticeable on the side of a white concrete step near the rail car Agent Lee climbs. A leaf glyph matching the Massive Dynamic security screen (Pilot) is displayed on the bio-scan monitor after Agent Lee's handprint is registered with the Liberty Island security checkpoint.
Storyline Analysis
  • Unusual Sightings. There were four instances, the first on LIberty Island, the last three in Walter's lab, where the residual image of an individual quickly appears and fades nearby, or is in reflection/projection on an electronic screen.
  1. Peter is temporarily visible standing in the background during the Prologue as Olivia and Bolivia go separate directions with their shared case files at the joint-facility on Liberty Island.
  2. An individual, which may or may not be Peter, is again temporarily visible in Walter's lab during Act II as Walter fills a syringe. The appearance is behind Walter after Astrid leaves the area, however, Gene is facing the aberration and appears to react to it. Images: 1, 2, 3, 4
  3. Another glimpse of Peter occurs during Act III as Walter sits down in his lab with his popcorn to remotely guide Astrid during her preliminary inspection of Nadine Park. Peter's image is on a screen off to Walter's right.
  4. The final vision is in Act VI as Walter prepares to go to sleep in his bedroom/office/study. Peter can be seen in Walter's TV screen.
- Walter's earlier meltdown and subsequent trip to the sensory-deprivation tank to hide, in Act IV, was because he alledged he saw a man in the mirror. That image was not shown, but would have occurred as the science team was returning from the Nadine Park vehicle crash.


California Dreamin' by The Mamas & The Papas
Rockin' Robin by Bobby Day


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 2) Keep the questions open-ended and neutral: do not suggest an answer.

The Visions
  • Why is Walter having visions of Peter Bishop?
  • What occurred in the altered timeline that allows Walter to see a grown-up version of his deceased son?
  • Is Peter haunting both Dunham's and Walter intentionally?
  • Is Peter's manifested image a connection to the individual (Walter/Olivia), or to the location (Lab/Liberty Island)?
  • Is Peter "bleeding through" from the other universe (6B)?
  • Is someone other than Peter in the visions that are not clearly Peter?
  • Is someone other than Peter creating, or projecting, the images of Peter?
  • When Walter is complaining (ActII) of the temperature and barometric pressure in the lab being different and feeling funny over the past week - is that because of the odd manifestations that are taking place there?
  • Why is The Observer escorted by a second Observer when visiting a pivotal event?
  • What prompted The Observer to terminate the use of his homemade device outside of Walter's Lab?
  • Who created the bio-mechanical human hybrids?
  • Was the technology associated with John Scott's translucent skin (Pilot) used in the hybrids?
  • How many new hybrid shapeshifters are there?
  • Are the new hybrid shapeshifters acting independently, pursuing a common objective, or working for a nefarious cause like the previous shapeshifters?
  • If the hybrid shifters are not a product of the current timeline, were they sent from the past/future to influence events?


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Season 5 : Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11In AbsentiaThe RecordistThe Bullet That Saved The WorldAn Origin StoryThrough The Looking Glass And What Walter Found ThereFive-Twenty-TenThe Human KindBlack BlotterAnomaly XB-6783746The Boy Must LiveLibertyAn Enemy Of FateSeason 4 : Neither Here Nor ThereOne Night In OctoberAlone In The WorldSubject 9NovationAnd Those We've Left BehindWallflowerBack To Where You've Never BeenEnemy Of My EnemyForced PerspectiveMaking AngelsWelcome To WestfieldA Better Human BeingThe End Of All ThingsA Short Story About LoveNothing As It SeemsEverything In Its Right PlaceThe ConsultantLetters Of TransitWorlds ApartBrave New World, Part 1Brave New World, Part 2Season 3 : OliviaThe BoxThe PlateauDo Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?Amber 314226955 kHzThe AbductedEntradaMarionetteThe FireflyReciprocityConcentrate And Ask AgainImmortality6BSubject 13OsStowawayBloodlineLysergic Acid Diethylamide6:02 AM ESTThe Last Sam WeissThe Day We DiedSeason 2 : A New Day In The Old TownNight Of Desirable ObjectsFractureMomentum DeferredDream LogicEarthlingOf Human ActionAugustSnakeheadGrey MattersUnearthedJohari WindowWhat Lies BelowThe Bishop RevivalJacksonvillePeterOlivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.White TulipThe Man From The Other SideBrown BettyNorthwest PassageOver There, Part 1Over There, Part 2Season 1 : PilotThe Same Old StoryThe Ghost NetworkThe ArrivalPower HungryThe CureIn Which We Meet Mr. JonesThe EquationThe DreamscapeSafeBoundThe No-BrainerThe TransformationAbilityInner ChildUnleashedBad DreamsMidnightThe Road Not TakenThere's More Than One Of Everything