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Profession:  Scientist Portrayed by:
Jefferson Mays
Family:  Valerie Boone (wife)
Seen In:  Midnight
Death Episode:  Midnight
Status:  Dead
Remarks:  Manipulated by ZFT


  • Nicholas Boone is a reluctant member of ZFT.
  • He was captured by Olivia and her team while he was experimenting on an animal, presumably to extract it's spinal fluid. Upon his interrogation, Olivia, Charlie, and Broyles learn that ZFT has his wife Valerie. He agrees to release all his information on ZFT as long as they can retrieve his wife. He later admits that his wife is the killer, and that he was working on a cure. In the process, he extracted his own spinal fluid to satisfy her needs, up to the point where he couldn't give anymore without killing himself, placing him in a wheelchair. He convinces Walter to extract 25 mL more of his spinal fluid to complete the antidote.
  • He suffered a stroke and subsequently died after his wife was cured.
  • He studied at the Curie Institute in Paris and Kings College in Aberdeen, Scotland. He claimed that he knows Walter Bishop very well.


"How far would you go for someone you love?" - (to Walter, his last words before he died with haunting subtext for Walter's life)

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  • Who were the other names Nicholas gave up on his last recording?
  • How does he know who Walter Bishop is?


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