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Profession:  COO, Massive Dynamic Portrayed by:
Blair Brown
Also Known As:  Viper! - (Walter nickname)
Connections:  Phillip Broyles, Sam Weiss, William Bell, Carla Warren, Elizabeth Bishop, Brandon
Seen In:  43 of 100 episodes
Death Episode:  Anomaly XB-6783746
Status:  2036. Deceased in secret black lab formerly run by Massive Dynamic
Remarks:  Shot herself in the head to protect the science team from capture by Captain Windmark
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Nina Sharp is the Chief Operating Officer of Massive Dynamic. — See Also: Jeff Pinkner's comment


  • She claims that she was diagnosed with cancer in 1997, which took her arm. However, in Walter's recollection of 1985, she damaged her arm when she reached through the portal to the alternate universe to try and stop Walter from kidnapping Peter. At some point after that she lost her arm and had it replaced with a robotic arm designed by William Bell and Massive Dynamic. She was shot in the chest (The Road Not Taken) and robbed of the powerful energy cell hidden in her robotic arm. She has Kevlar components (There's More Than One Of Everything) in the sternum region of her chest that helped her survive being shot. Technicians from Massive Dynamic returned function to her arm when she was in the hospital recovering from the gunshot wound to her chest. She attributes Sam Weiss with helping her recover (Night Of Desirable Objects) from the loss, and replacement, of her arm.
  • In The Cure, Nina told Peter Bishop that she knew him when he was a small boy, that she and his father, Walter, were once quite close and that she and Peter spent time together at the equestrian center where they were sitting.
  • In A New Day In The Old Town, a deeper aspect of Nina's and Broyles' personal relationship comes to light when she kisses him passionately on the steps of the United States Capitol. Broyles seems to neither respond to, nor reject, the approach.
  • In Brown Betty, Walter depicted in his fictional tale to Ella that Nina Sharp had a relationship with William Bell.
  • In Peter, in 1985 she characterized as a close associate of Walter, William Bell and Carla Warren. She is shown to have knowledge of their research on the alternate universe, and the potential effects of crossing from one universe to the other. When she attempts to stop Walter from traversing the soft spot at Reiden Lake, her arm is molecularly damaged when power to the portal is interrupted.
  • In The Box, during the reading of William Bell's will by the executor of his estate, she receives a ship's bell as a memento of time they spent in Tuscany.
  • In 6955 kHz, she locates, and shares with the science team, one of the clandestine radio transmissions that Massive Dynamic intercepted four years earlier. It was in Spanish, and as far as she knows, it never induced or triggered amnesiatic responses.
  • In Subject 9, she grants Olivia and Astrid access to the archived Cortexiphan records maintained at Massive Dynamic, then takes Olivia aside for a little maternal advice and TLC.
  • In Novation, she briefs Agent Lee and Olivia on former employee Malcolm Truss and the biotech project he ran for William Bell. She travels to Walter's to lab to make amends over their bitter history since Reiden Lake, and to encourage Walter to help Peter with his quest to return to his own timeline.
  • In Wallflower, she briefs Olivia and Agent Lee about experimentation conducted on the young, photo-adaptive Eugene.
  • In A Better Human Being, she is confronted about the supply of decades old Cortexiphan she has in secure storage. She leads Agent Lee and Walter to the remaining samples from the original trials.
  • In The End Of All Things, she is formally questioned by Fringe Chief Phillip Broyles about the abduction of Olivia and the missing Cortexiphan.
  • In A Short Story About Love, she and Olivia have breakfast and chat about the memories she's experiencing.
  • In Nothing As It Seems, she briefs Olivia and Peter on the experiments conducted by David Robert Jones.
  • In Letters Of Transit, in 2036, she provides Simon and Henrietta the means to regenerate the portions of Walter's brain he had removed.
  • In Brave New World, Part 1, she meets with Walter and Olivia at Liberty Island and discloses Bell's cancerous prognosis and planned demise.
  • In Brave New World, Part 2, she works with the team in Walter's lab to reanimate Jessica Holt, then locates and accompanies Olivia and Peter to Bell's cargo vessel in the Atlantic.
  • In Five-Twenty-Ten, in 2036, she reunites with the science team and provides them with the gear they need to recover two Beacons stored under the collapsed Kelvin Genetics complex.
  • In Black Blotter, in 2036, she appears as one of two muses in Walter's LSD induce hallucinations as he works through his personal ethics issues.
  • In Anomaly XB-6783746, in 2036, she leads the fugitive science team to a secret underground lab to recover equipment to communicate with the Observer progeny. When trapped, she takes her own life rather than convey the whereabouts of the child or the science team.


"We've reached a point where science and technology have advanced at an exponential rate for so long... that it may be far beyond our ability to regulate and control it." - (to Olivia, preparing her for the assignment that is about to envelop her life) (Pilot)

"I won't play coy, Phillip. I understand the FBI has opened an investigation into Massive Dynamic. As you can imagine, we spend a lot of money on counter-intelligence. And any probe into our finances raises red flags. So... what are you fishing for? Industrial espionage? Treaty violations? " - (to Broyles, rushing to defend against the implication that William Bell was involved in several recent biological attacks) (The Road Not Taken)

"Your father made some regrettable choices in the past, but his brilliance is undeniable. It was that intellect that William Bell believed in. And frankly, so do I." - (to Peter, after he expresses concern on the damage Walter can do now that he has all of Massive Dynamic to utilize) (Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?)

"I found William's research. His notes suggest that he designed a retroviral serum based on your DNA that will regrow your brain tissue... ...William experimented with lab animals first. A rat and a chimpanzee. Now, back in the '90s, we had a small lab fire. The original labels were destroyed. I'm going to ask the lab to run diagnostics on all three. Then they should be able to tell us which one was made for you." - (to Walter, apparently not quickly enough for him as he snorts the DNA. all just hours before he develops a hankering for 'bananas'... his least favorite fruit) (Reciprocity)

"I can't fix him, but I have an idea. Massive Dynamic has long had a piece of Walter's brain that was surgically removed and kept in a locked vault. It's entirely possible that you could use that material to inspire Walter's brain to heal itself." - (to Henrietta and Simon Foster, brainstorming a solution to Walter's diminished intellect following his retrieval from Amber) (Letters Of Transit)

"I'm worried about you, Walter. What you said earlier - - that Peter would keep you from becoming the man you used to be. I'm not sure that's enough. I knew the man you were - - you and William. You both tested the limits of science, of the universe. You felt that boundless power that comes with omnipotence. You felt what it was like to be God... should know how hard I tried to hold on to William. How much I loved him. But that wasn't enough. I wasn't enough. Because nothing can compare to that feeling - - to that kind of power. So he let me go." - (to Walter, trying to restore his perspective as he regains his intellectual prowess in the war to defeat 'The Observers') (Five-Twenty-Ten)

"Do you know why you tilt your head in that way? It's an involuntary reflex in your physiology. It changes the angle at which sound waves hit the eardrum, allowing in more stimuli. Like a lizard. I've studied them too. Intriguing characters. Their brains have evolved over 320 million years, yet for all their evolution, they form no bonds. Love does not exist for them. They are incapable of dreaming, of contemplating beauty, of knowing something greater than themselves... not unlike your kind. The experiments we conducted right here in this lab, yielded a surprising result, because for all your years of evolution, you inadvertently redeveloped and honed primitive instincts that we moved beyond long ago. So in reality, you're the animal." - (to Captain Windmark, her penultimate insult as she prepares to sacrifice herself so 'The Resistance' can prevent his existence) (Anomaly XB-6783746)


  • Nina has referred to herself as "Executive Director" of Massive Dynamic, a common nickname for her official title - Chief Operating Officer (COO).
  • SEMI-CANON→ In her years with the company, Nina Sharp has overseen the firm's rise from feisty upstart - to multinational conglomerate. As Senior Vice President of R&D, Nina demonstrated her skill in transforming concept into product. Since her 2004 promotion to Chief Operating Officer, Nina has spearheaded the firm's entry into entertainment, education, and environmental management. In 2007, she headed The Women's Progress Foundation's annual list of the Top 10 Women in Business. ←SEMI-CANON
The Robotic Arm
Lab Access
Swears She Has A "Prescription"

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  • Does she have an on-going romantic relationship with Broyles?
  • What was she insinuating (Pilot) when she warned Olivia that she should know what she is getting in with The Pattern investigation?
  • Does she recognize Olivia (Pilot) at their "first" meeting?
  • When her arm malfunctions (Ability), is Olivia's ability causing the trouble?
  • Did William Bell hide a power cell in her robotic arm, or was that just to power the arm normally?
  • When she says she has known Peter since he was a small boy - is she referring to the child Walter buried, or the one he kidnapped?
  • Were she and William Bell romantically (The Box) involved in Tuscany?
  • What was in the letter (The Box) that she received from the executor of William Bell's estate?


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