Northwest Passage

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Northwest Passage
Season: 2 Episode: 21
Air Date: 06 May 2010
Written by: Zack Stentz
Ashley Miller
Nora Zuckerman
Lilla Zuckerman
Directed by: Joe Chappelle
Starring: Main Characters
Guest Cast: Martha Plimpton as Sheriff Mathis
Sebastian Roché as Thomas Newton
Patrick Gilmore as Bill Ferguson
Christine Chatelain as Krista Manning

Hamza Adam as Deputy
Mig Macario as Tucker
Paul Herbert as Tom
Marie West as Heather
Juan Riedinger as Craig Shoen
Darren Moore as Gun Store Owner
Scott Patey as Stock Boy
Christian Tessier as Newton's Aide

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Northwest Passage is the twenty-first episode of the second season of FRINGE. It first aired on May 6th, 2010. Peter teams up with Sheriff Ann Mathis in Noyo County, Washington, after being implicated in a bizarre murder. Still intent on hiding his location from the science team, he provides her accurate insight into the alternate universe perpetrators. Walter flounders at home, concerned he may be recommitted.


At the Hilltop Cafe in rural Noyo County, Washington, hostess Krista Manning serves one of her regulars, Raymond, a long-haul trucker headed for Oakland, CA. She tells him his burger will be ready soon and she gives him a CD of mixed songs she feels fits his personality. She wanders to the other side of the cafe, where a new patron has found time to catch her fancy. Peter Bishop resumes the conversation that they had previously started. He is hopelessly intrigued with the the CDs that Krista assembles for her regulars customers. She claims she knows what music tracks to put on the CD because of the aura of the recipient. Peter is new in town, but she maybe able to put a CD together for him based on his name and where he is from. She says she will drop off the CD at his motel later that evening, after her shift. After they agree to meet later, Peter leaves. Krista burns the CD she promised, locks after her shift and heads to her vehicle to leave. As she prepares to enter her car, she is approached by an individual. The heavy tractor-trailer traffic speeds by, and a few seconds later she and her assailant vanish into the night. Krista regains
..Home Of Famous Pie..
consciousness in a makeshift operating lab and is unable to move. She begs to know what is being done to her. Stop! A shadowy figure wearing surgical gloves stands over her... removing part of her brain through a hole in her skull.


In the lobby of the Drake's Bay Motel, Peter wakes-up at six in the morning after having spent the night on the couch there. Tom is behind the desk at the motel and tells Peter that the pretty girl he was waiting for never arrived the previous evening. Peter retires to his room and lays down. As soon as he closes his eyes, the phone rings. Peter picks up the phone thinking Krista has called, but only odd noises and distorted voices can be heard on the line.

After a short time in his room, Peter leaves town in his vehicle. He is having fun with his voice-activated navigation system
All I Had Was The Pie, I Swear
when he drives past the Hilltop Cafe where he had pie the night before. The parking lot is cordoned-off by law enforcement personnel and a dozen, or so, onlookers linger nearby what looks like a crime scene. Peter decides to stop and see what has happened. Sheriff Ann Mathis approaches him and introduces herself and Deputy Bill Ferguson. Peter identifies himself and confirms that he a customer at the cafe the previous night. Mathis asks if he remembers his waitress. Peter remembers Krista well... did something happen to her? Ferguson takes Peter's identification and walks to a patrol car to check the ID. Peter confirms that he and Krista had plans after her shift at the cafe, but she never showed up at his motel. The guy at the front desk can corroborate that Peter slept in the lobby all night while waiting. When Mathis leaves Peter alone for a minute, Peter sees Thomas Newton darting behind some of the loitering crowd and begins to move toward him. Newton appeared briefly before vanishing entirely. Mathis sees that Peter has moved from where she left him and wants to know who he was looking for in the crowd and where Peter thought he was going. Peter denies that he saw anyone... Mathis and Ferguson want to continue interviewing Peter, so they load him in the backseat of the patrol car and head off toward the station.

On the way to the station, Ferguson calls and checks on Peter's alibi at the motel. The deputy passes on Peter's decription and data - Peter corrects an oversight, he was registered under the name Stewart, not Bishop. Tom, at the motel, confirms Peter's alibi. Mathis wants to know why Peter was using an assumed name. Before Peter can reply, the Sheriff has a call from dispatch... search dogs found the body of a white female at the spillway near Route 219 and Mile-Marker Eight.

First Victim Dumped
← The Sheriff stops her vehicle on the bridge over the spillway near Route 219. She and her Deputy exit the vehicle and walk the length of the bridge to watch the forensics team tend to the corpse of Krista Manning as it rests in the shallow waters of the spillway. Peter waits in the restraining cage in the Sheriff's car and listens in as dispatch talks about the victim. Peter learns that a portion of the skull of the victim is missing.... Mathis returns and Peter asks to be let out of the vehicle. As Mathis tells him to be patient... he spills what he knows - he was listening to the radio, about the missing skull fragment -- Mathis has to ask the Coroner if the victim is missing part of her temporal lobe. Peter watches as Mathis moves down the bridge to ask his question. She quickly returns and asks how the hell he knew that, about the victim.


At the Sheriff's office, Ann Mathis and Bill Ferguson interview Peter to determine the level of his involvement in the Manning case. Peter tells them that he is a civilian consultant with the FBI whose field of expertise is the strange and inexplicable. Peter knew that as soon as the medical examiner confirmed that the victim had part of her temporal lobe missing, Newton was probably involved. He explains to Mathis that the FBI never
Civilian. Consulting. Pro Bono.
solved that case. Mathis assumes that is why Peter is in her county - to track down those responsible. Peter corrects her assumption - he thinks that Newton and his people are there to track him down. Peter is not sure why they want him, but he did see Newton earlier outside the Sheriff's crime scene at the Hilltop Cafe. He also thinks Newton called him at his motel when all he heard was static and a series of strange noises and clicks. More than that, Peter thinks they may have killed Krista in order to find him. Mathis and Ferguson do not understand how Manning's brain could relay where Peter was staying. Peter suspects that they could have extracted additional information about him from Krista's mind, details she didn't even know she had. Peter adds that the case is complicated and classified, however, he can demonstrate what he just explained to them. Mathis and Ferguson excuse themselves, she has to make a few phone calls. Peter takes the opportunity to use his cell phone and call Phillip Broyles. Broyles wants to know where Peter is, and if he is in trouble. Peter tells him where he is and gives warning that the Sheriff may be calling to verify his credentials at Fringe Division. Peter says he is not in trouble, but has offered his services in an investigation. Broyles tells Peter he will ask the Sheriff to extend him every courtesy. Peter only wants one other thing... Broyles can't tell Walter where Peter is, or that they have talked. Broyles agrees, wishes Peter well and says he will send someone to collect him, if he changes his mind.

At the Noyo County Morgue, Peter Bishop and Ann Mathis begin inspecting Krista Manning's body. Peter says the victim seemed nice - did the Sheriff know her? Mathis shares that Manning went to school with her sister. Peter begins the lesson he promised and turns the victims head to expose the extraction point in her skull. He continues -- the temporal lobe is responsible for memory and the brain is the greatest recording device ever created. Sights, sounds, smells, are all recorded in perfect detail. What is being done to the victims is the segement brain that holds all of the subtle details, like what was said, what clothing was worn, what time it was... is being taken so it can be read. Mathis wants to know why the criminals just didn't come for Peter, then comments, how pink the remaining brain tissue is. Peter says that is not normal and only happens when the body spikes adrenaline and it has to be metabolized. Mathis puts the pen she has been using to write notes behind her ear then leans over the corpse be get a better view of the critical wound. Her pen slides from her ear into a fluid collection tray with plasma in it. Peter retrieves the pen and begins to clean it. He notices the motto on the pen... "find the crack"? Mathis explains that the pen was a gift from Deputy Ferguson after their first case together. The saying on the pen reminds her that in the darkness, there's always a crack, it's how the light gets in.

Back at the Sheriff's office, Deputy Ferguson asks Peter to sign his statement, if is accurate. Peter signs and says he is changing accomodations - he will be at the Northwest Passage motel using the name Gene Cowan. Ferguson offers him an escort from law enforcement, since Peter seems to be a target of the criminals. Peter declines the escort, then leaves. He will be fine now that he knows with certainty that Newton is in the area. Mathis and Ferguson talk about Peter after he departs for the motel. As smart and knowing as Peter seems, Ferguson doesn't believe that Peter is entirely legitimate... why does the Sheriff trust Peter? She offers her only explanation - she is a good judge of character.

On the way to his new motel, Peter stops at a gun shop that is closed. He rings and is greeted through the peep slot in the door. Peter holds up a roll of cash and offers to make opening-up worthwhile. After checking-in at the Northwest Passage, Peter puts a large duffel bag on the bed and extracts a shotgun. Later, as he files the tips of the bullets for his 9-millimeter pistol, the phone rings. He answers and hears electronic static and distorted voices on the line. Concerned, he hangs up the phone only to have it start ringing again. He grabs the receiver quickly and angrily demands to know what they want from him. It's not Newton... Sheriff Mathis needs to talk to him. Peter is worried that someone learned of his whereabouts through her, or someone in her office. That's why she is calling Peter -- Deputy Ferguson has disappeared.


Peter joins the Sheriff in her office and learns that she hasn't spoken to Ferguson in two hours. She says Ferguson returned to the river bank and bridge where the victim was found. He feels he may have overlooked something there. Peter figures that Ferguson went missing about thirty minutes before he received the last odd phone call. The Sheriff wonders if they used her deputy to find Peter like they used Krista. She also wants to know what make Peter so special, and why they haven't abducted him. Peter claims he has no idea what it all means. Mathis wants to get serious and bring in Peter's FBI friends, they have expertise and resources. Peter believes that Newton will disappear as so as the FBI shows any presence in the matter. Mathis questions Peter's honesty in the matter. The phone calls he claims he received aren't on any records and apparently didn't happen. Peter reminds her how sophisticated the criminals are that they are after, and the technology to make phone calls disappear has been around since the 1970's, even he can do that. Peter softens his tone after studying her body language. She doesn't want him to be right because that means Deputy Ferguson is most likely dead. Mathis is growing frustrated... she can't verify anything he has told her because it is either classified or incredible. She is going to call The Bureau. Peter gets her to hold on her call by reminding her that her partner is missing, he did talk to Krista, and he did get the strange phone calls. If she calls for federal help, he is certain that they will never find Ferguson.

D-B-P Death By Pastry
← In a busy grocery store in Boston, Walter tends to his shopping in Peter's absence. Not coping well with his lonely existence, Walter starts to meltdown emotionally after reading the chemicals and preservatives associated with the toaster pastries he had intended to buy. He announces to everyone in earshot that the supermarket is trying to kill them. Potassium bromate causes renal cell tumors... mesotheliomas of the peritoneum! A well meaning stock clerk attempts to calm and assist Walter, but the Doctor continues his rant about delicious, strawberry-flavored death. After the clerk leaves to call security and a frightened mother shuttles her daughter away from Walter, he removes his reading glasses, wipes his brow and sits in the aisle, devastated by his own emotional outburst

At the Bishop house, Olivia leads Walter and Astrid in through the front door. Walter is incensed that he was made to wait at the police station -- it's the makers of the toaster pastries that should be in jail. Astrid secures the front door then reminds Walter that he is home and safe. She walks to join him and notices how grossly disheveled the house has become since Peter fled the hospital. Astrid checks the nearly empty refrigerator and asks why Walter he tell her he needed help. He insist that he needs to learn to care for myself, in case Peter does not return. More that that, Walter fears that he will be returned to St. Claire's Hospital if he can't function in the real-world by himself. Olivia assures him she won't let them take him back to the mental care facility.

Taking A Shot At Peter
Sheriff Mathis and Peter return to the remote bridge where Krista Manning was found. Mathis tells him that this is the last place the missing Deputy Ferguson said he was going, but she doesn't know if he made it here or not, the Deputy does not always follow protocol and report in when he has arrived somewhere. Ann and Peter separate and head to opposite ends of the bridge. Peter stops and studies a gum wrapper left on the bridge, then hears the same odd noises he heard on the phone. Something in the woods catches his eye and he runs to the edge of a clearing where Thomas Newton and his assistant are standing. The assistant adjusts a handheld device and the noise stops. Newton raises a weapon and fires a large dart at Peter. Nearly struck by the dart, Peter pulls his pistol and fires back... his targets immediately vanish into the dense evergreen forest.


Alone on the bridge, Sheriff Mathis hears a gunshot from the nearby forest. She runs toward the commotion with her pistol drawn, calling and trying to locate Peter. As Mathis starts her search for Peter, he continues to try and stalk Thomas Newton. Peter briefly catches a glimpse of Newton as Newton dashes between trees in the dense undergrowth. Peter runs after Newton, then stops to survey the area when he hears the same odd electronic noises he heard when he was phoned at the motel. Mathis finds Peter and asks him what he saw. Peter tells her he saw Newton and one other man. He wants to know why she didn't see them... they should have run right past her.

Deep in the woods, Peter approaches the Sheriff, then becomes very suspicious when he sees blood on her jacket sleeve. He levels his pistol at her, and she returns the favor - wanting to know what he is doing. He demands to know who she is. She repeats her demand, for him to lower his weapon. Peter thinks he may be facing one of the shape-shifters and decides to test for knowledge. He wants to know what she dropped in the morgue, and who gave her the object she dropped? Pistols still pointing at one another, she blurts that she dropped the pen that Deputy Ferguson gave her. Not completely convinced yet, Peter wants to know why she has blood on her jacket. Mathis tells him she injured her wrist when she fell while running. Peter asks to see the injury, he needs to know that her blood is red. She shows him, curious as to what other color her blood might be. They both holster their weapons and end the stand-off.

Back at the Sheriff's vehicle on the bridge, Peter dresses Ann Mathis' wrist wound and
Injury Repair & Honest Answers
answers her questions about the shape-shifters he just told told her about. They are based on a technology unlike anything ever seen before. Ann Mathis confides a little about herself following Peter's revelation. She believes in the unknown... she read books about UFOs and conspiracy theories. Regardless, she questions Peter's veracity and wonders if he is not completely off his rocker. He says he saw two men in the woods - but she didn't, and - they didn't recover the dart that was shot at Peter. Peter believes Newton retrieved his own dart, and Peter also understands how events might look from her point of view, but he is not hallucinating or paranoid, or even questioning his own sanity. Peter detects something in the Sheriff's tone and manner - she seems a touch desperate, the missing Deputy Ferguson isn't just her law enforcement partner, they are emotionally involved. She concedes his observation. Mathis has been trying to rationalize that Ferguson is still alive, but she won't believe he is dead until she sees his body. She answers her cell phone and learns of a new crime.

Ann Mathis and Peter Bishop arrive at the new crime scene and exit her vehicle to join the Deputies surrounding the victim. Mathis hesitates and Peter offers to check and see if it is Deputy Ferguson that was murdered. Mathis declines the offer and walks to where the victim was hastily dumped at the edge of the rock quarry. The victim is female and has part of her skull missing. Peter does not recognize her.

Back at her office, Sheriff Mathis interviews Heather. The latest victim is her sister, Gwynn. They were supposed to meet the previous evening, but when Gwynn did not show at her sister's place, Heather figured that she must have been too tired to visit. Peter asks a few questions to try and determine if he had crossed paths when Gwynn recently -- making her a target for Newton. Could Gwynn have been at the Hill-Top Cafe? Did she frequent the gas station over on Route 202? Or the Drake's Bay Motel? Heather doesn't believe so. Sheriff Mathis halts Peter's line of questioning when it becomes obvious that Heather doesn't have the answers that Peter is looking for.

At the Bishop's home, Astrid has joined Walter in the kitchen to help clean dishes and to restore order to the chaos of Walter's life. Walter puts a record on the phonograph, takes a bite from his frosty fudge bar, then returns to drying the dishes Astrid has just cleaned. He asserts that the Hadron Super Collider is less complicated than his dishwasher. Astrid prods him... the dishwasher works fine if you don't use laundry detergent in it. Walter takes his medicine and concedes that after her years of training to become a Federal Agent, he doubts she had dreams of babysitting a helpless old man. She doesn't consider him helpless - just a little disorganized. Astrid hands him the miniature double-decker toy car he took from the Zelazney Building and Walter suddenly becomes excited and terse. He has an idea... objects from the other universe have a distinctive energy signature, a glimmer. It may be possible to build a new device to read that energy. Since Peter emits that same glimmer, they can use the device to help find him.

Mathis drives along a dark, all-season
Victim's Truck Located
road through the forest as Peter thinks aloud about when he may have seen the latest victim. He may not have seen her, but she would have to have seen him to be of value to Newton. She had to have had some knowledge that they needed. Mathis wants Peter to grab his things from the motel, get some food, then move Peter to her house to spend the night. Peter is the only lead in the case and the effort to recover Deputy Ferguson... the Sheriff wants Peter safe with her. Ahead, on the side of the road, an old pick-up truck matching the description of the latest victim's vehicle has been abandoned. The driver's window is rolled-down and the glove compartment is open - it appears that someone from law enforcement stopped her. Or someone pretending to be a cop. Peter notes that the shape-shifters do exploit the situation by adopting the appearance of authority figures. Mathis grows frustrated and wants to contact the FBI. She is scared for Bill and wonders if she made a mistake by not calling the FBI in the first place. Peter convinces Ann to hold-off on her call, he has an idea on how to find Newton now that he knows where the second victim was abducted from.


At the county morgue, Peter has an idea on how to recover useful
Adrenaline Rush For The Sheriff
data from the two deceased women. He explains his idea to Sheriff Mathis by comparing the body to blackboxes, or a flight data recorder on an airplane. The human body collects data in its' muscle tissue. The two victims must have flooded their systems with adrenaline during their abductions, and then again when they were operated on and dying. The rate of re-absorption delineates when the massive adrenaline bursts were first produced. The second spike of adrenaline will tell how long they were held before they were killed. Since they already know where the girls were abducted, they then can figure the interval to when and where they were killed. Peter tells Mathis that they will need a control sample of adrenaline. He asks her to place something in the centriguge behind her, and when she does, he fires his pistol into the ceiling to startle her. Shocked, the Sheriff quickly turns and starts to unholster her pistol. Peter profusely apologizes... he scared her because she is the (unwitting) adrenaline control sample he needs. Peter holds-up a large biopsy needle and tells her he is going need to a tissue sample.

At the Federal Building, Broyle's sits behind a desk and asks Olivia how Walter is managing. Olivia tells Broyles that Peter's absence has been difficult for Walter, and that he is concerned that he will be sent back to St. Claire's. Broyle's wants to know if Walter will be able to function if Peter does not return. Olivia, certain that Peter will come back, studies Broyles for a second, reads his body language, then confronts her supervisor directly -- Does he know something about Peter? Has he spoken to Peter?

Back at the morgue in Noyo County, Peter has calculated that the adrenaline spikes from the first victim were forty-two minutes apart, and fifty-seven minutes apart for the second victim. Peter uses a compass to calculate on a map that, at a safe rate of speed from the opposites sides of Noyo County where the two woman were abducted, the probable location of Newton is a narrow strip of land where the two circles from the victims overlap. Mathis questions his method - he is assuming that the victims were killed in the same location. Peter defends his analysis... complex medical equipment was used to operate on the victim's, and it's not easy to move an operating room. It is just easier bring the victims to a specified location... someplace out of the way. Sheriff Mathis points to the narrow target area on Peter's map and recognizes the derelict dairy farm there as out of the way.

Not The Craig's List You Want To Be On
and Bishop drive up the access road to the rural dairy and stop short of the caretakers trailer. They exit the squad car and continue on foot. Peter cautions Mathis to ask questions that only the caretaker would know - something a shape-shifter could never know. The Sheriff greets Craig and she recall that he and her sister were in choir at school together. When she mentions the wrong school, he comments on her good memory, but amends her recollection with the correct school, passing her shape-shifter test in process. How he can help her today? She wants to know if there could be people up the hill at the derelict farm buildings. Craig is not certain, he doesn't go to that part of the property much since the dairy closed.
Inside his trailer, Craig shows the investigators a blueprint of the property that highlights the main structures on the hill. The
Mixed Tape From Krista
milking parlors, barns, and holding stalls are all good places to hide and are going to be hard to search quickly. Mathis says she is going to call for back-up to help with the search, then leaves the trailer to return to her vehicle to make the call. Craig offers to help with search, but Peter tells he think it would best for Craig to stay at the trailer. Craig tells Peter he will get him the keys that he will need for the search, then heads into another to retrieve them. Peter secures the map, turns and checks on Mathis through the window, then stands-up and notices something on the shelf. In a file box is the Compact Disc that the first victim made for him - "Peter From Boston". Peter turns quickly and sees Craig dashing toward him, preparing to strike him with a hammer.


Peter avoids getting clubed with the hammer, wrestles Craig to the ground, punches him in the face a few times and demands to know who Craig is and where Newton is. Sheriff Mathis rushes in and tells Peter to stop. Craig admits he wanted to be close to the girls, but he couldn't stop. Mathis demands to know where Deputy Bill Ferguson is and what has been done to him.

Up on the hill in one of the derelict dairy buildings, Mathis and Bishop search one of the darkened outbuildings - one that is full of medical equipment. With here weapon drawn and her flashlight probing the dark corners of each room, Ann Mathis calls for Bill. She finds him, still breathing. Peter inspects the officers skull, finds ink marks for an incision, but Deputy Ferguson has not been operated. Peter leaves the makeshift operating room to call for an ambulance. Sheriff Mathis holds and comforts her good friend.

Standing outside the dairy after her back-up forces have arrived, Ann approaches Peter as he rinses the blood from his hands. He doesn't know what to say to her. She tells him he saved her partners' life and tracked a killer - what else is there to say? She feels for him, knowing that he is lost and trying to find his path in life. She tells him, whatever he can't or won't tell her about himself... she gets the impression that he is looking for
Looking For Meaning In Things That Have No Meaning
meaning - in things that have no meaning. She felt alone for so long after he family was murdered, but has now found her place. She assures him that he will find his place one day, then gifts him with her favorite pen - "Find The Crack". Find the crack in the darkness, that's where the light will come in.

In Walter's lab, he and Astrid are finishing work on the device he imagines will be able to detect objects with the energy signature of the alternate universe. Astrid has prepared the spectrograph, then double-checks Walter's work. He has entered the wrong numbers. Walter says the numbers are correct, but Astrid insist that they are not. Astrid realizes that Walter's error was intentional, he is not serious about finding Peter. Walter admits that he is worried Peter will not forgive him. Walter clings to his hope for forgiveness and his hope that Peter will come to understand why Walter did the things he did. Olivia returns to the lab from Broyles office with news. Peter is in Washington and she wants Walter to join her on a trip there.

Say Hello To My Little Friend
Peter settles into his room at the Northwest Passage Motel, dons his earphones and puts head to pillow on his bed to relax and listen to the CD music that Krista Manning assembled for him. He rests his eyes for just a few seconds, opens them, and is startled to find Thomas Newton standing a few feet from his bed. Peter bolts up and starts for his weapon. Newton points a pistol directly at Peter and quietly encourages him to cease. Newton turns his head and summons "Mister Secretary" from the hallway. In walks the cool, collected and identical version of Walter Bishop. He starts the conversation... "Hello Son."


"You saved Bill's life, and you tracked a killer - what else is there to say? I wish there was something I could do for you. Whatever your experiences are, whatever you can't, or won't tell me about... I think you're looking for meaning in things that... have no meaning." - Sheriff Mathis (to Peter, sharing a poignant observation about their short case together)


  • The Observer stands with the crowd behind the crime scene tape outside of the Hill-Top Cafe during Peter's initial interview with Sheriff Mathis.
  • Historically, the "Northwest Passage" is a sea route through the Arctic Ocean, along the northern coast of Canada and its' islands. It was sought by explorers for centuries as a fair weather trade route between the Pacific Basin and Europe. In previous centuries, this shortcut saved months on a sailing voyage between the two regions, but at a great risk to sailor's life among the treacherous ice packs and volatile weather.
  • The working title Northwest Passage evolved into the popular cult television show Twin Peaks and was, like Noyo County, set in the rural woods of Washington State. The working title was adjusted to deconflict with the name of a real city.
  • In the context of the show, "Northwest Passage" is the name of the hotel Peter moves to when he spends more time in Noyo County than planned. Newton and Mister Secretary locate him there.
  • Peter offers his next assumed name as Gene Cowan... word play about his good friend back at the lab - Gene The Cow.
  • Peter picks up a Bazooka Joe bubble gum wrapper with a foreshadowing punchline - "You can't get THERE - from HERE" - different from the original wrapper.
Recurring Themes
  • Non-Voluntary Brain Surgery. The unsolicited surgical acts against Krista and Gwynn were similar to actions taken by Newton in Grey Matters, however, Newton made an effort to insure the recovery of those patients.
  • Shapeshifters. Peter explains to Mathis that shapeshifters have different blood color and may assume the body form of authority figures.
Episode References


    Walter's game of Operation with Ella (Brown Betty) foreshadowed the makeshift medical procedures in this episode.


Midnight Rider by The Allman Brothers Band
Classical Gas by Mason Williams
She's Doing Fine by Violet Sedan Chair
Is There A Ghost? by Band Of Horses


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  • Was Thomas Newton recovering sections of brain in Noyo County to place them in Mister Secretary?
    • If so, were they originally extracted from Mister Secretary, then planted in the Noyo County victims?
  • Was Thomas Newton removing brain pieces from the victims at the dairy farm, or was it the work of the owner, Craig?
  • Did the handheld device causing the odd noises locate Peter, as he suspected?
    • Did the device allow for Newton and his associate to rapidly vanish or camouflage?
  • What was the intent of Newton when he attempted to dart Peter?
  • When Peter sees Newton nearby, then vanish, is Peter hallucinating?
    • Is he in a dream state when he meets Newton and Walternate?
    • Is he sensing activities in the alternate universe?
    • Did the music on his CD influence his mental state/awareness?
    • Did the garbled phone calls he receive induce hallucination?


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Season 5 : Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11In AbsentiaThe RecordistThe Bullet That Saved The WorldAn Origin StoryThrough The Looking Glass And What Walter Found ThereFive-Twenty-TenThe Human KindBlack BlotterAnomaly XB-6783746The Boy Must LiveLibertyAn Enemy Of FateSeason 4 : Neither Here Nor ThereOne Night In OctoberAlone In The WorldSubject 9NovationAnd Those We've Left BehindWallflowerBack To Where You've Never BeenEnemy Of My EnemyForced PerspectiveMaking AngelsWelcome To WestfieldA Better Human BeingThe End Of All ThingsA Short Story About LoveNothing As It SeemsEverything In Its Right PlaceThe ConsultantLetters Of TransitWorlds ApartBrave New World, Part 1Brave New World, Part 2Season 3 : OliviaThe BoxThe PlateauDo Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?Amber 314226955 kHzThe AbductedEntradaMarionetteThe FireflyReciprocityConcentrate And Ask AgainImmortality6BSubject 13OsStowawayBloodlineLysergic Acid Diethylamide6:02 AM ESTThe Last Sam WeissThe Day We DiedSeason 2 : A New Day In The Old TownNight Of Desirable ObjectsFractureMomentum DeferredDream LogicEarthlingOf Human ActionAugustSnakeheadGrey MattersUnearthedJohari WindowWhat Lies BelowThe Bishop RevivalJacksonvillePeterOlivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.White TulipThe Man From The Other SideBrown BettyNorthwest PassageOver There, Part 1Over There, Part 2Season 1 : PilotThe Same Old StoryThe Ghost NetworkThe ArrivalPower HungryThe CureIn Which We Meet Mr. JonesThe EquationThe DreamscapeSafeBoundThe No-BrainerThe TransformationAbilityInner ChildUnleashedBad DreamsMidnightThe Road Not TakenThere's More Than One Of Everything