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Profession:  FBI Senior Agent Portrayed by:
Anna Torv
Also Known As:  "Sweetheart", "Liaison", " "Liv", "Olive", "Livvy", "Han"
Family:  Henrietta - daughter, Rachel - sister, Ella - niece, Marilyn Dunham - mom, Greg Blake - brother in law
Peter - soulmate/significant other, Missy - aunt, Eddie - grandfather, stepfather - name unknown,
Walter - father in law
Connections:  John Scott, Lucas Vogel, Col Henry Jacobson, Nick Lane, William Bell, Sam Weiss, Marilyn Dunham, Cameron James, Henry Higgins, Christopher Broyles, Simon Phillips
Status:  Well and Content with Peter and her pre-school daughter after enjoying a sunny afternoon in the park ~ 14 November 2015
Remarks:  Appears to have her life and family firmly re-established in the final timeline that contains no Observer threat
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Olivia Dunham is a 'uniquely qualified' FBI Agent with a 'by-name' assignment to the Fringe Division multi-agency task force,
Targeted By Jones (Safe) - 2008
Having A Less Than Stellar Cortexiphan Day (Subject 13) - 1986 portrayed by Karley Collins
Seconds From Death In Original Timeline (The Day We Died) - 2026
with the mission to respond to the events known as The Pattern, the Observer Invasion, and to collaborate with the forces from the alternate universe who previously prepared to destroy her universe. In all timelines, in this universe, she has been tasked with harnessing the talents of Doctor Walter Bishop toward the greater good, following his extraction from the Saint Claire's mental health facility in Northeast Massachusetts. She reins the talents of Peter Bishop, as well, in directing his father, Walter, and together they discover the common background they have shared in youth and the uncommon karmic fate they must endure in the future, if mankind is to survive the onslaught of megalomaniacs and time-travelling fascists it will surely be challenged with. Olivia's only offspring, Henrietta, plays a key role in combatting the onslaught following The Purge of November 2015, and the entire Bishop-Dunham clan suffers with the outcome. Along life's path, Olivia discovers, rediscovers and eventually willingly manages her unique, Cortexiphan-induced, paranormal abilities for the benefit of global, and trans-universal, good. The price she pays is enormous though, as she must prophetically lose her life in each destiny where she manifests her latent talents.

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  Senior Federal Law Enforcement Investigator assigned to the Fringe Division Science Team.

  Dunham was involved in an intimate relationship with her work partner, John Scott, in the year leading up to the Flight 627 incident (Pilot). They were sharing a bed at an unidentified motel at the time the plane made its automated landing. When Olivia's cell phone rang, she addressed the caller as "sir" and immediately dressed and left the motel. She was later annoyed when Broyles trivialized her participation in the investigation by referring to her as "liaison" in a sarcastic tone, sending her on what appeared to be a useless inquiry at a storage facility and quibbling over her identification of Walter Bishop as a potentially valuable person. While investigating, Olivia has her first encounter with Nina Sharp, who mentions The Pattern. By the end of the first episode, Olivia had won Broyles' respect.

  When assigned to investigate the death of a woman who died giving birth of baby who, in turn, died of old age within three hours, Olivia recognized similarities to a serial murder case she and John Scott had worked. The serial murderer killed his victims to remove their pituitary glands. Olivia has her second encounter with Nina when the Science Team needs to borrow a high technology camera. While waiting to see Nina, Olivia imagined Broyles asking her if she was "safe" the last time she was intimate. She was startled, then entered a dream sequence in which she became pregnant nearly
Belated Grief Over Charlie's Death During A Solo Trip To His Grave
to term; the dream ended when Nina's assistant announced that Sharp was available to talk to Olivia. After tracking down the killer, who was unable to acquire enough pituitary glands to prevent his aging. Olivia watches as the man dies of old age. Olivia is surprised when, upon returning the camera to Massive Dynamic, Nina offers her a job at Massive Dynamic, luring her away from her Federal law enforcement duties.

  On her birthday (The Cure) she received an envelope with no postage containing an unsigned card. The message on the card was "Thinking of you."

↖ Before his death, Dunham confided in her friend, Senior Agent Charlie Francis, who was aware of her secretive relationship. He consoled her on the loss of
First People Poster Girl For Trans-Universal Harmony circa 1 Million B.C.
Regaining Original Timeline Memories In Adjusted Timeline (A Better Human Being) - 2012
Agent Scott.

  She has travelled to the alternate universe multiple times, covertly and overtly, and has met with William Bell and most of that universe's Fringe Division counterparts. She has been captured by US Secretary of Defense Bishop, who attempted to implant the memories of his Agent Dunham in her.

↙ She is pivotal in the battle between the two universes, and the alliance formed in the aftermath of the conflict. With the help of Sam Weiss (The Last Sam Weiss), she decodes the multi-lingual vaguery from the The First People books that the Weiss men have published over the centuries, under assumed anagrammatic nǒms de plume. Together they find the hidden clues to the Wave Sink Device in recovered museum treasure that was buried by pre-ancient humanity - and where the device's owner manual contains nothing other that a perpetual loop drawing of her and Peter. They are the non-volatile ways and means with which to save this universe and the parallel one synchronized with this one.


  When she was three years old, Olivia lived in military base housing near Jacksonville, Florida, where her father was stationed. During a telephone conversation with Nina Sharp (Ability),
The Nightmarish Remnants Of Youthful Drug Testing
she learns that a small trial of the drug Cortexiphan, previously thought to have been tried only in Ohio, was held in Jacksonville, using school children as test subjects. Her induced abilities from the testing resulted in frequent emotional stress,
Emotional. Projecting Her Pyrokinetic Talents
Captured By Rural Natives To Collect An Observer Bounty (The Human Kind) - 2036
duress and angst and typically manifested as a small local burst of pyro-kinetic projection around her.

  As a child, Olivia suffered because her stepfather, when drunk, would abuse her mother after accusing her of seeing other men. Olivia's mother never reported the assaults to the police. When Olivia was nine, her stepfather broke her mother's nose and left the house, driving away. Olivia heard her stepfather's car returning; she picked up his handgun and shot him twice when he entered the house. She regrets not having killed him. He recovered from his wounds and one day, without warning, departed for an unknown destination. Olivia told Peter that she first knew what she wanted to do in life since she was nine.

  At some point, Olivia attended boarding school (Safe).

  While serving as a US Marine Corps special investigator, Dunham helped prosecute the former best friend of her current supervisor, DHS Special Agent Phillip Broyles. Charges involved the assault of three Marine Corps privates.

  At some point in her life, Olivia developed an innate talent of remembering complex sequences of numbers and card-counting.

  On her birthday, Olivia receives hand-delivered mail from her estranged stepfather to remind her that he is still out there somewhere.

  While abducted (Bound), Olivia received a spinal tap ordered by David Jones to determine if she had Cortexiphan in her system. The results were positive.

  In the expanded original timeline to 2026, something that only Peter experienced, Olivia has mastered her telekinetic manipulation to the point that she can summon it quickly, and on demand, to prevent even simple, non-emotional accidents. She grabs a large moving container marked fragile in mid-tippage, saving Walter's precious contents and preventing his ire. (The Day We Died)

Adjusted Background

Initially Reluctant To Accept Peter's Claim Of Sovereign Boy Friend Status In A Timeline Where He Had Died Two And A Half Decades Earlier - She Eventually Adopts 'Shipper' Reasoning
  • She shares that she had run-away as a child, and seeks maternal comfort from Nina who jokes about the awkwardness of a high school boy asking her to the prom. (Subject 9)
  • She tells Lee that she and her sister were kept from entering the foster care system by Nina after their mother died. (Novation)

Adjusted Timeline

  • She draws all
    Taking A Bullet To The Forehead To Save Two Worlds - (BNW, Pt2)
    Preparing To Drain All Electricity From The Grid To Defeat Captain Windmark And His Occupying Forces - (An Enemy Of Fate)
    of the electricity from the surrounding fixtures in the abandoned hospital she is being held in - killing Leland Spivey and sending David Jones and the alternate Nina Sharp, fleeing for safety back across their trans-dimensional portal to the parallel universe. (The End Of All Things)
  • She telekinetically choreographs Peter's hand-to-hand combat with Jones after Bishop dislocates his shoulder. (Brave New World, Part 1)
  • She grabs three hyper-velocity bullets in mid-flight and directs them back at Jessica Holt. (Brave New World, Part 2)
  • She jumps from a helicopter holding Peter's hand and crosses the trans-dimensional brane between universes to land on a cargo ship. (Brave New World, Part 2)
  • She is utilized by Bell to power the harmonic collapse between universes after the Liberty Island Bridge is deactivated. (Brave New World, Part 2)
  • She regenerates her: damaged brain, gunshot wound to the forehead, and stab to the brain stem... resurrecting herself from death after Walter kills her to save both universes collapsing on themselves and generating Bell's new universe. (Brave New World, Part 2)
  • She spends twenty years in Amber as a means to avoid capture by the invading Observers and is liberated by the rest of the team to finish the eradication effort against the oppressive regime. (In Absentia)
  • She drains power from the entire NYC power grid to defeat Windmark and protect Walter and young Michael's departure for the 22nd century. (An Enemy Of Fate)


"I've been trained for a lot - hostage crises, terror campaigns, suicide bombers, chemicals attacks, but, you know the things I have seen since I started working for you... If I'm gonna do this job, I need to know what it is I'm dealing with." - to Broyles (trying to convince him she needs more disclosure from him. (The Ghost Network) )

"What you said before... I know what it's like to have a hole in my life. It's been there as long as I can remember. I told you about the incident on the plane. After that, Broyles asked us to join Fringe Division, and somehow I knew that this is where I would find... my answers." - to Agent Lee (on his first day in the division, consoling philosophy after the deeply personal loss of a fellow agent and good friend. (Neither Here Nor There) )

"Nina, our universe is breaking down. If this man has any information about the Machine, then I need to know who he is and what he told you." - to Nina (trying to save the two universes, only to learn a few seconds later that she is very familiar with the First People hero of the day - Sam Weiss. (Brave New World, Part 1) )

"I met a woman today. She'd just lost her husband, and as she was talking about him and her marriage, as much as she wanted to be, she -- she wasn't in love. As I was listening to her... I realized what she was saying. She had let go of the possibility of love... of finding love. And I could see myself in her. I didn't like who I was. Now, all of these... memories and feelings that I'm experiencing, they're from a -- a better version of me. I've decided to let things run their course." - to Nina (releasing herself to the metaphysical transition that Peter brought with his return from non-existence - course correcting the universe and the paradox that them not being together caused. (A Short Story About Love) )

"I don't know what's happening to me. What I'm becoming. I've got this -- this power inside me that terrifies me because I don't understand it, and I just -- I just want it out." - to Peter (fearful at the Cortexiphan powers she is just now manifesting in the adjusted timeline following his metaphysical return, and the paradox that was always meant to be corrected. (Brave New World, Part 1))

"I don't know your world. But I had hoped for you that, wherever you were, you weren't hardened by what had happened to you. And it's not that I don't see what the Observers have brought, I do. But what concerns me more is what they've taken away." - to Henrietta (reflecting on the decades they spent apart after the Purge, hoping that her daughter had retained some humanity and compassion through all of the unending oppression. (In Absentia) )

"I wanted so much to be a mother, but... I just... didn't think that I was programmed that way. That I was... destined for something else. Ever since I was a kid, ever since the Cortexiphan Trials, I just... I was at odds. So how could I have this incredible little girl? So, when we lost her, I felt like that was my punishment... my punishment for being too conflicted to appreciate her when we had her." - to Peter (reflecting on their relationship split after Henrietta disappeared during the Observer invasion and the separate paths they pursued in their grief. (The Recordist) )

"I’ve lost you before over this, and I’m not gonna let that happen again. Now, your thinking is way ahead of mine - I understand that, but the fact that I am here has got nothing to do with anything except feeling. And soon, you're not gonna be able to feel anything, Not for me, not for ‘Etta." - to Peter (trying to coax him to remove the Observer tech implant in his brain stem before he totally disassociates with his own humanity. (The Human Kind) )


  • Olivia Dunham was named Olivia Warren in the developmental, pre-(Pilot) script.
  • Olivia's apartment is: 1124 Strathmore Blvd, Brighton, MA 02135 (The No-Brainer)
  • Olivia's office number was 2168 (Pilot)... then 3233 (Power Hungry).
  • Olivia offered 7-18-6-22-7-9 to identify herself when she needed to have her cell phone traced (The Arrival).
  • Olivia introduces herself to David Esterbrook as Amanda Bennet (The Cure) after selecting Bennet's name tag from an unattended table.
  • Olivia speaks German fluently (In Which We Meet Mr. Jones).
  • Olivia had oboe lessons for six months (The Equation).
  • Olivia introduces herself to a bartender (Safe) as Stephanie.
  • Olivia speaks Mandarin (Midnight).
  • Olivia understands and speaks some Arabic (Fracture).
  • Olivia has Peter Bishop on speed dial behind her sister Rachel and Mr. Iyer from the Indian take-out place (Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.).
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  • Why was she hesitant to tell John Scott that she loved him? (Pilot)
  • Why did she see her Uncle's kayak during her vision of John? (Pilot)
  • Why did her uncle's kayak have the Circles? (Pilot)
  • Who sends her unsigned cards on her birthday? (The Cure)
  • Was she able to survive near brain death because of latent Cortexiphan in her system? (A New Day In The Old Town)
  • Is her superior memory as an adult a result of Cortexiphan testing as a child? (Jacksonville)
  • Is VPE Eclampsia exclusive to the alternate universe? (Bloodline)


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