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Profession:  Agent. Fringe Division Team Member Portrayed by:
Anna Torv
Also Known As:  Bolivia - (by the creative staff),
Liv - (by friends),
Mata Hari, Fauxlivia, The Viper - (by Walter)
Family:  Marilyn - mother, Henry - infant son (in original timeline)
Connections:  Agent Lee - current romantic interest,
Frank Stanton - former romantic interest,
Peter Bishop - Henry's father, former romantic victim
Seen In:  22 of 100 episodes
Status:  Alive. Still active at the alternate Fringe Division
Remarks:  Long-term relationship with Lee into 2036 before Observers erased from 2015
Images of Bolivia Dunham    Alternate Version    


Bolivia Dunham is an Agent for the alternate universe's Fringe Division.

In Over There, Part 1, Bolivia serves with Captain Lincoln Lee and Agent Charlie Francis in the alternate universe Fringe Division. Their mission includes locating and assessing inter-dimensional rifts between universes, establishing quarantines when rifts occur, and apprehending individuals that have crossed the rift. She shoots Walter as he escapes an ambush.

In Over There, Part 2, Secretary Bishop gaves her a special mission independent of her team. He has her switch places with Olivia Dunham at the Opera House, in order to infiltrate this universe. As a result, she crosses through the portal with Walter and Peter without raising suspicion.

In Olivia, she rests with Walter outside of a US Congressional building while Peter finishes debriefing his experiences and impressions of the alternate universe. She kisses Peter when he joins her and Walter.

In The Box, Bolivia had her neck tattoo removed with the help of Thomas Newton. She tasks Newton to procure The Box, hidden in a house in Milton. She tasks herself to learn popular culture and to absorb information about the Science Team & Fringe Division. She reports back on the status of the mission to the parallel universe using the Selectric 251 typewriter used by shape-shifters.

In Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?, she and Peter continue to grow close and intimate. She spends most of her time trying to cover for Thomas Newton after he bungles his attempt to extract a captured shapeshifter. She provides Newton a destructive tablet to consume once he is captured.

In 6955 kHz, she secretly works with shapeshifter Joseph Feller to catch the attention of the Fringe team and eventually locate pieces of the Wave Sink Device.

In The Abducted, she made wild (and incorrect) guesses on the featured star, and ending, of Casablanca movie.

In Entrada, her cover was blown after Peter receives a call from a cleaning lady that Olivia's is in the alternate universe. In her final mission, she stole a piece of the recovered items for the Wave Sink Device and ordered a store owner to hand the item to The Librarian. In Penn Station, she uses her accomplice as the hostage, but failed to escape after Peter figured out that her hostage was a shapeshifter. She successfully crossed over to her universe, with the help of the implanted harmonic rods.

In Immortality, she accepted her boyfriend's marriage proposal, became ill during a mission, learned that she is pregnant on the way to the hospital, learned that her pregnancy probably occurred while she and her boyfriend were apart on separate missions, was abandoned in the hospital with her wedding engagement cancelled, her boyfriend moved out of the apartment they shared while she was in the hospital, and she has gained the support of the Secretary of Defense for her unborn infant.

In 6B, she and Lincoln Lee investigate the anomaly at the Rosencrantz building. They assume the anomaly has resolved itself when Olivia and Peter convince Alice Merchant to break the quantum entanglement between her and Derek Merchant.

In Bloodline, she was given drugs to accelerate her pregnancy. This kept her and her newborn son alive-she has VPE, but the virus couldn't multiply fast enough to kill her.

In 6:02 AM EST, she came to suspect Secretary Bishop's intent to destroy this universe, then infiltrated Brandon's lab on Liberty Island to take what she needed to cross between universes to warn Peter and convince him to heal both universes. She was captured, then placed in confinement by Secretary Bishop.

In The Day We Died, she is brought from confinement to deactivate the Wave Sink Device, and deliberately vexes Secretary Bishop on how his counterparts in the parallel universe have outsmarted him. She travels to this universe with those near the device when Peter makes a choice to establish a bridge between worlds and save both of the universes.

In Neither Here Nor There, she exchanges case files with Olivia and briefly squabbles with her about the others lack of ethics and morality. Later, she accepts the newly discovered bio-mechanical component from Olivia to take back to her universe and research.

In One Night In October, she brings Olivia back to her universe to solve a complex murder case. While Lincoln Lee and Olivia listen-in, she poses as Olivia to deliberately fool the subject matter expert Olivia brought with her.

In Back To Where You've Never Been, she investigates the breach at the opera house, then apprehends Peter and Agent Lee. Suspicious of a potential conspiracy, she and Captain Lee do not formally process their prisoner, Agent Lee. Instead they follow a call trace to an abandoned industrial area.

In Enemy Of My Enemy, she locates and arrests David Jones in his shape-shifter lab. Later, after Jones' release, she loses her track on him as he evades authorities. She is part of the fruitless assault of the Amphilicite quarry in her universe.

In Making Angels, she visits Walter's lab in this universe to retreive Agent Farnsworth. In the process, she soothes some of the bad-will Walter had invested in her. She leaves with Farnsworth and the beginnings of a tenuous working relationship with Walter.

In Everything In Its Right Place, she escorts Agent Lee during the investigation and eliminates Captain Lee's assassin with a single sniper shot.

In The Consultant, she hosts Walter during his visit and forensics testing then arrests and incarcerates Colonel Broyles for multiple felonies.

In Liberty, she aides and abets Olivia's infilitration into the Liberty Island facility housing the Observer progeny, and the rescue that exfiltrated back through the alternate universe.


  • Won an Olympic medal for marksmanship.
  • Joined the Fringe Division of the Department of Defense circa late 2008/early 2009.
  • She and her mother consider their old home in Tarrytown, New York, as her safe house.
  • She was romantically involved with Frank Stanton until he learned of her pregnancy by Peter Bishop.
  • Her sister died from alternate universe disease VPE while giving birth.
  • She tested positive for VPE and nearly died while delivering Henry.

Adjusted Background

  • Changes her hair color (One Night In October) to blonde, for the case, then tells Lincoln that Frank prefers it red... suggesting they are romantically involved.
  • Appears for the first time in military dress uniform at the rank of Lieutenant (The Consultant) in attendance at Captain Lincoln Lee's funeral. The uniform, clearly marked with Fringe Division insignia, is not fully consistent with any comparable DoD uniform in this universe.


"This isn't just an assignment, is it? Are you two a couple? Is that what this is about?" - to Olivia, (assessing her relationship with Peter) (Over There, Part 2)

"Well, there are plenty of machines here. I can befriend a vacuum cleaner" - to Thomas Newton, (denouncing his claim that she will have a hard time once he is disabled) (Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?)

"If you knew that only one of our worlds could survive and if it was up to you, and you alone, to defend your side... you'd have no choice, right? I mean, you would have to do what you had to do... no matter the cost to protect... our world." - to Peter, (still posing as the original Olivia, testing the ethical waters with the one Bishop that has the potential to unknowingly deliver a victory to the parallel universe in the mutual struggle for continued existence) (6955 kHz)

"You want new legs? There's one more thing I need you to do for me." - to her spy in the antique typewriter store, (holding his promised compensation up as a carrot on a stick as she hastily attempts to evade capture now that her identity has been discovered) (Entrada)

" That the baby's healthy and that the, uh-- the fall and the adrenaline triggered some kind of morning sickness." - to Frank Stanton, (answering his question about her brush with the latest Fringe scientist. informally declaring her pregnancy to her fiancé. officially ending their relationship with the fact of her infidelity and that he could not possibly be the father) (Immortality)

"No, I'm good. You know, I'm probably just being paranoid. I didn't actually see anybody." - on her headset to Captain Lee, (preparing to enter her home. being 'Observed' moments before she is abducted to have her offspring harvested by Fringe scientists) (Bloodline)

"I don't understand how killing billions of people could possibly be in the interest of the greater good." - to Secretary Bishop, (held captive in an isolation cell. defiant and seditious now that she knows his agenda of genocide against this universe) (6:02 AM EST)

"They outsmarted you, didn't they? They know you turned the machine on. So they put Peter in theirs... and now we're the ones that are gonna get destroyed." - to Secretary Bishop, (still defiant now that his agenda of genocide against this universe is failing) (The Day We Died)

"You know, being you and living your life only made me more homesick for my universe. Must be hard to develop trust in people when all you've got is yourself. Must get terribly lonely." - to Olivia, (catty gossip. provoking her counterpart in the early stages of the alliance between Fringe Divisions) (Neither Here Nor There)

"You know, that woman processes more information in an hour than you and I will in a lifetime, so if she hasn't thought of it, it's not there." - to Olivia, (praise for her Astrid's skills while suggesting Olivia's analysis will have no merit) (One Night In October)

"That's all good, but you said that only a tiny amount of this processed mineral is enough to tear a hole through a universe. So what is he planning? As far as we can tell, he's already recovered at least one hundred pounds of it." - to both Fringe teams, (in conference on Liberty Island about Amphilicite, just beginning to figure out that D. R. Jones has trans-dimensional annihilation in mind while adhering to William Bell's Genesis agenda) (Enemy Of My Enemy)

"Oh, I'm sorry. Were you solving world hunger or perfecting the perfect peanut butter milkshake?" - to Walter, (lingering with the grumpy scientist in his lab, trying to mend fences with her aggressive charm, and succeeding, now that they are roughly on the same team) (Making Angels)

"Girls, you might want to get off the line, 'cause some of us are actually trying to work here" - to both Lincoln Lees, (snarking at their gossipy jibber-jabber that is clogging the tactical radio frequency that all of alternate Fringe Division is utilizing during the mission) (Everything In Its Right Place)

"Jones has been a step ahead of us the whole way. He knew we were coming, and he moved his entire shapeshifter operation. When we were tracking him, he knew what frequency we were on. Someone inside tipped-off Nina Sharp and got Lincoln killed" - to Colonel Broyles (not realizing that she is talking to the inside source that tipped-off D. R. Jones) (The Consultant)


  • Bolivia has a substantially different personal style than Olivia - a saucy sense of humor, romantically adventuristic, a distaste for alcohol.

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  • Is her personality different than Olivia's because she was not experimented on as a child?
  • Was/is she a member of the US Marine Corps in the alternate universe?


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