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Profession:  In-vitro Geneticist (retired) Portrayed by:
John Aylward
Connections:  Sean Keenan - test tube son
Seen In:  A Better Human Being
Death Episode:  A Better Human Being
Status:  Deceased
Remarks:  Smothered in assisted living facility by his progeny

[edit] About

  Owen Frank is an in-vitro fertilization specialist that fathered more than two hundred genetically modified infants with the ability to telepathically communicate with one another, due to the recombinant DNA that were treated with. He accepted the best female candidates/donors so the results of his DNA modifications were more successful. He has been living in an assisted-living complex for a few years following his retirement. His research documentation, except for a few general items, is in a storage locker in Back Bay, MA. Frank has been involved with a reporter that intended to write a expose article about the ethically questionable research Frank performed. That reporters death drew FRINGE Division interest and put Frank on their scope. Frank's attempt to 'make better babies' also gave them a heightened protective instinct. That instinct has led the now 'twenty-something' offspring to assassinate anyone that might reveal their genetic condition to the world-at-large... someone like an investigative journalist. Frank tells the science team where they can retrieve his research, then he is murder in his room before the team can return.

[edit] Quotes

"I promised them successful pregnancies and healthy babies. And that's what I gave them. I attempted to reintroduce abilities that we humans have long since evolved away from, the hard-wired instincts that we share with other animal species." - to Olivia and Peter (beginning to realize the hubris of his ways and his attempt at divine intervention in over two hundred incidents where he was the male donor in the process)

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