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This is a list of the literary works mentioned, or incorporated into the FRINGE storyline.

Work Author Episode Ep#
The Kip Brothers Verne, Jules The Same Old Story 102
A Christmas Carol Dickens, Charles In Which We Meet Mr. Jones   107
What's That Noise? Christensen, Tomas Bound 111
Advanced Forensic Science Annemann Ability 114
The Land of Laughs Carroll, Jonathan Ability 114
Burlap Bear Goes To The Woods   Christensen, Tomas Unleashed 116
Tibetan Book Of The Dead Evans-Wentz, W. Y. Unearthed 211
ZFT (Fringe-fiction) Bishop, Sec. Walter   Over There, Part 1 222
The First People (Fringe-fiction) Wiles, Seamus 6955 kHz 306
If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him! Kopp, Sheldon The Firefly 310
Winter's Tale Helprin, Mark Subject 13 315
' Carroll's cosmology ' Carroll, Sean And Those We've Left Behind 406
Lake Of The Long Sun Wolfe, Gene Nothing As It Seems 416


  • (possible attribution) In Ability, Olivia quips that she is reading "Advanced Forensic Science" by Annemann. The book store operator laughs. Theodore Annemann was a well-known magician and Mentalist who was widely published in the 1930's. His works were anything but Advanced Forensic Science.
  • Burlap Bear reappeared in the parallel universe (The Abducted) and caught Olivia's attention. It was not incorporated into the plot, but did add subtext to the "monster" theme, and a tug on her struggling memory. Young Samantha (And Those We've Left Behind) asks her mom to read Burlap Bear just before their apartment is caught in a time anomaly and flash-fire.

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