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Astral Projection
The ability to travel outside the physical body during sleep or trance, also known as etheric projection or out-of-the-body traveling. Astral projection involves the movement of the consciousness, often pictured as an astral body or double, some distance away from the physical body. Combined with psychokinetic abilities - individuals have the capacity to project themselves to a target, then damage, disrupt or destroy that target from wherever they are.
The science of inducing, managing and relieving physical stasis in higher life forms, such as mammals. Techniques may utilize cryonic assistance for lifeform sustainment during periods of excessive pressure, excessive gravity, temperature extremes and other environmental hazards. Extended space travel between planets/stars is one potential venue for this scientific application.
Research, development and industrial science geared toward developing organic solutions to meet global needs. Applications include improved agricultural products and practices, improved pharmaceutical and medical products, alternate/replacement energy sources, and reduced environmental impact with easily re-utilized by-products and little-to-no waste of source materials used.
The use of naturally occurring, genetically-engineered, or otherwise altered living organisms to attack, destroy or degrade other living organisms. Targets include human populations, animal populations (livestock or wild) and plant life (crops or ecosytems). Delivery methods vary. Human-bioweaponeering implies an individual, or group, is afflicted with the damaging organism for delivery to the target system. Sensitivity, or low resistance, to specific compounds is one vector that would allow other poisons or micro-organisms to more easily enter a human body when defenses were lowered or destroyed. Fungal carcinogens, botulin, virile bacterial toxins and staphylococcals are known bioweapons.
Brain Porting
Transfering the thoughts, memories, emotions from one higher lifeform to another, or to a heuristic computer for storage. The originator and receptor are not required to a share identical capacity. The act of 'porting' refines and adapts the transfered information to the destination's ability to accept and to retain the information. Porting does not alter the information, allowing the originator to retrieve the rendered information in the same state that it was surrender.
Cellular Rejuvenation
The scientific and holistic applications designed to delay, inhibit and abate the typical aging process in living tissue and skeletal formations. In extreme cases, regression to earlier cellular health is the objective. Disease, decay, dysfunction and free-radical prevention is the typical objective of most rejuvenation efforts. Current treatment can include dietary adjustments, supplementation of vitamins and trace elements, hormonal variation, irradiation, etc.... Future treatments may include genetic manipulation, genetic modification, cloned implants, implants from non-cloned sources and nanotechnology.
Chaos Structure
The understanding of, and practical management of, semi-rigid patterns that reliably recur within fluid/dynamic/turbulent environments. Chaotic outcome was generally thought to be the product of multiple random influences. This field of study has expanded recently and prototype experimentaion indicates that chaos can be guided, like the keel on a boat, to guide possible outcomes in a general direction - toward a set of desireable, or less harmful state. In general, it serves to eliminate dichotomous thinking in scientific method and helps to eliminate established paradigms, adding to comprehension. Managing the structure within chaos, in the context of the show, may include diverting/deflecting Fringe events, as they occur, so they are less damaging and/or deadly.
A form of extra-sensory perception (ESP) where a person acquires information by paranormal auditory means. It is considered to be a form of clairvoyance essentially utilizing hearing, as compared to paranormal vision (clairvoyance) or paranormal feeling (clairsentience). Clairaudience is not necessarily perception of actual sound, but may be impressions of an 'inner mental ear'. It may also refer to actual perception of sounds such as voices, tones, or noises which are not apparent to other humans, or to recording equipment. Clairaudience is distinguished from the hallucinatory voices heard by the mentally ill.
Clonal Transplantation
Genetic cloning with the intent to harvest organs, fluids, tissues, etc... for medical transplant into the original donor organism. Controversial ethical implications - raising a new version of oneself with the intent to harvest it for your own use. Advocates foresee that human life could possibly be extended beyond two centuries if an individual were to harvest "themselves" approximately three times.
Cloning involves generating a population of genetically identical cells or organisms that originated from a single cell or organism by nonsexual methods. It is basic, and natural, to most living things, as the body is generated from a single fertilized egg. Narrowly, cloning refers to an individual organism grown from a single body cell of its parent, then matures genetically identical to the parent.
Cold Fusion
The process of harnessing nuclear fusion at significantly lower temperatures than thermonuclear fusion. Conceptually, cold fusion is a cheap, abundant and practical source of nearly unlimited energy.
The search for animals (cryptids) whose existence has not been proven. This includes looking for living examples of animals that are considered extinct, such as dinosaurs, or animals that are reported by isolated cultures, or animals described during chance encounters from members of mainstream society.
Low-temperature preservation of humans and animals, that can no longer be sustained by contemporary medicine. Consideration is that the dead are dead by current legal and medical definitions, but not necessarily dead by future standards. Cryonics are often mistaken for the concept of suspended animation. Cryonics is not a panacea for future immortality. Cryonics advocates prognosticate that brain-dead patients face little chance of recovery, while patients who are vitrified immediately after cardiac arrest would fare best.
Dark Matter
A form of matter particle that does not reflect or emit electromagnetic radiation - postulated to account for gravitational forces observed on astronomical objects. Believed to exist in large quantities, it enters into many theories of the 'origin of the universe'.
Extrasensory perception involves reception of information not gained through recognized senses, and not inferred from experience. Acquisition of information by means external to the basic limiting assumptions of science. ESP denotes the psychic abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance, and their trans-temporal operation, as precognition or retrocognition. Sometimes ESP is referred to as a sixth sense, gut instinct or hunch.
First People
Generally considered the aboriginal human population of a specific geographic region. Oral storytelling is a rich part of "first people" culture and many have songs, and parables, that describe how they were birthed from the earth onto the land.
Genetic Engineering
Also known as recombinant DNA technology and gene splicing, refers to the direct manipulation of an organism's genes. Genetic engineering is different from traditional breeding, where genes are manipulated indirectly. Uses the technique of molecular cloning and direct transformation of the structure and characteristics of genes. Examples include: improving crop technology, manufacturing of synthetic insulin, and the production of hybrid lab test animals for research.
Ghost Network
Code for exploitation of an unused spectrum. Possibilites include using barely understood, natural occurring activities like; the solar wind and magnetics flowing around the planet, reverse correlated subspace spatial-temporal properties just below the speed of light, or magnetic influences formed by the planets core, among other non-RF sources of spectral energy.
Hive Mind
Collective consciousness/intelligence. Socially, it refers to shared beliefs and attitudes which serves as a unifying force within a community. Scientifically, a single group mind might be formed by telepathy, or by promoting brain-to-brain communication between ordinary individuals, or some other scientific means. A complete loss of individual identity may occur in hive-minded individuals. The concept is biologically evident in superorganisms, like ants and bees.
A procedure used to encourage response to suggestions, or to induce a state of mental concentration leading to a form of progressive relaxation. The subject is guided by another to respond to suggestions for changes in subjective experience, alterations in perception, sensation, emotion, thought or behavior.
Mental Transference
Synapses fire and transfer small electrical impulses between cells and receptors along nerve paths in living matter. Residual chemical energy persists beyond death, storing experiences, perceptions and memories. Synaptic Transfer excites the residual, or stored electrical impulses and makes them accessible, through electrical connection to another being for intepretation. The receiving synapes should be in an uninhibited (drug-induced), sensory-deprived, state.
Translocation of chromosomes belonging to homologous genes result in an individual with DNA traits never observed before. Mutation is integral to the process of evolution, and the study of mutantcy is an integral part of biology. By understanding the effect that a mutation has, it is possible to establish the normal function of that gene. De-evolving mutations is generally referred to as reverse genetics. Not all mutations have a noticeable phenotypic effect. Mutatation is not to be confused with organisms that evolve with developmental abnormalities caused by errors during morphogenesis. Chemicals caused by developmental abnormalities are called teratogens... their effect on development is not related to mutation. Chemicals that induce mutation are called mutagens - most mutagens are considered carcinogens.
Also known as molecular manufacturing, it is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. In its original conception, 'nanotechnology' refers to the ability to construct items from the bottom up, using techniques and tools to make, and complete, high performance products. Like electricity or computers before it, nanotech offers greatly improved efficiency in almost every facet of life. As a general-purpose technology, it will be dual-use, with many commercial uses and many military uses for more powerful or efficient applications. Uses can be bio-active for health, physico-chemical to actuate/adapt/amplify, robotics, 3-D networking, evolutionary and other emerging functionality. Advanced applications extend to cybernetics and artificial intelligence - communication and control within and between living entities and machines, causing change in the structure of the system, and tending toward self-organization.
Neural Network
Involves advanced computational modeling that is inspired by functional aspects of biology and the brain. A network consists of an interconnected group of artificial neurons and processes information using a connectionist approach to computation. In most cases, the network is adaptive and changes its structure based on external or internal information that flows through it during its' learning phase. Modern networks are non-linear statistical tools that can model complex relationships or find patterns in data.
Neural Partitioning
In neuroscience, partitioning can isolate particular segments of the brain and the signals they send. This is normally accomplished to eliminate dysfunctional, or overly functional, neuro-performance that interferes with the individuals quality of life. In artificial neural networks, partitioning of computational models helps to streamline output and reduce conflict between sub-nodes/sets... improving symmetry throughout the process. Modelled solutions are arrived at quicker, with less effort, and tend to be more accurate.
The scientific study of the nervous system... spanning the structure, function, evolutionary history, development, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, informatics, and pathology of the nervous system. Neuroscience is seen as a branch of the biological sciences, but has seen a recent surge of interest from many allied disciplines, including cognitive and neuro-psychology, computer science, statistics, physics, philosophy, and medicine. The scope of neuroscience is broad, to include any systematic, scientific, experimental or theoretical investigation of the central and peripheral nervous system of biological organisms. Methodologies employed by neuroscientists have expanded considerably, from biochemical and genetic analyses of the dynamics of individual nerve cells - to imaging of perceptual and motor tasks in the brain. Recent theoretical advances in neuroscience have been greatly aided by the use of computational modeling.
An epidemic of infectious disease that spreads throughout an entire population of animals. In humans, a pandemic is global because of their planet- wide mobility. Cholera, influenza, typhus, smallpox, measles, tuberculosis, malaria and yellow fever have caused the majority of the pandemics since the beginning of written human history.
Parallel Universes
Self-contained separate realities coexisting with one's own. Specific groups of parallel universes are called the multiverse. "Parallel Universe" and "Alternative Reality" are frequently interchanged, although there is sometimes an additional connotation implied with the term "alternative reality" that implies that the reality is a variant of one's own. Parallel Universe is more general, without any connotation implying a relationship with one's own universe. A universe where the laws of nature are different, would in general, count as a parallel universe but not an alternative reality. The theory of the vast infinite, where an infinite number of big bangs and big collapses are occurring at any given micro-instance, aligns with most 'String Theory' postulates. Under these conditions, it is not only probably, but likely, that there is a 'nearly' duplicate parallel existence somewhere in the vast, never-ending infinity.
The power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses and have not yet occurred or been experienced.
Philosophical disciplines that do not submit to the guidelines typically associated with scientific method, such as alchemy and astrology. By extension, 'protoscience' may reference any set of beliefs, or theories, that have not been tested adequately by scientific method, but which are otherwise consistent with existing science.
The influence of mind upon matter or the use of mental "power" to move or distort an object. The movement of physical objects by the mind without use of physical means. The production or control of motion, especially in inanimate and remote objects that cannot be entirely accounted for by the mediation of any known physical energy. Advanced kinesis may allow an individual to influence or control the actions of an animate object, such as an animal or fellow being. Expanded kinetic applications include pyrokinesis, or the ability to excite/stimulate at the molecular level to the point of combustion or explosion.
The ability to create, or to control, fire with the mind. Powers include the ability to excite an object's atoms, increasing their thermal energy until they ignite without some form of electromechanical or chemical initiative.
The science of reviving dead, or necrotic, tissue and nervous system function in higher lifeforms. In the extreme, an entire animal is returned to life after physical and mental function cessation. Modern examples include rescucitation many hours after drowning under hypothermic conditions, and following extended periods of induced death during cardiovascular transplant/repair.
Resonance Weapons
A weapon that finds a target's resonant frequency and disrupts, damages or destroys it. Applications include disrupting the targets ability to target you. Sonic/acoustic, electromagnetic and microwave spectrums can be utilized, among others. Targets include soft (human), hard (equipment) and other spectral sources (energy).
Retinal Visual Imprint
The nerve layer that lines the back of the eye, senses light, and creates impulses that travel through the optic nerve to the brain. Light levels at the macula, chemical levels within receptors and excitation of the optic nerve at death, leave an imprint, essentially freezing the last image within the ocular nerve. Not unlike staring at a bright light for too long, the living optic nerve can adjust its bio-chemical balance to eliminate the burned-in image over time - the dead optic system cannot.
The neurological ability to knowingly see with the mind's eye, garner accurate information about, and gain personal perception of, a past event or historic occurrence.
In physics, a gravitational singularity is the location where a gravitational field becomes infinite and immeasureable beyond any coordinate system or quantifiable standard. The gravitational quantity becomes a scalar invariant curvature of spacetime, which may only be measured in the density of basic matter. A technological singularity describes the point at which artifical intelligence becomes superhuman in scope and expands logarithmically beyond mans ability to manage, understand or utilize it.
The evolutionary formation, or development, of a new biological species, usually by the division of a single species into two or more genetically distinct ones. Geographic isolation of sub-species from common grounds tends to facilitate the process, particularly when they are forced to survive in diverse environments from one another.
The neurological state where stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway, such as seeing sound/music or tasting words.
The induction of mental states from one mind to another, generally over some distance, and more properly known as thought transference. Technologically enabled telepathy is known as techlepathy or psychotronics.
A method of transportation in which matter is dematerialized, usually instantaneously, at one point and recreated at another for nearly instantaneous point-to-point travel.
Temporal Plasticity
The extent to which any particular timeline may be shaped or molded on any particular iteration of that timeline.
The fundamental transformation of the human condition through technology to eliminate aging and to enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capability. Long term application may eventually transform humanity itself to a posthuman level.
The process or result of changing from one appearance, state, or phase to another - not infrequently to a fantastic state or grotesque state.
A topological two-dimensional feature of space/time that bridges considerable distance (3rd-dimension) and time (4th-dimension). Light, gravity, magnetism and exotic elements are consumed by the anomaly at its' event horizon.

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