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Described in Pilot

  1. John Thompson, a normal child, went missing in 1998. He reappeared ten years later, half-way around the world without aging a single day. Forty-six other children who became missing that same year reappeared in the same circumstances.
  2. Local fishermen off the coast of Sri Lanka. Reports a low flying plane emitting a high pitched frequency that blows out all their windows. An hour later, same spot, an 8.7 subsurface earthquake creates a tsunami that kills 38,000 people.
  3. A male patient in Lisbon who woke up after years in a coma. He began writing numbers that turned out to be the exact real time coordinates of a Carrier Battle Group in the Pacific - information that is classified above Top Secret.

Described in The Arrival

  1. At Quantico MCB on June 22, 1987, a Sergeant was at his security post monitoring motion sensors and the perimeter, when the sensors became extremely active. A vibrating metallic cylinder, twenty-four inches tall and twelve inches in diameter, was located. Assumed to have fallen on the base, perhaps from a satellite, 48 hours later, a large explosion occurred and the device descended to a basement, then disappeared into the ground.

Described in Power Hungry

  1. A MagLev train in Tokyo plowed through a crowded station nine months earlier. The event was caused by a power surge of unknown origin, but it was speculated that the event might be a demonstration of a new weapon technology.
  2. A handful of "off-the-grid" clinics solicit clients by making wild claims on late night TV. Their surgical alterations and radical hormone therapy on unwitting humans providing a subject that is pumped full of stimulants who can be kept awake for a year. The individuals are fed a steady visual diet of horrific images. Discovery of Agent Scott's files indicated that he was aware of seven additional test subjects besides Joseph Meegar.

Described in The Dreamscape

  1. Criminal G. Morales claims the Pattern is a hoax. A smoke screen so Massive Dynamic can do whatever it wants -- to whoever it wants.

Described in The Road Not Taken

  1. A terrorist organization (ZFT) is responsible for at least a half dozen biological attacks over the last several months.

Determined in There's More Than One Of Everything

  1. Agent Dunham solves the pattern of mysterious occurrences when she determines that the bizarre events all radiate outward from focal locations. She noted three in her jurisdiction where portals to a parallel universe had bisected individuals, and a vehicle, as the unstable phenomena collapsed around them.


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