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Project Elephant is a secret military experiment done in Edina City aimed to create a way to camouflage soldiers.


  • Project Elephant is a code name used by the military to identify a series of classified experiments carried out in the late 1970's. When Walter Bishop visited Edina and heard the hum of the town, a song suddenly pops into his head - Hard Artichokes Rarely Keep Norwegian Elephants Singapore Sleep. Astrid later deciphers that it's a mnemonic code for Harkness Library, where Walter keeps secret files of the project. Walter recalls being a consultant and that the military thought by using massive electromagnetic pulse, it can alter the vision of the enemy and at the right frequency, make the soldiers invisible. Project Elephant, however, causes a horrible side effect. The whole town of Edina became a victim of an incurable genetic disorder. (Johari Window)
  • The head scientist for Project Elephant was Edward Cobb. Cobb's wife and daughter (Rose Falls) were experimented by the military as part of the expansion of Project Elephant. After resigning from his commission on 1979, Edward Cobb perfects a machine that emits an electromagnetic pulse that allow the deformed people within the vicinity of Edina to look normal to the naked eye.