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Profession:  Experimental Subject Portrayed by:
Theresa Russell
Connections:  Walter Bishop
First Seen:  A New Day In The Old Town
Last Seen:  Momentum Deferred
Status:  Alive
Remarks:  Has a thing for Walter

Rebecca Kibner is a former test subject of Walter who has the ability to glimpse the parallel universe.


  • ↓ As a typically energetic undergraduate student intent on aiding scientific advancement, she willingly subjected herself to hallucinogenic testing, as provided by Walter. This gave her the latent ability to see into another, perhaps parallel, dimension. In it she saw and was able to describe soldiers who could shape-shift. After the experimentation and testing, this ability remained dormant. (A New Day In The Old Town)
Harvard Drug Sampler
Harvard Drug Re-Sampler
  • Walter and Peter approach her many years after her first encounter with Walter, asking if she would be willing to undergo the same experiment in order to identify a shape-shifting soldier that is at large. Walter is agitated before meeting her after so many years and nervously check his clothes, hair and general appearance on her doorstep. (Momentum Deferred)
  • She is grateful to Walter for the great gift his testing afforded her, she even attempted to contact him about ten years ago - without any success. Peter diverts the conversation before Walter can spill the fact about his incarceration at the Saint Claire's asylum. (Momentum Deferred)
  • In the lab, Kibner gets treated to electrodes on the head and some music on the speakers in preparation for the dose of Phenothiazine antipsychotic and Valium that will help her generate her latent 'viewing' ability. Once under the effect of the drugs, Walter guides her 'vision quest' through Johnston Gate to Harvard Yard, the statue of John Harvard, University Hall, Memorial Church... then when a ship's bell is rung to take Kibner to the next realm, Olivia unexpectedly collapses - responding to the subliminal trigger instead. (Momentum Deferred)
  • After the lab test, Kibner says her goodbyes with Peter and his handshake gives her a fuzzy view of him - like he has an aura about him. She discounts it as the aftermath of the drugs Walter filled her with earlier. (Momentum Deferred)
  • Back at her house and parting with Walter, she fondly remembers the alliance they fostered decades earlier - and plants a slightly 'more than platonic kiss' on his lips as he is preparing to leave and find a bus that will take him home. (Momentum Deferred)
If You Ever Get Tired Of That Cute Blonde At The Lab, Just Give...
I Know About St. Claire's, Walter. Did They Have, Umm, A Conjugal Policy?


"At first, I assumed it was all just a figment of my imagination and the L.S.D., of course. But after a while, it wasn't just during the experiments. I would see their faces in front of me. They seemed to have, I don't know, a certain glow about them... took me a year or two to really understand it. But I realized that... I was recognizing people that didn't belong. You know, like that children's song -- 'one of these things is not like the others'." - to the Bishops (about the drug-induced visions Walters testing provided her with) (Momentum Deferred)

"(on decades old video) ... He is a soldier. From somewhere else. He's.. he's from a place that looks like this, but it's not here. Oh, he's... he's from another universe, man. Oh, I can see him." - to Walter (explaining her drug-induced visions during one of his science explorations)


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  • Does she have other abilities as a result of the experiment other than identifying shape-shifters?
  • Does she have other abilities as a result of the experiment other than viewing the parallel universe?
  • Did she know what that the special glow surrounding Peter meant he was from the parallel universe?
  • Is it only shape-shifters she can identify, or can she see all things associated with the parallel universe?
  • Was she treated with Cortexiphan during Walter's initial testing, or just the mind-altering drugs he used on ths iteration?


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