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Profession:  Consultant for DHS
ZFT Operative
Portrayed by:
Michael Gaston
Connections:  Olivia Dunham, Phillip Broyles, Isaac Winters
Seen In:  4 of 100 episodes
Death Episode:  The Road Not Taken
Status:  Killed by pyro-kinetic combustion
Remarks:  Deceased

Sanford Harris is a high-level consultant for the Department of Homeland Security.


  • In Bound, he has been tasked to conduct a full review of the Fringe Division. He informs Broyles that the Pentagon is concerned about the way the division was put together and that while he is conducting his investigation, the division is under his purview. Broyles suspects that Harris is here to "punish" Olivia for prosecuting him on a charge of sexual assault on three women which was later overturned. Harris denies this but tells Broyles that he is not convinced that Olivia is the superstar that Broyles thinks she is.
  • Harris confronts Olivia in her hospital room about the people she associates with: John Scott, a traitor to his country; Walter Bishop, accused of manslaughter and unfit to stand trial; Peter Bishop, arrested seven times. He tells her that he has the prerogative to question her sanity, loyalty and worthiness to serve. In listing Olivia's faults, Harris makes one obvious error: No one knew that John Scott was a traitor until after he had been saved.
  • In The No-Brainer, Harris continues to give Olivia a hard time. Broyles tells him that if he continues his personal vendetta against Olivia, he will put his career on the line to protect her.
  • In Ability, Harris attempts to interview David Jones, contrary to Jones grand design... leading to the death of a junior task force agent. Harris, limited by his own adherence to dogma and procedure, ultimately yields to Broyles and Dunham, and their method of dealing with Jones.
  • In The Road Not Taken, Harris is exposed as a mole who tries to shut down investigation of William Bell, Massive Dynamic and their alleged connections to ZFT. He orders Olivia to take a psych eval. When Peter Bishop recovers a sound recording from the melted glass surface of Nancy Lewis' window showing Isaac Winters called Harris and that the two were conspiring together. The team then tailed Harris to an office building where they killed Winters and recovered Lewis but not before Harris died trying to kill Olivia and Lewis. Before dying he called a third conspirator.


  • Not mentioned by name in Pilot, Olivia discussed Harris' relationship with Broyles... and that he had been investigated by her while she was in the military.


"Are you threatening me, Phillip?" - - (Broyles) "You decide to go after Olivia Dunham, you're going after me, and all the red tape in the world won't protect you." - - (Harris) "You sure you're up for this? I got a lot of red tape Phillip". (The No-Brainer)


  • In Ability, he was referred to as agent, which may contradict the initial claim that he is a consultant.

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  • Who did Harris call before he died?
  • Was Harris directed by the Oversight Committee to dismantle/disrupt the Fringe Division?
  • Did he have a hidden motive when he ordered a halt in the investigation of Massive Dynamic and Bell?
  • What was his involvement, if any, in the pending war between the universes?


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