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Profession:  Recovering Patient Portrayed by:
Harrison Thomas
Family:  Owen Frank - father
Mrs. Keenan - mother
Connections:  The Hive, Astrid
Seen In:  A Better Human Being
Status:  Returning To The Life Of Normal Adolescence
Remarks:  Relieved Of Hive Mentality

Sean Keenan voluntarily resides at Deerfield Hospital and is being treated for the vivid hallucinations he appears to suffer from.


  • He has been at Deerfield for three years, was at two other institutions before that, and has been under medical care since age fourteen.
  • He draws the attention of the science team following a late night episode where he remotely views the intentional murder of an investigative journalist hundreds of miles away in New York, and seemingly converses with the killers as the commit their felony acts.
  • Walter is familiar with 'crazy' and believes that Sean is experiencing a form of psychological symbiosis or mental telepathy - and the voices Sean hears are real and not delusional or psychotic. On Walter's advice, Sean and his caregivers at Deerfield agree to stop medication so that Sean may better hear the voices in his head, giving Fringe Division a better shot catching those responsible for the killings.
  • Sean's mother participated in fertility trials in order to conceive and give birth to him. Unknown to any of the hundreds of participants in the fertility treatments, Doctor Owen Frank was conducting genetic experimentation to improve human qualities/charateristics, using his own DNA to father Sean and all the others, providing a consistent baseline (his DNA) to the variations he was introducing throughout the extended trial.
  • Sean and his half brothers possess the unique quality of sharing a hive mind, or the common thought that ants, bees, schooling fish and flocking birds share. Sean envisioned and communicated with his brothers, the murderous trio, as they were acting against the journalist and Frank.
  • Linked in a telepathic network and sharing a collective identity, Sean can see that Olivia and Peter are being targeted, as well, by his embryonic counterparts.
  • Sean works closely with Astrid, from Deerfield Hospital, to end the reign of violence against those associated with the fertility experiments nearly two decades earlier. Joined by his mother and Astrid once his brothers are halted, Sean has only his thoughts to hear for the first time in years.


"I can't hear them. When I couldn't hear them before, there was a feeling that they were... with me. Like when s-- know someone's in the room, even if you can't see 'em... ...this is different. They're gone. There's nothing anymore. Just silence." - (to Astrid, a little disturbed at the silence in his life after the collective hive mind in his genetic make-up has evaporated)

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