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Season 2 of FRINGE began filming June 24th, 2009 at the Vancouver Film Studios in Vancouver, BC, Canada. FB2 Films Inc. is the on-site production company that manages the show within the studio. NS Films Inc. is the Copyright Holder. Located in Bldg. C North on the massive production lot, Fringe Season 2 is expected to film over 39 weeks, with a filming wrap on March 22nd, 2010. Post-production is expected to continue until late-April. Airing of episodes has been consistent, with a small hiatus in October for professional baseball in North America. However, in late Nov 09, it was announced that the second season would take a short recess in airing from mid-February to the end of March, 2010. The hiatus is not a reflection on the production itself, but an effort to introduce fresh programming and allow continuous airing of new episodes throughout the final seven weeks of the planned season (no-reruns).
- (NOTE) In early 2010, filming of Season 2 was extended by one week to 29 March, 2010.
- (NOTE) In late March, 2010, filming was again extended - this time by two weeks to 11 April, 2010. Actor interviews at the time suggested the primary reason for the extension into April was not to complete filming of material to air in Season 2, but to gather continuation shots from the season finale - to incorporate in season three premiere episodes.

During a TCA press panel in Pasadena, California in early August, 2009 - producer Alex Kurtzman explained his views following the first season, and organizing for the second.

"It became very clear they (loyal fans) were open and ready for more, so it felt like, why stall it? Let's throw down this challenge to ourselves where we have to come up with a way to take the stories even further."
Producer Roberto Orci added that season two will run more smoothly as the team has figured out how to balance season-long arcs with stand-alone episodes, character stories and overall mythology.
"That's been the whole thing from Day One, how much can you serialize? How much can you stand alone? You try to modulate."
About the move to Western Canada from the Northeastern United States and more direct control for the producers, Orci added -
"The fact that we're closer (to California) than we were from New York is helpful... we can be up there a little more, communicate better. I think we're just a tighter ship this year."
Kevin Reilly praised Season 2 while announcing a Season 3 renewal -
"The entire FRINGE team – from the producers and writers, to the cast and crew – has taken smart storytelling and top production quality to a whole new level."

Fringe Season 2 was nominated for four Saturn Awards and won two of those nominations on June 24th, 2010 in Burbank, CA. The 36th Annual Saturn Awards ceremony sponsored by The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films announced that Anna Torv won their award for Best Actress on Television and that Leonard Nimoy won for Best Guest Starring Role on Television. John Noble was a nominee for supporting actor and the show was nominated as Best Network Series.

Production Notes -- 10 Aug Filming Notice - 31 Aug Filming Notice - 24 Sep Filming Notice
The Season One plus of displaying the length of the commercial break ("Fringe will return in 90 seconds"), etc... has not been returned to in the second season. Overall runtime appears to have diminished as well. Runtime was closer to the industry standard of 42 minutes for an hour long drama, as opposed to the 'extra act' profile from season one, averaging around 49 minutes per hour long episode. In addition, the Media Extras available on-line have been cut too - Walter's Lab Notes, and video-on-demand RECAPs have vanished in season two.
The production team of FB2 Films Inc. and Bad Robot Productions announced in early December 2009 that Season Two would officially be in hiatus for two weeks, from 19 Dec 09 to 3 Jan 10. This aligns with the Winter Holidays in North America, allowing cast, crew and creative staff time-off for whatever activities they wish to pursue during the break. No active production is expected during this period. Post-production
Season 2 Main Characters
activities (editing, special effects, sound) may continue, in order to satisfy other scheduling requirements for previously gathered material.
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